Tatyana Vs The SwimSuit

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My friend Tatyana spent the summer seeking out the perfect bathing suit- and I think she has finally found it. Read on to see why she loves this suit so much- and why it may be perfect for you, too! We have very different body types, and I think it is good to see how different shapes and cuts can benefit different women. Take it away, Tatyana!
Can I just tell you how much I love my A.N.A. bathing suit? I was happy to know that the A.N.A. line comes in various styles from tankini, bandini and a two piece. The A.N.A. line also has some great colors to suit every woman’s taste. I was happy to know that this line also has accessories like shorts and cover-ups to go with their bathing suit.

It has pieces to mix and match as well to allow flexibility in swim wear. My one piece, chocolate colored swimsuit fits like it was made for me. The silhouette it creates would never let you know that I was a bit overweight. From a slight distance, I look like a very curvy woman, and close up I still look like curvy without the “extras”. The ruching in the front hides the little bulge with ease. The straps are wide and do not hurt the shoulders or leave any ugly red marks. The little skirt in the front and the back allows me to hide my little bathing suit lines on the bottom.

It does not ride up when I went diving or swimming and it does not balloon like some other skirted bathing suits once you get in the water. After putting in on, I felt like stepped out of a 1930’s movie which I really like. I was able to chase, play, and toss my 3 year old around with very little movement in the suit from
where I placed it. The straps were a bit confusing for me at first but after figuring it out, I can get in/ out with a blink of an eye. Since I hate getting all dressed just to go in to buy a bottle of water from the local store and then to get all undressed to go to the beach; I was able to put on a pair of shorts and it looked like I was wearing a tank top (slightly nicer than a plain old tank top). My little one said to me “Mommy, you look nice,” after she saw the bathing suit, which is a rarity because she really does not notice what I wear.

The Ana suit is a beautiful rich brown color and it creates a great silhouette when I wear it . The suit hugs in the right places, so if you have a little bulge, it hides it within the front folds. The little skirt which hangs in the front and the back allows for me to feel comfortable and hidden. The straps in the back allows for nothing to be spilled out the top. It is extremely flexible and it allows for free movement when I am chasing my three year old. I do not feel that I have to tug it down either in the front or the back after diving into the pool. It is very easy to care for; a little bit of cold water and hanging out to dry. It dries very quickly either on you or on the rack. On the hottest day, the suit does not feel like I am wearing extra; instead it molds to my shape with ease.



  1. I love the classic cut of that suit! Very pin up girl 🙂

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    Looks nice on her and a cute swimsuit

  3. cute suit

  4. Sounds good! Glad she found one she likes.

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