Book a Luxury Hotel Room at Brunelleschi Hotel

If you are traveling to Florence in Italy, stay in one of the luxury hotel rooms at the Brunelleschi Hotel for the most comfort.

Due to its popularity among tourists, in 2016, there were over 20 thousand hotel rooms in 570 facilities across Florence. However, none of them are quite like the luxury hotel rooms at Brunelleschi Hotel.

In total, the 4-star Brunelleschi Hotel has 96 spacious, luxury hotel rooms. On top of being near the most attractive destinations in the city, the rooms are also very comfortable, supported by a well-mannered concierge, and offer some magnificent views of the cityscape. Based on the type of amenities and view, the luxury hotel rooms at Brunelleschi Hotel are divided into five main categories.

Deluxe Executive Panorama

Redecorated by architect Benelli, the Deluxe Executive Panorama is a dream for any travelers visiting Florence. The room is equipped with all the luxurious amenities and offers the ultimate viewing pleasure for its guests. As the name suggests, you can enjoy among others, a full panoramic view of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazzale Michelangelo, San Lorenzo, Palazzo Vecchio, Giotto tower and Brunelleschi’s Cupola. At 269sq feet, the room is spacious and decorated with specially designed furniture. The attached bathroom is completed with a luxury marble finish and has all the standard amenities.

Deluxe Rooms

If you are looking for a room with a view of the Duomo – otherwise known as the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, book on of the deluxe rooms at Brunelleschi Hotel. Some rooms offer a front-facing view, while some others offer a side view. There are also some deluxe rooms that offer a view of the Florence shopping district – Via Dei Calzaiuoli. They offer all the luxuries expected of a 4-star hotel room, with the options of a spacious king-sized bed, or twin beds that can be easily joined together.

Classic Executive

Most of the Classic Executive double rooms come with a view of the del Giglio square. There are also some rooms overlooking the famous Via dei Calzaiuoli, which can be yours upon availability in one of your lucky days. They either come with a queen-sized bed or twin beds that can be joined to make up as one. They come with all the standard amenities and designed to provide a sound sleep in the downtown surroundings.

Superior Executive

Despite being located in the inner courtyard of the Hotel Brunelleschi; the Superior Executive rooms offer a view of the Giglio square. The rooms have been recently refurbished to bring them up to speed, and now offers a contemporary décor. The rooms are cozy, with a 4-poster bed with premium mattress, and a walk-in closet.

Family Room

Ideal for up to 6 people, the family rooms at Hotel Brunelleschi is made by connecting two Deluxe rooms. You can choose between the options of two twin beds, or one king-sized bed in each of the rooms. Along with the standard amenities, these rooms also offer a DVD player with different kid-friendly cartoons.

Standard Amenities

Aside from a few extra additions for specific rooms, below is a list of standard amenities that are offered in any of the luxury hotel rooms at the Brunelleschi Hotel:

-Two telephones in the room, one in the bathroom.

-A 42-inch LCD TV with satellite channels.

– High-speed Wi-Fi internet and a selection of daily newspapers.

-24-hrs room service, twice daily maids and laundry.

– Top-class bathroom amenities with a luxury courtesy line.

– Air conditioning with heating and remote control.

-Gluten-free minibar, American bar.

– iPod docking stations, safe with a lock and inner PowerPoint.

The Most Gorgeous Destinations in Europe you Must See for Yourself

If you’re planning an extended trip to Europe, then you’ll probably want to spend your time admiring some of the most beautiful and breath-taking places on the continent. There are many stunning destinations to visit in Europe, with each having their unique qualities and features, but some are even more awe-inspiring than others, so it makes sense to put these on the top of your list. If you are serious about seeing some of the most gorgeous and unforgettable European destinations, put these on your bucket list. 

Positano, Italy:

Nestled in the cliffside of the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast in Italy, Positano is a stunning coastal town that’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, but close enough to turn into an unforgettable day trip. Close by, it’s worth paying a visit to the beautiful Isle of Capri and exploring Sorrento. 

The Cotswolds, England:

London might be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of England but the truth is, this small country has so much natural beauty to offer elsewhere. The Cotswolds is a rural area that is named after the small collection of towns and estates characterised by distinctive yellow limestone. 

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany:

When it comes to fairytales, you can’t get much better than visiting the real-life ‘Disney castle’ in Germany. And if you’re a fan of castles in general then Europe is certainly full of them, with Germany being home to many of the most beautiful. 

Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest is by far one of the most popular cities in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. With a fascinating history and culture, amazing architecture that can easily rival the likes of Paris and Rome, gorgeous stately interiors, friendly locals and amazing hot springs that you can enjoy even in the middle of winter, Budapest is perfect for a day trip, weekend or a longer stay. 

The Algarve, Portugal:

If you’re looking for a break from city life and want to enjoy some sun, sand and sea then look no further than the Algarve in Portugal. Despite being a hotspot for tourists, Southern Portugal has somehow managed to retain a lot of its authentic charm in the past couple of decades, with a strong influx of Portuguese tourists. If you’re planning a trip to Portugal – use Triptile to create your itinerary and find the best deals on tours and tickets. 

St Petersburg, Russia:

If you want to visit a big city on a budget, visit impressive buildings, explore fascinating history and culture, and view a lot of interesting art then St Petersburg is for you. This unique, gorgeous city has been compared with Venice thanks to the fact that you’re never too far from water, and there’s something for everybody. The museums are some of the best places to visit – you can spend days in the Russian Museum, which is spread over four gorgeous palaces and is home to the best collection of Russian art in the world. 

Rome, Italy:

Italy has earned a reputation for being one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that many of Europe’s most stunning locations are here. The capital, Rome, is a breath-taking city with many beautiful sights to behold, from the awe-inspiring ancient colosseum to the beautiful historic architecture and art in the Vatican City – which is actually a country in its own right. And from Rome, you can find many great travel connections to visit even more stunning Italian destinations such as Venice – check out to get started. 

Have you visited any gorgeous, unforgettable European destinations? We’d love to hear about them!

Europe’s best hidden gems for a family holiday


Many families have a tried and tested favorite destination that they’ll return to most summers. It’s easy, it’s convenient, the kids love it, and after a long winter of hard work and chores, us parents deserve a relaxing break. But some destinations are worth breaking the cycle for. Here are some of our favorite hidden gems in Europe, perfect for a family getaway. 

Kotor, Montenegro: A fairytale town with plenty to do (and so many cats) 

Take the little ones to the fairytale destination of Kotor, and their inner prince or princess will instantly feel at home. Within the ancient marble old town, crooked narrow lanes expand into beautiful polished squares, resplendent churches towering over the scene. Mountain scenery and crystalline turquoise waters provide a breathtaking backdrop. This is Eastern Europe at its very best; similar to Croatia, but without the overwhelming tourist crowds. 

Walk the city walls and take a family hike up to the old fort that sits on the town’s mountain backdrop. Stop for local souvenirs and indulge in an ice cream while live music plays in the town’s many picturesque stores and cafes. There’s also the quirky little cat museum, which features an array of kooky cat-based art, for feline fans. This museum is no doubt inspired by the many friendly kittens and cats that roam Kotor’s streets as if they own the place. 

If you’re a hiking family, the jaw-dropping Lovcen National park is nearby, while the old town’s location on the Bay of Kotor means it’s easy to sail to the many tiny islands nearby – some of which boast secluded beaches. Simply put, Kotor is a stunning destination with myriad activities for families who like to get out and about. 

Bled, Slovenia: Jaw-dropping scenery, high-octane activities, and cream cake 

Another destination that appears as if from the pages of a fairytale, Slovenia’s Bled has been growing in popularity with tourists over the past few years, but it’s still relatively off-the-beaten track for those travelling Europe. Iconic Bled Castle rises up from the stunning blue-green Lake Bled, and the spellbinding scenery that surrounds it makes it a magical destination for families who love the great outdoors.

High-octane activities in Bled include zip-lining, kayaking, and canyoning, while those who like to take life at a more relaxed pace will enjoy boating across the lake, visiting the castle, and exploring the breathtaking Vintgar Gorge, with its incredible waterfalls. Alternatively, simply take a hike to enjoy the beautiful Slovenian landscape. Visiting in winter? Alpine skiing is another fun option. Whatever you do in Bled, don’t forget to finish the day off with a mouthwatering slice of Bled cream cake – the area’s culinary symbol. 

