Hotel Mediterraneo, Rome

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When in Rome, where does one stay? If one stays at Hotel Mediterraneo, a one of a kind experience can be expected for an unforgettable trip. Located in the heart of Rome, this hotel is beautiful and easy to get where you need or want to go from.

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Somebody’s sleeping in my bed….

First, customers are cherished at Hotel Mediterraneo. Expect exceptional service from the staff. The atmosphere of the hotel is infectious, you can’t help but feel very worldly, sophisticated, and maybe even a little pampered when you step foot across the threshold of Hotel Mediterraneo.
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Located on top of a hill and across from the train station, you will admire the impressive views of the city. Designed by Art Deco Architect Mario Loreti in 1936, Hotel Mediterraneo is a 4 ½ star hotel that offers guests the ability to walk to all of the ancient main monuments. 10 stunning floors of art deco decor give this hotel a distinction of being rare, gorgeous and like an art deco dream come true. As the name suggests, the sea will be enjoyed through out the hotel. Marble busts abound and offer a certain sense of ancient class to the establishment that is fantastic and intoxicating.

pic2While the hotel is extremely classy, it is also very state of the art. Wifi is included in all rooms where details are more than details, they are pieces of a puzzle that when put together offer accommodations that are elegant, stylish and distinctive.
Expect to enjoy room services, a fitness center, concierge and parking services to name a few. You can bring small and polite dogs along for a lovely stay in a magnificent hotel. The central location combined with the delicious ambiance and panoramic views of the city create an atmosphere worthy of writing home to brag about.
With 10 floors of art deco style, the Hotel Mediterraneo is too lovely to feel like a home away from home. A stay here is like waking up to find you are still living your dreams, in broad daylight, with ancient monuments in the background and a one of a kind place to rest  after days filled with discovery.
Eating breakfast rooftop- with an amazing view of Rome

Eating breakfast rooftop- with an amazing view of Rome

Disclosure- we received a complimentary stay at this hotel to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.


  1. What a lovely treat. I love Rome and would love to visit again. If I don’t end up staying with friends, I’ll keep this in mind… beautiful.

  2. Elayna Fernandez ~ The Positive MOM says

    That’s what I call luxury! I like that it has access to a lot of historic spots – I’m dreaming of Rome right now!

  3. Our Family World says

    Wow, what an amazing rooftop view. Totally gorgeous

  4. What a magnificent place and view. You are so lucky to have had this experience.

  5. I don’t know if I will ever get to Rome, but this will be on my list of places to stay if I do. It looks so nice.

  6. That hotel looks allot nicer then the one we stayed in.. i would stay there on my next trip over.

  7. what a great looking hotel.
    definitely added to the good old bucket list.
    which is getting longer every minute!

  8. That looks like a wonderful place to stay!! So luxurious!!

  9. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That looks like an amazing place to stay! I would love to visit there one day.

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