In the Car Games and Tunes for Family Trips

Long family car journeys, and even some of the relatively short ones for that
matter, are often made much more problematic by the kids getting bored in the back.
We all seem to moan about it and complain that they’re “doing our heads in” and that
“we’ll turn this car around in a minute”, but we’ve been in their booster seat in the
past – trips in the car can be very, VERY dull at times.

car ridesEndless motorway miles are dull enough for the driver, it’s no surprise that the
passengers are bored and even your partner might start to go into “child-mode” and
start asking if we’re nearly there.

A lot of the problems stem from the type of car you have. A lot of the older or
more uncomfortable models can make your body go numb on the journey, which
makes you fidget and want to start stretching out. Fortunately, the majority of the
latest family cars are much more child and family friendly, with plenty of space and
comfortable seats, (take a look at some of the latest models in the range at
for examples of some of the latest new and used cars).

To liven the journey up a bit for all parties, you could do a few things. Just
keeping each other entertained for a while is a great way of keeping the tensions
away and also ensuring that you stay alert – which is key for the driver who may
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7 Tips for Hassle Free Car Trips with Kids

Mention the words “road trip” to a parent and they may physically cringe, shudder, or go running
in the opposite direction. The mere idea of a long car ride with children can evoke flashbacks of
screaming, crying kids, thrown shoes, and smashed Cheerios on every horizontal surface of the
vehicle. Nevertheless, sometimes these trips are unavoidable and necessary. If hours of travel
are in your future, fear not, follow these seven tips, and find yourself in road trip bliss.

1. Plan and Pace – Before you even leave the house, admit to yourself that this trip is going
to take longer than it would if you were driving alone. Asking small children to ride in a car
for hours on end without a break is a recipe for disaster. Plan stops along the way. Find a
playground, a restaurant with a ball pit, or even a store where they can walk around. Any
opportunity to let out some energy is going to be beneficial.

2. Be Prepared – Along with planning the itinerary, you should also be prepared with any
supplies you might need. Pack a bag with items like bandages, children’s medicine, extra socks
and underwear, napkins, tissues, and cough drops. If your kids are young, bringing their potty
along can be a good idea too.

3. Bend the Rules – A long car ride isn’t the place for a strict nap schedule or healthy eating
regimen. Let the kids fall asleep when they’re tired; the trip will seem faster to them, and you’ll
have some quiet time. If your family doesn’t usually eat at fast-food restaurants, now may be the
time to let them. The excitement of a special treat will keep the trip [Read more…]

Children Fighting in the Car: 5 Ways to Cope

Raising children is an amazing experience; watching kids learn and grow is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. It is not, however, without its challenges. As kids grow, they go through phases where they can be difficult to deal with. Parents of grown children will all agree that kids in cars get in arguments. Here are five ways to cope with children fighting in the car.

car trip with kids

1) Give them a comfortable environment – One of the leading causes of kids fighting is boredom. On long trips, kids often resort to starting petty arguments with siblings that can spiral out of control. Giving them plenty of room to sit and entertainment options for long trips. A family car, for example, may offer DVD players that you can use to distract your kids while on the road.

2) Be firm – Make sure the rules are clear before leaving. Fighting will not be allowed, and fighting will lead to punishment. Make sure that you catch them fighting early in the process, and remind them of the consequences. Simply being told that fighting will result in punishment may not be enough, but it will eventually lead to results. Make sure you remind your kids why rules are important; when driving, fighting in the back distracts the driver and can lead to dangerous driving situations.
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