Top Tips For Planning Your Fairytale Proposal

From your first date to the first time you said you loved each other – you’ll know when you’ve found the person you are supposed to marry. However, before you start planning your wedding – you need to ensure that you pull off the perfect proposal. After all, this is a moment that the pair of you will treasure for a lifetime – so you must make it as special as possible.



  • Find unique jewelry. Your relationship with your partner, whether you grew up in the same town or navigated your way through a long-distance relationship, is entirely unique. It is a love story unlike any other – and as a result, the ring – which is a symbol of your bond – should be unique too. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can achieve this. For example, you could buy loose diamonds at and have them turned into one-of-a-kind jewelry. If your partner doesn’t wear rings or works with their hands, you could even have them placed onto a necklace instead. 


  • Choose a romantic location. A perfect proposal requires a perfect backdrop – one which creates an atmosphere of romance and excitement (and will look great on any photographs you take). Therefore, you should start by finding the perfect location for your proposal. For example, you may want to return to the scene of your first date or to a local nature spot that you’ve fallen in love with. Alternatively, if you are a couple of adventure-seekers, you might even want to propose when vacationing – after all, what could be more romantic than to propose in Paris or before the Niagara falls?


  • Think about the time of day. Regardless of whether or not you want to take pictures during your proposal, you should also think carefully about what time of day you want to propose. For example, dawn or dusk are great for creating a romantic atmosphere – and if you are proposing in a public place, they will likely be less busy during these times too, giving yourself and your partner the privacy you need. Additionally, if you are proposing outdoors, you should also make sure you are prepared for any bad weather that may come your way. (But don’t worry too much, the rain can be romantic in its own way).


  • Plan what you are going to say. Proposing to your partner, while you may already know that they will say yes, will always be a little nerve-wracking. However, you can help soothe your worries a little by thinking about exactly what you want to say ahead of time. While this does not mean you should have a script to hand on the big day, you should at least have a vague idea of the things you want to mention. Furthermore, you don’t have to prepare a long speech – you simply need to look back over your relationship and make your partner feel special. Before you start speaking, take a deep breath and remember why you are proposing in the first place. It will be worth the worry in the long run.

Advice For Prioritizing The Budget For A Wedding

To get the best advice for prioritizing the budget for a wedding, you may want to get a little more precise. For example, if you have a wedding planner, ask them to help you come up with a “Wedding Budget.” A wedding budget is an estimate of the costs involved in the wedding and can include anything from renting the church hall to buying the flower girl dresses. You will also need to be sure to include everything, from hiring a band, or what flowers to use and venue rentals.

Once you have an idea of how much you can spend, it is time to talk to your wedding planner about some of the other aspects of planning a wedding that you may want to consider. You may want to consider the wedding coordinator to give you good advice on where to start when you are planning your wedding. One thing to look for is their experience in weddings, as this will tell you how experienced they are in preparing for them. They should be able to give you some useful tips on what to do first, as well as provide you with advice on the different types of wedding venues you can use.

Before you begin searching for an ideal bridal bouquet or selection outfits for the wedding day, you will wish to nail down a wedding spending budget. Absolutely no, this is not a very enjoyable part of wedding preparation. However, it is essential. It is simple to spend over our limits considering the custom-made gowns, cakes, bouquets, and arrangements offered, so determining wedding funds and being dedicated to it is key. Work out how plenty of loonies and toonies you have need to give up before your heart focused on something.

Guidelines to Help You Put in Priority Your Wedding Budget


  • Determine what the most significant to you two is. Many couples like the food to be amazing. Many people want a legendary dance party. Discuss with your partner and determine what is your best three main concerns are. That is where you will allocate for additional funds than average. After that, decide what is not significant to you. That is where you can reduce expenses.

You may also find it helpful to get advice from a family member. Sometimes, one of the reasons that we overspend on our weddings is because we are being asked to spend too much money on them. They may be able to let you know that you really can have a stunning and economical wedding without spending a lot of money.


  • Make your dreams reality. It’s not possible to have champagne on a light beer budget –  at least, not great champagne. In case photographs are your most important priority, you should not expect to get a top rated, country-wide recognized professional photographer. You must have practical expectations. Seek information, check around, and find related offers. As an example,  two good wedding photographers can be costed hugely different, yet one probably has a long time practical experience, and yet another may have a year. The two can be great– it merely will depend on what exactly is essential to you.


