The Amish Village Holiday Tradition Tour


Christmastime reminds many of warm hugs and holiday cheer, but did you know the Amish don’t offer Christmas hugs; instead choosing handshakes since they prefer not to show affection? During The Amish Village’s newly unveiled Amish Holiday Tradition Tour, learn intriguing facts about Amish holiday traditions and the reasons behind these customs.

A guided tour of an original 1840 Amish Farmhouse offers an insider’s look at authentic Amish life in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, while showing how centuries-old heritage and religious beliefs influence how the Amish celebrate the holidays today. Additional seasonal decorations are displayed inside the Amish one-room schoolhouse. During the tour, guests are welcomed with regional favorite treats of pretzels and hot cider. Traditional Christmas gifts and holiday items are available for purchase while visitors sample delicious seasonal Amish delights.
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Vacations with an Amish Flair in Lancaster, PA

Most of us spend our day to day lives feeling pulled in a thousand directions, and almost everyone I meet classifies themselves as a “busy” person. When it’s time to get away, scenic Lancaster, PA is one of the best places for a slower paced, laid back atmosphere to unwind in a family friendly environment. There is plenty to do (and eat), but you will never feel overwhelmed, rushed, or hurried. These are some of our favorite Amish-inspired destinations in Lancaster, one of our favorite places to spend time as a family.

All aboard the Strasburg Railroad! with the friendly conductor

The Strasburg Railroad is the home to many restored trains from around the USA. Many train fanatics call this site the best historic railroad in America for visitors, and for good reason. Recognized as one of the most significant historic railroads in the USA, the Strasburg Railroad has acquired historic trains from all over the country, and recently celebrated operating for 50 years as a tourist railroad It is one of the remaining stations where you and your family can ride the refurbished trains and steam engines. This station is large, restored, and maintained beautifully- a source of pride for [Read more…]