Could you live without your Smartphone?

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If Deloitte’s recent study is anything to go by, no, you couldn’t live without your Smartphone. According to The Journal, the research revealed that about one in six of us are looking at our phones more than 50 times a day.

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For many of us, living without our phones and not having constant access to the internet is impossible to imagine. We spend so much time using them to check emails, update statuses, post photos and message our friends – it’s safe to say many of us need to undergo a digital detox. So are you addicted? Here are five signs that you are:

It feels like you have lost a friend when you’re without it

If you happen to lose or break your phone, it’s the worst thing in the world. You feel like you’ve lost your best friend and therefore the only way to stay in touch with the online world is to log on to your bulky home computer that takes 15 minutes to load. If you realise you’ve left it at home when you’re half way to work, you’re likely to be the sort who will turn around and deal with the consequences of being late. If you accidentally break your phone, luckily LoveFone will be there for you.

You have a mini panic attack when it’s not in sight

Whether it’s frantically fumbling through your bag or finding an empty pocket, you’ve experienced the heart-stopping moment of what it’s like to be phone free, and it’s not pretty. You go into panic mode and won’t stop until you’ve found it. Most of the time, it’s within sight and normal heartbeat resumes after a couple of minutes.

You take your phone to the toilet

Taking your phone to the toilet is a real sign of addiction, plus it will only end in tears when your brand new handset takes an unexpected fall! According to Digital Spy, three quarters of people use their mobile phone while sitting on the toilet. The poll of 2,000 people, conducted by Sony and O2, revealed that a quarter of men choose to sit on the loo rather that stand, just so that their hands are free to use their mobiles.

You take your phone charger everywhere

If you’re a phone addict, it’s likely you’ll be spending so much time on your phone that your battery ends up being completely drained by lunch time. If this is the case, you carry your charger everywhere and you’re not afraid to use a plug socket when you find it, whether that’s on the train, at work, or if you have to, in a shop.

You’ve walked into people or walls on numerous occasions

If you haven’t learned by now, walking and texting just don’t work together. The distraction means you end up walking into a wall or annoying other people as you barge into them. If this sounds like you, it’s time to put the phone away for five minutes and concentrate on where you are going!


  1. I *definitely* couldn’t live without my phone!! I’m definitely part of the three quarters of people who use it on the toilet haha

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