Saranda, Albania: A beach holiday with a historic twist 

If you’re a family of beach bums and mermaids, Saranda – often dubbed the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera – provides a coastal holiday that offers something a little different from Europe’s more popular sandy resorts. The town is clustered around an idyllic horseshoe-shaped bay on the sparkling Ionian Sea, and edged by luscious hills of olive groves. Spend endless sunny days at the beach, building sandcastles, and paddling in the clear waters, or take a couple of kayaks out on the gentle waves. If you get tired of all the relaxing (as if!), there’s plenty of interesting things to see in the town too. 

Head to the center of the town to discover the archaeological remains of a fifth-century synagogue – and don’t miss the intricate floor mosaics, still visible today. Hike up to the 16th century Lekuresi Castle, which sits on a hilltop overlooking the town, or the Forty Saints Monastery, from which you can enjoy a stunning panorama over Saranda. 

This pretty town offers all the benefits of a beach holiday, while also boasting plenty of fascinating ancient landmarks – perfect for inserting a little bit of education into your summer trip. 

Traveling requirements in the Schengen Area for UK citizens after Brexit:


What does Brexit mean?

As the word defines itself, Brexit is a combination of two words “British” and “Exit.” Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. The decision was made by the UK on June 23, 2016, to leave the EU.

As you know that the EU has agreed to grant the UK citizens for Visa-free travel to the Schengen Area. So now the question arises that how you can apply for traveling to the Schengen Area if you are a UK citizen?

Although it is allowed for the UK Nationals to travel to the Schengen Area without a Visa, the traveling limit is set to 90 days for Britons.

What are the document requirements?

You should have a passport or Travel document. Please make sure:

  1. Your passport must be issued in the last ten years,
  2. Your passport should have blank pages for Visa stamp and one more spare page.
  3. Your passport ought to be legitimate for at any rate three (3) months after the date you leave the Schengen Area.


Full Requirements:

  • A legitimate UK residence permit or different types of Identity Card. The UK residency permit must be supported in the genuine passport (or on another biometric ID card) 
  • One application structure rounded out totally and marked by the candidate. You can likewise apply using outsider sites like this one here. You need to pay an additional expense for their administrations. However, they will also assist you with Appointment booking, Documents checking, Visa application just as with Visa and Passport gathering. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, click here! 
  • One photograph, which must be stuck on the application structure. Applications with stapled photos will be rejected. The picture should likewise agree to the next photograph necessities and particulars 
  • An introductory letter is clarifying the motivation behind the visit to the Schengen area.
  • Evidence of movement courses of action: Round outing flight/travel reservations or other confirmation of proposed transport and complete agenda (if a few Schengen States will be visited or if the outing covers a few Schengen States and non-Schengen nations). 
  • Travel Insurance expressing that you are shrouded if there should be an occurrence of a restorative crisis and repatriation in the Schengen Area (least inclusion of € 30.000). 
  • Inn reservations or verification of cooperation in gathering travel. 
  • An ongoing explanation of UK current record or traveler’s checks indicating assets of at least £55 per individual every day spent in the Schengen area. Photocopies of the first archives likewise to be submitted. Records ought not to be over one month old. Discover more data about sealing money related adequacy when applying for a Schengen visa.


Which Schengen Country’s Embassy you should apply?

Contingent upon your purpose and additionally the length of visit – some details further explain at which Embassy or Consulate inside the UK you ought to apply. 


   On the off chance, that meeting one Schengen nation you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate speaking to the specific country of your goal. 

   On the off chance, that meeting more than one Schengen nation you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate speaking to the nation of your principle goal (the country of most prolonged remain). 

   If meeting more than one Schengen country with equivalent stay length you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate speaking to the Schengen nation you will enter first. 

   If you mean to remain in the Schengen area for more than 90 days you should apply for a residence permit (Long-stay visa), not a Schengen visa. Directions are on the particular embassy/department’s landing page.

When in Northern Ireland: 4 things to see and do when visiting Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a fascinating country that’s full of history and culture. With something for everyone it’s easy to see why Northern Ireland is becoming a popular destination for both single travellers, couples and families alike.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the Northern reaches of the Emerald Isle, then you’re going to need a few ideas of how you can soak up the culture of this wonderful country and come away with the best experiences and memories to boot. So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, then read on!

Remember, if you’re planning a trip away or a holiday, then remember to apply for travel insurance. Traveler insurance by SafeTrip is a good place to start.

