Foods That Help Keep Your Weight Down

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Today, fast food has seemed to be somewhat of a necessity for many office workers due to their busy life and hectic work schedules. As a result, a greater number of people are becoming obese day-by-day. Regulating your eating habits has become the need of the hour to enable you to lead a healthy and happy life. You need to take care of the number of calories that you consume daily in order to keep obesity away.

pic 1Controlling your diet does not mean you go hungry and only eat limited kinds of food items. It is much better to find out which foods help kick start your metabolic rate without resorting to fasting. Knowing about the health regulations for food will enable you to know more about the best foods that can help you to remain in shape without crash diets dominating your eating habits. Here are some good foods that you can add in your diet plan to reduce your weight without sacrificing on tasty food. These will help satisfy your hunger and leave you fuller for a longer span of time.

 Beans: The consumption of beans is an excellent addition of protein to your diet. Generally, meat, eggs and other animal products are regarded as a good means of proteins. However, these foods can also increase cholesterol in the human body and have several health risks associated with regular consumption. This is not the case with beans. Beans have 0% cholesterol but contains a high percentage of protein. The high fiber content of beans makes their digestion slower than other kinds of protein-rich foods. This enables you to follow your diet plan without feeling hungry.

 Nuts: Nuts can be a rich source of vitamins and instrumental in losing weight as per health regulations. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans tend to have a good amount of essential vitamins and antioxidants. A daily dose of nuts is considered beneficial to good health. It is believed that some substances within these nuts affect the calorie pathways and may alter the metabolism in a positive way. Nuts are one of the most effective foods that can help you to have desired weight loss and remain healthy.

 Soup: Having soup before beginning the main course can lower the total calories you eat per meal. The reason soup is psychologically rewarding is its ability to help you feel fuller but at the same time it lowers your calorie intake. However, avoid having cream based soups which have a higher calorie count.

 Grapefruit: Some studies state that grapefruit can help you to kick start the metabolic process, no matter whether you consume them whole or as juice. Studies revealed that  individuals consuming half of a grapefruit before their morning meal or lunch drop 3 pounds more, in just 3 months, than the individuals who didn’t.

 Pureed Vegetables: Consuming pureed vegetables is another effective way to control the intake of calories. Including pureed vegetables in delicacies having cheese proves effective in decreasing the calorie consumption by approximately 400 calories. Eating dishes in this fashion makes you feel fuller since the pureed vegetables contain fiber and this helps you feel sated.

 Dark chocolate: Chocolate enthusiasts may be aware that inclusion of dark chocolate in a diet plan is beneficial. Studies state that dark chocolate has health benefits when eaten in practical quantities, and may even lower your hunger considerably. Research shows that those who have consumed dark chocolate rather than milk tend to consume 15% less food in their next meal. But don’t go overboard as dark chocolate amounts should be regulated to lose weight as well as to suppress the appetite.

 Yogurt: Several scientific researches and studies show that yogurt can have a vital role in the weight loss process. According to well-known health regulations, nonfat yogurt is a good food to eat while losing weight. Also, yogurt is a good protein source and the best substitute for high-fat meats. Apart from this, it provides bone-building calcium in the same quantities as a glass of milk. So, don’t cut out yogurt from your diet plan when losing excess weight.

If you include these good weight loss foods in your diet plan, you can shed excess pounds without fasting. You will also gain the benefits of having healthy eating habits which can be carried on after you become your desired weight.



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