Top Tips For Planning A Family Ski Trip

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Going on a family ski trip will give you all the chance to spend time in the great outdoors, having fun and learning new skills. Skiing is fantastic for families with kids of any age as more and more child-friendly classes and slopes are becoming available. It’s often been noted that the children often surpass their parents skiing abilities by the time the trip is over. But before you start booking hotels and choosing your ski gear, here are some top tips to help you plan the most perfect trip possible.

Stay somewhere local

It’s no secret that skiing can be strenuous, especially after a full day on the slopes. The last thing you want to do after such a long day is spend hours travelling back to your lodging. Remember that your children’s legs will tire before your’s do. So walking for miles or having to make multiple transfers to get back is not ideal. So wherever ski resort you decide to travel to, make sure your accommodation is local. Chalets, condominiums and hotels are just a few options you have and these will vary is size, price and quality. Always book with a reputable supplier such as tremblant hotels, who can accommodate families for a more comfortable stay.

Plan other activities
While skiing is the main reason you are planning this trip, try to include some alternative activities to do as well. Kids can get bored easily, and they may not want to ski every second of every day. Plus if it’s your first time, you all may find that your bodies need time to acclimatise to the ski positions and the weather. Being cold and wet is not something every child will enjoy so always have a backup plan just in case. You could go shopping around the local towns or visit other tourist attractions that are age appropriate. It will make the trip far more enjoyable for everyone and give your body a chance to rest and stay warm in between.

Make sure everyone has the right gear

While you might have the right ski gear and equipment, it’s unlikely that your young children will. It might be beneficial to hire their equipment as they are still growing. So you need to ensure that the ski resort or hotel you are staying with can provide your children with the appropriate skiwear and equipment. You should be able to find this out online or call the directly if you are unsure. It’s always better to find this out before you get there. Otherwise, your child may not be wearing the right sized clothing which can expose them to the cold and harsh elements. Equally not wearing the right boots or using the correct equipment can increase the chance of injury. So always make sure the right gear can be provided to every member of your family before you book.

You should now feel more confident about planning a one in a lifetime ski trip for your family. Always wear the correct gear, check the weather forecast and stick to the ski regulations to keep everyone happy and safe on the slopes.

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