Tips to Prep the Car for Summer Road Trips

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No one wants to spend hours cooped up in a cluttered, messy car. Before hitting the road, take the time to clear the car of any garbage, wipe down surfaces like the dashboard and cup holders, and wash streaky windows. Also, make sure to put empty trash bags into the glove compartment to easily deposit garbage during the actual trip. The bags can then be thrown away at rest stops on the road.

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Also, eliminate any odors that may have seeped into upholstery or rugs. Use Febreze Carpet Deodorizing Powder when vacuuming out the car for an easy solution. Just sprinkle the powder on upholstery and rugs, wait for a few minutes and vacuum as usual. [Read more…]

Children Fighting in the Car: 5 Ways to Cope

Raising children is an amazing experience; watching kids learn and grow is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. It is not, however, without its challenges. As kids grow, they go through phases where they can be difficult to deal with. Parents of grown children will all agree that kids in cars get in arguments. Here are five ways to cope with children fighting in the car.

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1) Give them a comfortable environment – One of the leading causes of kids fighting is boredom. On long trips, kids often resort to starting petty arguments with siblings that can spiral out of control. Giving them plenty of room to sit and entertainment options for long trips. A family car, for example, may offer DVD players that you can use to distract your kids while on the road.

2) Be firm – Make sure the rules are clear before leaving. Fighting will not be allowed, and fighting will lead to punishment. Make sure that you catch them fighting early in the process, and remind them of the consequences. Simply being told that fighting will result in punishment may not be enough, but it will eventually lead to results. Make sure you remind your kids why rules are important; when driving, fighting in the back distracts the driver and can lead to dangerous driving situations.
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