The Giant’s Causeway

Follow in the footsteps of giants and take a trip to the wonder that is The Giants Causeway. If you’re looking for adventure, then this is the destination for you. Visitors can explore along the causeway on specifically marked trails and enjoy the truly stunning coastal scenery along the way. These basalt stone columns are the result of a volcanic eruption that took place over 60,000,000 years ago and they’re still intriguing and mesmerising visitors all these years later. If you fancy learning more then you can always book yourself a tour guide!

Game of Thrones

Are you a bit of a GOT fan? If that’s the case, then you may already know that Northern Ireland is home to some of the most important locations and sets of the show! You’ll find that there are plenty of tours available from various operators, so make sure you check out reviews first!

Many tours are very immersive, with lots of locations to explore and cloaks, swords and props aplenty! Make sure you bring your camera!

The Titanic

Did you know that the most famous ship in the world has its roots in Northern Ireland? Visit the Titanic Quarter in Belfast and you can step right into the world of Titanic. Discover the stories behind its passengers, genuine artefacts from the ship itself as well as survivors’ stories and discover the inspiration behind the blockbuster film. Enjoy a trip to the docks where she was built and follow the timeline from her completion to her sinking. Or why not take a trip to Belfast City Hall and discover the Titanic memorial garden and reflect at the names on the victims within the beautiful surroundings.

Discover Northern Ireland’s Literary giants

Northern Ireland is the home of some of the biggest names in literature. From C.S Lewis to Samuel Beckett, Seamus Heaney and Sam Hanna to name just a few! The Armagh Public Library is the oldest library in Ireland, and is well worth a visit, especially if donning protective gloves and turning pages of real literary treasures is your idea of Heaven. There’s even a first edition of Gulliver’s Travels here – corrected by the author, Jonathan Swift himself!

The Best Luxury Treehouse Holidays in the UK

It’s true that the UK has no shortage of amazing places to stay.  There are ultra-modern hotels and castles, scenic camping sites and stately homes.  But there’s one type of holiday accommodation that is truly different and that’s the luxury treehouse – but where are the best ones around the UK?

South-east England

West Lexham Treehouses and Glamping offers options both for treehouse holidays and for those who prefer glamping.  Located near Kings Lynn in Norfolk, the site has units that can sleep two to six people and has hand-built, rustic treehouses that are insulated, have log burning stoves and even a private BBQ area.  The location is half an hour from the Holkham coast and near locations such as Swaffham and Castle Acre.

South-west England

Lavender Hill’s The Treehouse is probably one of the sturdiest looking treehouses you can image and ideal for anyone who is a little uncertain about the idea of treehouse holidays.  Located near Taunton, the property sleeps four and is a two storey property surrounded by trees that gives the feel of a treehouse while offering the stability of a wood cabin.  It has five star boutique interiors with plasma TV and log wood burner among the features.

Sunridge Treehouse is another that is part treehouse and part wood cabin and gives visitors the luxury experience.  The accommodation can sleep six across three bedrooms and features modern touches such as TVs in every bedroom.  There’s a state of the art kitchen and open plan living-dining room area on the upper floor with amazing views out across Devon’s Yealm Valley.

The Midlands

The Woodlands Treehouse at Hothorpe Hall is near Theddingworth, Leicestershire and is another location ideal for a couple’s getaway.  The treehouse is in five acres of woodland but is also very much a modern, five star accommodation.  It features comfy sofas and beds, surrounds sound music system and even gas central heating so doesn’t be put off if you want to visit in winter – it is always cosy inside.

Northern England

Cleveley Mere Treehouse is close to Garstang, Lancashire and is a spacious and very modern treehouse that includes Hypnos mattresses and a £40,000 kitchen – so is definitely at the top end of the luxury scale!  It also has access to a range of features with its lakeside location including mountain bikes, kayaks, crazy gold and even its own ping pong table.


Brockloch Eco Retreat is near Kirkpatrick Durham in Dumfries and Galloway and offers a treehouse with double bed, small kitchen and even a small bath.  It is the perfect refuge for a romantic getaway and spring is a great time to visit as woods floor below is filled with bluebells.  The site is near Dumfries with lots of beautiful villages to explore, hiking trails and the coast to the south.

Tree Howf has been expertly built around an ancient ash tree and has amazing views across Dunblane and the wider Perthshire area.  It is a single bedroom treehouse that sleeps two and has handmade, rustic furniture, stained glass windows and wood burning stove to add to that woodsy experience.  Whether you want to see the animals in spring and summer or stargaze in winter, there is always something on offer here.


