Hotel Mediterraneo, Rome

When in Rome, where does one stay? If one stays at Hotel Mediterraneo, a one of a kind experience can be expected for an unforgettable trip. Located in the heart of Rome, this hotel is beautiful and easy to get where you need or want to go from.

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Somebody’s sleeping in my bed….

First, customers are cherished at Hotel Mediterraneo. Expect exceptional service from the staff. The atmosphere of the hotel is infectious, you can’t help but feel very worldly, sophisticated, and maybe even a little pampered when you step foot across the threshold of Hotel Mediterraneo.
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Located on top of a hill and across from the train station, you will admire the impressive views of the city. Designed by Art Deco Architect Mario Loreti in 1936, Hotel Mediterraneo is a 4 ½ star hotel that offers guests the ability to walk to all of the ancient main monuments. 10 stunning floors of art deco decor give this hotel a distinction of being rare, gorgeous and like an art deco dream come true. As the name suggests, the sea will be enjoyed through out the hotel. Marble busts abound and offer a certain sense of ancient class to the establishment that is fantastic and intoxicating.

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Switzerland – Fun Family Travel at an Affordable Price

Switzerland is a wonderful place to take the family on holiday. With majestic mountains that are constantly in view, lovely lakes, and train rides that are visually stunning as you tcrusie through the country en route to your destination, you and your family are in for a treat as soon as you set foot in this friendly and hospitable country.

Lake Lucerne

Switzerland is also an affordable option for Americans wanting to travel in Europe, with family friendly options such as the Swiss Pass to make saving money easier as you traverse. It offers unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System, which includes trains, boats, buses, local urban transportation systems, and free entry to over 450 museums. You also get free WiFi, and access to the Fast Baggage service, which provides same-day luggage delivery between 46 cities in Switzerland. (According to the Switzerland Tourism Department)

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One must see spot in the country is Mt. Pilatus, a 7,000-foot mountaintop that you reach via train, aerial cable way, gondola, and the worlds steepest cogwheel rail. If you decide to take the “Golden Round Trip”, you and your family can see some of the best scenery in Switzerland all in one day. From the boat tour beginning in Lake Lucerne, which you ride in comfort either in the inside or outside of the boat on crystal clear waters with mountains surrounding you. Some passengers may choose to get off at one of several stops, such as restaurants or the Swiss Museum of Transport (the most popular museum in Switzerland). You will take the boat to Aspnachstad (which is the aforementioned steepest cog in the world) and then to Pilatus Klum’s peak, at nearly 7,000 feet above sea level, viewing amazing sights and scenery all along the way.

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The cog up to the top is both exhilarating and a little frightening- it is very, very steep, and those lovely views will make some hold onto their seat a little tighter. From the top, one can view more then 70- peaks and five lakes. You can also visit several restaurants, spend some time at one of Mt. Piliatus’ adventure parks, go tobogganing or head over to the rope park. These are weather permitting. These are in operation from May to November.

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If you head back to Lucerne, stop by Chapel Bridge. The most photographed place in Switzerland, and for good reason. This old bridge and tower spans the river, the ceiling and beams of which have paintings dating back to the 1300’s. Chapel Bridge has become somewhat of a symbol for Lucerne, and something you don’t want to miss. If you would like to indulge in a traditional Swiss meal while you are in the area, the Fondue House is just a few blocks away. You can enjoy traditional cheese fondue with a variety of foods to dip in it, as well as a chocolate fondue with fruit to dip for dessert. This was a cozy spot in a convenient location to experience a local favorite dish.
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Visiting Europe: An Education The Whole Family

If you’re looking for a family holiday that’s both fun and educational, Europe should be
number one on your list. The continent is bursting with culture, history, and tourist attractions
to suit all interests. With capital cities such as London, Paris, and Rome all within a day’s
travel, you can learn about the pope, the Bastille, and the Beatles all in one trip.

The History
Whatever period in history your child is studying, they can do first hand research in Europe.
If they want to know about the world wars, visits to Belgium or Berlin are recommended, or
if they’re interested in the Vikings or Tudors the English or Swedish countryside beckons.
There are fantastic museums at most of the important historical locations, such as the Anne
Frank Museum in Amsterdam or the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

The Art
A European holiday is a great way to learn about art, as many of the best galleries in the
world are located in European cities. These include the Louvre in Paris, where the Mona Lisa
is kept, and the Tate Modern in London where you can see work by many of the best modern
artists including Monet and Anish Kapoor. But not all the best art works in Europe are in
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