  • Stick to your budget. We enjoy PBR and a bottle of champagne similarly; however, there is a time and a location. You will have everything you spend on with regards to wedding experts, hence anticipate a payment more with your main concerns. If that is wedding caterers, be prepared to funds additional for excellent food. You could make up for this by utilizing in-house leasing items, which include your venue, or make Do-It-Yourself your wedding favors.


  • It’s not necessary to do a single thing you do not prefer to. Many people want a vast white-colored wedding together with the decorations. Some others can say they want to have excellent pictures and moments with family, and so they may pass up the tulle. Do not be deceived into believing you must have everything on your big event. If you wish to give the afterparty as well as end sooner to reduce charges, you can plan that. Do not allow any person to tell you just how you will invest your cash a specific way– it needs to head over to what exactly is most significant to you.

Bottom Line

Weddings are usually mind-boggling; however, the anxiety and stress of the wedding spending budget should not surpass the thrill and excitement around your special day. Finances are terrifying and time-taking; however, they are also a needed section of organizing the very best day of your life.

Why should you hire an expert event planner

Hiring a planner will help you plan correctly, minimize errors and eventualities, keep in mind every last detail, save time and money, ensure success and enjoy the event. We have some great reasons that will show you the benefits of having professional help at hand. Here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring an organizer for your business events or other types of event.

Zero stress

The organizer is ready for everything, and for what is not, find a solution; he knows what, how, when, where and why. Your work will allow you to focus on your priorities, and you will be totally free from all anguish. There is nothing sadder than watching everyone participate and have fun, and you are busy with the guest registration. With the event planner, your only concern will be to find the right outfit for the occasion, sleep well to be lucid and enjoy the moment; without a doubt, they will make your life easier.

To the smallest detail

“Attention to detail” one of its characteristics par excellence. Although his work demands many things at once, the planner has the ability to listen to what you want and especially what you need, even managing to bring to reality what you cannot say with your words. Keep in mind each stage of the event and keep track of all the activities perfectly.

Due to its level of organization, he handles checklists, both standard (for all types of events) and customized (which demand something special or important to take into account in a given event).

Save time and money

All the tasks of an event involve time and money. The first cannot be recovered, and although the second yes, nobody is willing to invest in losing, so the planner is an expert in optimizing time and adjusting the budget to the event.

Due to his organizational skills, he does not waste time! Take advantage of every minute and know how to prioritize the importance of the urgent, even set aside time for possible unexpected events.

And well, for his experience and relationships with different distributors, he is an expert in negotiating and getting the best prices adjusting to your budget without neglecting quality.

It is better good known than bad for knowing

His career in the industry has allowed him to know a wide variety of suppliers, which means that his contact list is too complete, and according to your needs and expectations, he will hire the most suitable service for the occasion.

An event planner for the organization of your event brings too many advantages and will undoubtedly take a great weight off you; The level of stress, effort, organization, creativity and coordination that an event implies is a challenge that requires total willingness and commitment so that absolutely everything goes well. We hope you keep it in mind when creating an event.

Hiring an organizer for your event may seem like an unnecessary expense for some people. In reality, the most likely is that if you want to organize your event yourself, instead of saving money, you will be wasting time and money. It is also very likely that you will face many problems that you never imagined. Here are the best reasons why it is best to go through an organizer for your business events.

Your event organized in record time

This is one of the first advantages of hiring an organizer. He is able to organize an event quickly. If you are right about timing, then trust a professional. This advice will also probably save you a lot of money. Indeed, when you are stuck with a last-minute problem, you often have to pay a high price for a solution or employ temporary workers at the last moment or go through a professional. The organizer knows how to control and anticipate such problems. It also has a directory of people who can correct last-minute problems.

Hire an organizer to save money

This may seem paradoxical, but hiring an organizer will allow you to stay within your budget but also save money. Indeed, an organizer will manage your budget as best as possible without forgetting anything. It is a recurring problem among people who organize an event for their business themselves, forgetting certain details and realizing it at the last moment, thus increasing the bill often far beyond the budget. A professional will also be able to tell you if your budget is unrealistic in addition to knowing where to save.