Living Room Treehouses offers the classic treehouse design, a single bedroom treehouse that can sleep up to four with the pull-down bunks.  The treehouse has a pod-like design and is ideal if you want a digital detox, away from all that technology.  There is a wood burning stove and you even arrive across a wooden suspension bridge – or via the spiral staircase if you prefer.

Is It Time You Booked A Beach Vacation In The UK?

Wales Beach

I know what you’re thinking. The UK isn’t perhaps the most obvious beach vacation destination. But aside from the unpredictable British summer, it has plenty to offer those who crave lazy days at the seaside. Do fish and chips, attractions aplenty, and the odd day of sunshine sound appealing? If so, here are some of the best beach resorts to visit in the UK.


Cornwall is a beautiful spot, and there are so many stunning beaches that it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re after beach games, surfing, and a lively night scene, head to Newquay. If you fancy tranquil beaches and rugged cliffs, venture further down the coast to Praa Sands, Sennen, and Prussia Cove. Other highlights to enjoy during your Cornish getaway include St Michael’s Mount and the Eden Project. Visit Mousehole, St Ives and Padstow for charming harbors, traditional shops, and cobbled streets.


Dorset boasts countless beautiful beaches. It tends to be busy in the summer months, but there are secluded coves where you can escape the crowds. Bournemouth is the place to be if you’re looking for arcades, rides, and neon lights. Take your snorkeling gear to Chesil Beach or make for Lulworth Cove for a sunset dip in the most spectacular surroundings. Canford Cliffs is a popular spot for families.


Often labeled the Las Vegas of the UK, Blackpool is a traditional seaside resort with plenty going on. Experience the thrills and spills of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and take a tour around Blackpool Tower. Have a donkey ride along the beach or catch a concert at Winter Gardens. Ride the waves at the Sandcastle water park or enjoy a round of crazy golf. Visit during the illuminations for a spectacular light show on the promenade. If you are planning a visit, it’s wise to research Blackpool tickets online. You can often save money on the most popular attractions.


Tenby is a picturesque Welsh seaside resort in Pembrokeshire. It has a pretty harbor filled with traditional fishing boats and a lively al fresco cafe scene. This sheltered spot is perfect for families looking to enjoy leisurely days at the beach.

Sango Bay, Scotland

If you’re brave enough to face the elements, you won’t regret visiting one of Scotland’s most northerly beaches. Expect rugged outcrops, domineering cliffs and peace and quiet. This is also a fantastic base for exploring Smoo Cave, an enormous cavern complete with a 20ft waterfall.

Robin Hood’s Bay

If you’re looking for a quintessential British beach break, look no further. Robin Hood’s Bay is an old fishing village, which lies within the North York Moors National Park. This is the place to go if you’re searching for the best example of the British classic, fish and chips. Place your order and head to the shore to enjoy your dinner with a view.

If you’re thinking about booking a beach vacation, the UK may not spring to mind immediately. But hopefully, this guide has changed your mind! The weather may not be guaranteed, but there are some wonderful locations to discover.

South England Interactive Travel Map


When going on a  trip, one of the most important ways to prepare for it is with research.  Research is a whole lot easier with the right tools and a wealth of information pertinent to your trip.  One great tool which I was recently introduced to is the South England Interactive Travel Map.  When visiting the UK, it can be difficult to figure out what places to visit, what things to do, and where to find them. This map helps do just that in one place, broken down by area and destinations.

This map brings various locations in Southern England to your fingertips, and is broken down into four categories: directions, activities, food and drinks, and local attractions.  Each category is broken down into bite size nuggets of information with just enough to whet your appetite to visit locations for yourself.  Each destination also has a picture included with the short description, to give you an interesting sneak peak. Some of the locations included are: Berkshire,Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Sussex, Devon, and Cornwall.  What I really like about the site is the local attractions section. This area includes not only historical and cultural locations like castles and cathedrals (tours Americans typically love, being as we don’t have much in the way of those here in the USA) but also family friendly fun locations like adventure parks and beaches.

I also like the food and drinks section, which includes local dishes available from both small family owned restaurants and pubs as well as upscale restaurants.  (Always try local favorites and whatever the area is famous for!) The combination gives visitors a great overall taste of the area.  This is the perfect tool for planning your next trip to England.  It doesn’t matter if you are planning a short visit like a long  weekend or a more in depth trip, the interactive map of Southern England is a valuable tool when planning and doing research and will help you find all the local hot spots.