Must have Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow from Lansinoh

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We all know that when you are a new mom weather for the first time or the 4th, finding the perfect ‘tools’ is very important. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Pillow is definitely going to be at the top of all mom’s lists.

About Lansinoh:

Lansinoh was founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding for 30 years. They were made famous by their award-winning cornerstone product, HPA Lanolin, today Lansinoh is the market leader in breastfeeding accessories.

Lansinoh is committed to providing mothers support not only through their unique line of products but their services. By listening to breastfeeding and pumping mothers and understanding their needs and challenges, Lansinoh continues to evolve and adapt their line of products to help support their needs.

About Lansinoh Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow:

The Lansinoh Nursie Breastfeeding Pillow is comfortable, portable, and helps support proper breastfeeding positioning.

By sliding on your arm, rather than around your waist, the design is perfect for c-section tummies and one size actually fits all, regardless of shape and size. The Nursie pillow allows moms to naturally bring baby up to the breast to nurse rather than leaning over, which is perfect for latch, positioning, and avoiding back pain. As a small and lightweight nursing pillow, it is ideal for today’s on-the-go mom.

My Thoughts:

I definitely love this amazing Breastfeeding pillow. I loved the traditional one that I had with my other 3 daughters, but this is definitely going to be my must have item for baby showers from now on. I love the size of it, so you don’t feel guilty packing it when you are on a trip. I also love that it fits perfectly on your arm and gives you a much better hold while breastfeeding.


If you are interested in purchasing this amazing Nursie from Lansinoh, head on over to their website to get you one ordered today.


Must Have Item – My First Seat by Little Tikes

Disclosure: The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” and “Terms of Use” tabs for more information

You all know that finding items that you love when you have a baby or older children is incredibly important. I absolutely love this seat. It is a great way to get your baby up and working on those tummy muscles as well as having them be more a part of the classroom.

About My First Seat by Little Tikes:

My First Seat features wide 3.5 inch openings, a wide seat area and tall supportive back to ensure baby is comfortable, supported and that the seat will fit baby as they grow. Careful design considerations were made to ensure that the floor seat would fit infants and babies of all sizes and features some of the largest supportive areas for back, legs, and seat on the market.

The floor seat, which is made completely of soft, comfortable, easy-to-clean foam is designed :

  • For use by infants and babies four months of age to 16  months of age.

  • For fun, supported, comfortable play.

  • To provide safe neck, back, leg and arm support.

  • For use on any flat floor surface.

  • To allow for fun, easy interactions with family during mealtime, playtime and more.

  • To transition with your baby, the seat remains comfortable, safe and supportive even as baby grows due to the tall back, wide leg openings and wide seat area.

My First Seat is proudly made in the USA, is both bio-and-eco-friendly and has undergone and passed the highest level of safety standards and requirements in compliance with the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

My Thoughts:

This is one of the best seats that I have tried out. There are some concerns that I have found in some of the other similar seats on the market. I like that the leg hole on this one is a little bigger for bigger legs. I like that the back of it goes up higher than others so that you feel a little better about your little one sitting in them. I also like the most that the back seems to come around and hug them much better than any of the others that I’ve seen.


If you are interested in purchasing the My First Seat, you may find it at Target, and for $44.99.

Tum Tum Love- Must Have Baby Item

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Everyone knows that babies love to be cuddled and stay nice and warm. We also all know that sometimes we have to do things and can’t keep and hold the baby with us at all times. The TumTum is the perfect solution for this problem and a great comfort for all babies.

About Tum Tum:

Jennifer, who is a mother to her own bouncing bundle of joy, figured it was time to share this wisdom. She created the Tum Tum, a soft, wearable blanket that fits securely around baby’s torso. “The Tum Tum keeps my son warm while allowing him to play and relax,” Jennifer says. “My husband and I used to call our son ‘Houdini,” she says. “He would get out of a swaddle within minutes, which was a clear sign he wanted more mobility.”

The Tum Tum’s unique design comforts your baby by keeping their tummies warm and allows free movement, resulting in restful sleep and active play. With this cozy tummy warmer that sits under the arms and over the belly,  your child’s arms and lgs can move freely. This mobility allows your little one’s muscles to develop and grow while keeping baby free of troublesome blankets. After all, the American Society of Pediatrics says, “No,” to blankets in the crib.

With the Tum Tum, you can rest assured that your baby is kept warm, day or night, without limiting their movements or making them uncomfortable with cumbersome layers.


What is a Tum Tum?

It’s a unique tummy warmer – a wearable blanket – that slips over your baby’s torso, and sits under the arms and over the belly, keeping your child warm to the core while allowing your little one to play freely and sleep soundly. And we all know how important sleep is when there’s a baby in the house!

Babies love to move and explore, but sometimes the layers of clothes or swaddling to keep them warm can be limiting. That’s why a Tum Tum is perfect to keep baby warm while they can be free to explore the wonderful world around her.


My Thoughts:

I am completely intrigued by the Tum Tum. I never had anything like that when my girls were little and I think that they would have absolutely loved it, especially at naptime and bedtime. We will be having a baby this June and I think that this product will be used a great deal.


If you are interested in this great product, head on over to the website and order one for yourself.

The Amazing Formula Pro-Must Have

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Having a baby means lots of time making bottles. If you choose to be a Formula Mother I have the perfect item for you to help make your life a little bit easier. The Formula Pro from Baby Brezza is a great solution for many problems.

About Baby Brezza:

At Baby Brezza, their goal is to make mealtime for infants and toddlers a breeze with unique, innovative product designs and functions that will enhance the lives of busy moms, dads, and caretakers. Whether giving babies their first bites of solid food, or feeding that all important middle-of-the-night bottle.They hope to help parents and caregivers share the joy of mealtime with their children.

About Formula Pro:

With the Formula Pro you can now say goodbye to the time and hassle of manually preparing baby’s bottles. The Formula Pro uses patented technology to measure, dispense, and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temparature consistency. With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles. The water and formula powder are stored in right in the machine, so it is always ready for you when your baby gets hungry. The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types. You can also choose to make a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounce bottle.

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‘The Shade’-A great cover up for your baby from Imagine Baby Review


Disclosure: The Shade from Imagine Baby was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.DSCF3621

When you have a young child and you are constantly on the go, it sure is hard to make sure that you keep them completely covered. Out of the sun, plus keeping away bugs and everyone’s pointing fingers can also be extremely hard. The Shade is the ultimate solution for this problem.

About Imagine Baby:

Imagine Baby was founded by the mother of two boys who, while she thought she had all the right accessories, struggled with the proper protection for her babies while on the go in their infant car seats. She ended up throwing away the blanket and clips and traded them in for her version of true infant protection – The Shade.

About The Shade:

The Shade is a new and innovative way [Read more…]