Get Ready for Summer with Land’s End

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So, it’s Spring, right?  That’s what I hear, that’s what the calendar says, yet….yet it’s 32 degrees outside and I am still wearing boots and a winter coat every day.  I think someone has gotten it way wrong.  Isn’t Easter next week?  Because it snowed last weekend, and I’m pretty sure April is just a few days away….Have you had it with winter, East Coast?  Mid West?  Do you fight the impulse to “unfriend” your buddies living in warmer climates who post selfies of themselves in shorts or in their backyards, barbequing in t-shirts?  Then it’s time to get away.  Fast.  Check out the sweepstakes Land’s End is hosting to Win a Trip for Two to the warm and sunny British Virgin Islands.


After a horrible winter, the majority of us could use a warm getaway. LandsEnd has teamed up with the British Virgin Islands to offer one lucky winner a trip for two to the beautiful Bitter End Yacht Club.  Make sure you enter to win (more points as you pass it along to friends as well).

In anticipation of your epic win (or of warmer weather in general), pick up some skin-saving Swim Tees for the whole family.  On special now for %30 off, pre-season is the time to buy.  Not only will you be ahead of the game and be ready when the summer sun finally DOES show itself (or should you be the grand prize winner!), but you can also save money while you protect your family from the sun’s rays, burns, and worse.  My son is never without one when we are outside swimming, and he loves his Land’s End swim tee.   He says it’s super comfortable- and I like how long Land’s End products last and how durable they are.

20150325_184136Head to and get everything you need for summer- even if there is still snow on the ground where you are like there is where I am.  No time like the present for summer dreaming!  And hurry up and enter that contest.  Hey, someone has to win, may as well be you, right?


  1. Rebecca Swenor says

    Okay for one I so have to agree with you when you say no time for the present for summer dreaming. lol I will have to check them out indeed. He looks so happy with that shirt on. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I’m so ready for summer! Haven’t started shopping yet but I will check out Lands End sales. Their clothes are always a great quality.

  3. I’m ready to dream of summer too, and it looks like Lands End has lots worth dreaming over.

  4. I just love them. I have already started my summer shopping. Honestly you have to snag the good stuff up quick.

  5. Erin @ Making Memories says

    I love Land’s End. And I can’t wait for summer!

  6. he looks so cute

  7. Land’s End has always had wonderful looking clothes. I never heard of a swim tee but can see that it would be very useful now that people know not to get sun burned! It is still snowing here on and off but thankfully not sticking–I am getting very tired of this!

  8. Patty HANCOCK says

    I love Lands End. They have such great quality. Loving the new summer styles.

  9. Linda Kinsman says

    It’s chilly here in the Nashville, TN. area right now, but I know the hot days are near. Thanks for sharing this amazing Sweeps. I sure would love to win.

  10. I’m eagerly awaiting that summer sun! Thanks for sharing this sweepstakes.

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