Take an organizer to reduce organizational stress

Organizing an event means dealing with 4 important elements: the budget, the list and location of the guests, the location of the room and the catering part. To this is added a multitude of small details to be coordinated within a determined period. These details are generally those that increase stress to levels that are sometimes difficult to bear. Choosing an organizer for your event will save you these stresses and allow you to focus on the important.

An organizer to achieve business goals

Whether it is a product launch, a general meeting, a B2B fair or any other special event, you will certainly have business objectives to be reached given by management. An organizer can help you best achieve your business objectives, even strict ones. Not only will he save you time and money, but his work will allow you to focus on your business goals. It can also be excellent advice to help you optimize your strategy and better manage the return on investment of your business event.

Take advantage of an organizer’s contacts

This is an extremely important element. An event organizer knows a lot of people, whether in terms of room rentals, equipment suppliers or even restaurateurs. Its privileged contacts often allow it to have more attractive prices but also help you to choose the most suitable suppliers for the type of event you wish to organize. He generally has different contacts for each activity and will be able to direct you towards the professional adapted to your needs and your budget.


As we have seen, hiring an organizer for your event is the ideal solution. Not only will he be able to advise you, save you money, but also you will be able to take advantage of his contact book and his expertise to have the best event, which meets your expectations and stays within the allocated budget. Hiring an event planner will be your safest bet when it comes to making your events successful. 

Plan A Fairy Tale Wedding In Bali

It is every girl’s dream to one day walk down the aisle with her dad on her left, and at the front stands her prince charming. The guests are smiling, others staring mesmerized by her custom-made wedding dress, and a merry filled air to top it all up. Nuptial celebrations are, without a doubt, one of the unique parts of our lives. The scene you also choose to commemorate this special occasion also takes up a massive part of the dream. And the Bali Island in Indonesia is the perfect spot to go engaged and leave united to your betrothed.

Well, without further ado, let us take a sneak peek into the whimsical wedding packages available for you and your lover.


  • Yacht wedding Bali


The open sea waters are very enchanting and very relaxing. And unquestionably, one of the best panoramas to make up the background of your wedding photos. For this package, you get a free consultation with an expert wedding planner to go through your preferences for the ceremony. In addition to that, you get a pre-wedding meeting presentation and a complimentary bridal preparation room. During the preparation, you get a photographer, a make-up artist, and a personal butler to cater to your every need. You also get a commemorative certificate, among other amazing features. All these on a yacht! Quite marvelous right?


  • Wedding and Romantic night 


If you are looking for an intimate affair in a luxury villa with personalized 24-hr service, a special dinner, and a one night stay in the villa after the ceremony, then this is the package for you. Under this deal, you enjoy a dedicated photographer to document your service and a make-up artist to dazzle your bride and her team’s faces. The organizers help you plan each and every detail from the flowers to the background songs. And to top it all up is that you get the decorations all on The Seven Agency’s inclusive package. You want it; you get it. 


  • Bali royal wedding


Your wedding is that time that your fairy tale of being a princess comes to life. The glittering jewelry, the dazzling dress, and the stunning make-up make you steal the show hands down. Well, in the Bali royal wedding package, you get to transform and become a Balinese princess in reality. Adorned with the attire and the authentic jewelry pieces, everything about this wedding is the perfect embodiment of the Balinese wedding. The venue, the decorations, the musical tunes playing in the background, the meals as well as the table settings. Everything Balinese. For this package, you also get a personal butler to attend to your needs, a photographer and a make-up artist. You not only get married in Bali, but you also become Balinese.


Last but most certainly not least, the three are just a few of many that you can choose from. Each with its venue, style, and perks. And you can take a look at the Seven Holiday website for more. The three are just the tip of the iceberg.

Top Tips to Reduce the Hassle and Ensure a Perfect Wedding Ceremony

From wedding planners to the mothers of the brides, nearly everyone connected with weddings has one piece of advice: if you want to have a perfect wedding ceremony, you should plan early.

During engagement season, the most popular wedding locations get booked up quickly, so it’s important to reserve the wedding venue well in advance of the big day. Other details require early planning if you want the event to go smoothly and without a lot of aggravation.

