18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Morristown NJ

18|8 Fine Men’s Salons are the destination for a well groomed man. With 400 stores operating or in development 18|8 is the go to place for men wanting to look their best. Lets face it, when you look better, you feel better and more confident. Taking the time to pamper yourself a little at the salon does more than just give you a haircut and men deserve more.

18/8 salon

Opening a new location in Morristown NJ at 40 W. Park Place the salon will offer a full selection of grooming services and treatments. More than just men’s haircuts and styling, they will offer waxing, straight edge hot lather shaves, and facials. If you are looking for more you need go no further, color services, scalp and hair replacement therapy, nail treatments, and styling products can all be found at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons.

These salons are for men because men and women have different needs. You want to be in a salon that specializes in what you are looking for and has a clientèle that keeps coming back because of the excellent service they receive. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons have proven they are the go to location for men all across the country and now that experience is available in Morristown.

Come in and check out the new location or visit their website,  Eighteeneight.com to find the location nearest you. Men, take some time and learn what women have known for quite some time, the right salon create a whole new you every time you visit. And we all appreciate the results when you and your hair get the care you deserve.

men's salon

Find out more about 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons at their website Eighteeneight.com see their listing of different services and locations to learn more.

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18|8 Fine Men’s Salon Opens in Morristown

18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, a stylish, modern facility for men’s grooming, will celebrate its new store location at 40 W Park Place with a ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by the Morristown Mayor, Timothy Dougherty on Tuesday, September 19th at 4pm. The salon will offer full grooming services and treatments such as men’s haircuts and styling, waxing, straight edge hot lather shaves, facials, color services, scalp and hair replacement therapy, nail treatments, and styling products.

“We are thrilled to open our doors and bring a high-quality suite of men’s grooming services and products to the residents of Morristown and the surrounding areas,” said Regina Shanklin, salon owner. “The experience at 18|8 is unlike one at an ordinary hair salon or barber shop. When men walk into one of our stylish, modern facilities, they are entering a one-of-a-kind retreat from the outside world. At 18|8, men can feel comfortable enjoying our collection of premium services.”

An official Morristown Red Ribbon Cutting ceremony, with Mayor Timothy Dougherty is set for 4pm that evening. Doors will then be open to the public from 5pm-8pm, welcoming the community to experience the salon with complimentary grooming services and raffle giveaways.

Guest will be able to sign up for free services, while enjoying gourmet appetizers and refreshments. Free services include: eyebrow/ear/nose waxing, mini-manicures, clean-ups with a scalp massage and beard trimming.

The event is free to the public, but guests are encouraged to RSVP for spa appointments, as space is limited.

The new 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Morristown will channel the essence of cool confidence directly to its discerning clientele. Leaving men looking their best – and feeling even better –

At 18|8, men can relax in the brand’s signature lounge area before their grooming services, which range from cuts and styling (modern and classic) to straight edge hot lather shaves, facials, massages, scalp treatments and more. Customers may even purchase memberships that provide member perks such as complimentary clean-ups and other bonus grooming services. Team members at 18|8 are trained to take the time to learn about clients, their personalities and special needs, and then cater services to mirror their lifestyle choices.

About Fine Men’s Salons

Claiming its name from the original formula for stainless steel, 18% chromium + 8% nickel added to steel, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons offers its clients that same transformative effect – leaving men looking better, feeling better and performing better. Since launching in 2002, 18|8 has established itself as the only men’s salon catering to a discerning clientele with an upscale suite of hair care and salon services. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons currently has 400 stores operating and in development.

To learn more about 18|8’s services, visit www.eighteeneight.com.

What’s New at Dollar Shave Club

Disclosure- The following was sent for review in order to facilitate this post. The items were reviewed by my husband, who wrote (much of) this post. For more, see “I Disclose”.

As a man, there are fewer things more mindbogglingly annoying as buying a razor.  Many of them are locked up behind a counter, as well as being astronomically priced- but they are necessary evils.

Or so we thought- with the internet, there is now a way to get blades for an entire month for as little as $3.  Dollar Shave Club is here with a great deal for anyone who shaves.  As an introduction, prices are reduced so getting into the swing of using the club saves you money as well.  Once up and running, it is possible to get refill blades every month then after delivered to you for as little as $3.  But razors and handles aren’t the only shaving items available.

There are also components for every portion of your shave, such as a pre shave oil to rub into your skin,  shaving special lathers, and/or a post shave balm to help keep that sensitive skin moisturized and healthy.  One of the best parts is that there is no heavy scent.  No flowers, no herbal scents, just a light clean scent that leaves you smelling fresh and well groomed.

A shave and a shower becomes much more of a cleansing event with your new shaving rituals.  The oil worked nicely and I suggest it.  Makes shaving a bit easier and less damaging to your skin.  We also tried out the post shave balm, which smells nice and is a thin, quick absorbing skin cream.  You may be asking yourself, well what if I don’t use that many razors a month?  Well, for you there is the option to have a refill of blades delivered every other month as well as pausing and canceling the subscription at any point in time.

Dollar Shave Club is surprisingly easy for a good product, so be sure to check them out soon.

Stocking Stuffers for Dad

Looking for a few little “somethings” to stuff in dad’s stocking this year?  Check out these fun books that are sure to make him laugh- and be fun (and even useful) as well.

World Bottled Beers: 50 Classic Brews to Sip and Savour

book about beer

This is actually what the book looks like- a bottle of beer 🙂

“A delightful gift for any discerning beer drinker, this shaped book features 50 of the world’s best brews from Adams Broadside in the UK to US classics such as Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and the unmissable German lagers and wheat beers that include Ayinger Celebrator and Schneider Weisse. For each beer, a shaped bottle image is accompanied by detailed tasting notes and a list of other similar beers to try. Beers range from best bitters and IPAs to stouts and porters, Trappist ales and oak-aged brown ales to lagers and wheat beers. The author, Adrian Tierney-Jones, is an award-winning beer writer.”  The book is available for $10.72 at Barnes and Nobel.com.
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