Disney On Ice- Fun for Kids

Disney on Ice is always a fun time for the kids, and newest show, “Let’s Celebrate” is no exception. This show has your child’s favorites Disney characters (such as Aladdin, Captain Hook, and Belle) celebrating the year’s holidays and festivities.  I think most of the little girls in the audience preferred “Valentines Day”, which had most of the princesses participating, and was all about Disney love and pretty things, pink and hearts and flowers.  All the little girls were screeching and cheering for their favorites princesses and princes.   My son preferred “Halloween”, which had Jack Skellington (who we have never seen before in a Disney show, he was new to us) leading a pack of ghouls, goblins, and Disney’s “best” villains in a fun ice dance.  My 6 year old was also very exited to see Cruella deVil, whom we also have not seen before- these are two of his favorites and he actually screamed with delight at both of them.  He never reacts like that, so I was both amused and happy to see him so extra enthusiastic.
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