The following is a list of wedding planning tips to help you design a ceremony and reception that is less hectic and as special and memorable as the love that the couple shares:

Recording and Preserving Precious Memories

The details around which wedding photographs to take are often left to the last minute. Couples that want to create mementos that are truly meaningful to them should really meet with the photographer well in advance of the ceremony. This way, couples can discuss exactly which special moments they especially desire to be captured.

Striking the Perfect Pose

There are a number of shots and poses that are traditional favorites. For example, images of the couple joining hands, and closeups of the wedding bands are extremely popular. Since many moissanite engagement rings are specially designed with matching wedding bands, a close-up shot of the groom placing the band on the bride’s hand, next to her engagement ring, is a great choice.

Other wedding photo favorites include shots of the wedding dress, and its train,  as well as candid photos of the bridal party in action. A good example is shots of the bridesmaids assisting the bride as she prepares for the ceremony.

Breaking with Tradition

More unique poses and themes are gaining in popularity. For example, some couples have the photographer take professional photos, or video, of the actual proposal, in addition to recording the wedding ceremony.

Taking pictures of the bride in her wedding gown in unusual and unexpected poses shortly after the wedding is a growing phenomenon. Rather than taking care to preserve the dress for future generations, these photos usually feature the bride doing something that might stain the dress. Good examples of this include photos of the bride wearing her dress and sitting on a sandy beach, playing in the rain, or throwing mud.

Picking out the Dress

During the service, all eyes are usually on the bride and her dress as she walks down the aisle. Which is why so many brides spend so much time and money picking out the perfect dress. According to 2014 wedding statistics gathered by The Knot, the average amount spent on the wedding dress is $1,357.

Since it is a focal point of the service, and is so expensive, many brides wait until the last minute to pick out the dress, with the hopes that they can lose a few extra pounds before the big day. This strategy usually backfires.  Very few dresses fit perfectly off the rack, and alterations take time, so it’s a good idea for the bride and others attending the wedding to go ahead and pick out their wedding attire early.

If the bride genuinely believes she will lose more than one dress size before the service, she should still decide on the dress. Just schedule the final alteration to occur two weeks before the actual day of the wedding.

Shopping for the dress and shoes later in the day is also a good strategy since our bodies and feet tend to swell as the day progresses, and this ensures that everything will fit more comfortably.

Additional Preparations Best Made Early

It’s hard to create and stick to a budget for food and entertainment if you don’t know who will be in attendance. For this reason, couples should decide early on who will be involved in the wedding, and in what capacity. A list of guests should also be compiled, and invitations sent, as soon as possible. This increases the likelihood that prospective participants and guests will be free to attend.

Once couples have a list of participants and guests, it’s time to contact the caterers, pick out a cake, and decide on a menu and seating arrangements for the reception. This is also a good time to contact and book the florist, a DJ, and any bands that will perform during the ceremony and reception.

Planning the perfect wedding ceremony and reception isn’t an easy process, but taking the time to iron out every detail in advance, reduces the stress that the bride and groom feel. This makes the day less hectic and more relaxed, allowing the couple, other participants and guests to be able to fully enjoy and celebrate this union of two lives.

How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Location

Your wedding venue is like the backdrop to your very own fairy tale. It needs to be planned according to your comfort as well as your guests. Here are some guidelines in choosing your wedding location.

Choose a country or a city

Some brides marry in their local church or parish. Some prefer it at a hotel or at an outdoor park. There are brides who prefer destination weddings. The first step in finding the best location for your wedding is choosing the country or city of your wedding venue. Choosing the geographical location of your wedding is important because this is where the rest of the decisions are based from such as accommodations, transport and legal requirements.

What type of venue do you need?

Do you want an indoor wedding or a beach ceremony? Do you prefer an outdoor garden? How many guests have you invited? These are just some of the questions you need to ask when looking for the ambience and environment that you want for your wedding. Make sure that the venue is not only gorgeous, it can also accommodate the other details you want for your wedding.

Is your venue available?

Most wedding venues get tons of booking in the summer. It is always important to book as early as possible. If you have a set date for your wedding, search for other venues. If you are set on a location, be flexible on the date of the wedding. Venues generally have more open schedules for winter weddings. Evaluate what is the most important thing to you and consult with your wedding or venue coordinator to work around it.
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