Win a Wash ‘n Zip Dog Bed

I am sure by now you have all seen about a zillion photos of our newest addition, Cooper.  Cooper is new, 2 and a half years old, and hails from NYC. He’s had a rough start, coming to us with a previously undiagnosed illness (fun surprise there!) but is settling in.

Cooper likes to snuggle.  He is above laying on the floor- I can tell you I have never seen him sit on a hardwood, laminate, or tile floor- he will condescend to sitting on the carpet, but he won’t lay there.  For a shelter dog, he sure is persnickety!

Cooper thinks he needs to be on the couch if we are- which is tricky, because there’s not a whole lot of room if we are already on the couch. If it’s just one person, sure, or me and the kiddo.  But not if there’s more.  Enter the new Wash ‘n Zip dog bed.

washable dog bed

The bed in it’s smallest size.

The Wash’nZip Pet Bed is made of sheets of batting which are sewn into the outer seams and box stitched.  This assures that the interior filling won’t shift and the dog bed will always hold its’ shape, no matter which size you fold it into (you can make it a few sizes, which is pretty cool).  You can double it over and make it a small mat, open it up and make it full size, or unzip it and it becomes a blanket or a couch or carseat cover.
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