YumEarth Halloween Candy

Halloween is less then a month away and it is time to start figuring out what candy to hand out to the little boils and ghouls who come to your home.  The old reliable treats may be OK for some, but you want to leave the Trick Or Treaters with more then a dentist bill in November.   Why not pick up some YumEarth Organic treats, which now include fruit snacks.

pic 1

YumEarth are treats which are organic, and as allergen free as possible while still being a sweet and fun treat for kids of all ages.  They are free of artificial colors and flavors, certified organic and do not contain high fructose corn syrup.

When given to kids, they have no idea these treats are less bad for them then regular candies.  The only thing they taste is a sweet treat, that keeps them happy and parents happy as well.
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