The Ultimate Winter Gear for Your Kids

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As you head out into the blustery, winter-y weather that has descended on many by this point, you will want to make sure the kids are well equipped to handle all that mother nature dishes out. Here are some of our favorites for your snow days.

One of the most important winter wear items is a durable, water resistant coat. The Dare 2b Boy’s Dedicate Jacket is a coat for both daily wear and for serious outdoor play.  Girls Entrust Jacket also available- same jacket, different name. It not only wears well, but has all sorts of features that your kids will love. It has a waterproof outer layer, and is made with a breathable 4-way stretch fabric. The hood is detachable (but doesn’t fall off) and has an elastic trim, making adjusting it easy. The coat also has internal mesh pockets, and all the pockets zip (so not as many lost gloves and whatnot). It has bight reflective details, making spotting your child on the trails or during snowball fights even easier.  Available at for about $140. Infant snuggler suits (one piece coats for babies) available for about $50 each.

snow gloves

You will want sturdy gloves- it’s hard to play outside very long with cold, wet hands. The Jr Rascal Glove by Seirus comes in fun options like skeleton, zombie, and Digi (think video game/Minecraft looking), and feel as good as they look. Kids will like them because they are fun, you will like them because they are functional and do their job well. They are windproof and water resistant, and have Heatlock insulation to keep little hands warm. They feature a gauntlet cuff that cinches easily to help keep ice and snow from getting inside, and have SureGrip on the palms and fingers to help them hold onto whatever they are trying to keep in their hands. Most gloves are really slippery, this is a cool and useful feature. For about $30 at

snow boots

For snow trekking, you will love the Icebug Myoko BUGweb GTX.  These boots are fantastic- and yes, they have adult shoes and boots. You will love them that much. I have had Icebugs myself for several years, and my son and I agree they are both comfortable to wear and great at keeping your feet warm- we both really like them.  These boots are cut slightly higher then the ankle, and keep you warm with fleece insulation. They have a GORE-TEX® outer shell that will keep your child’s feet dry. They are easy to put on and take off- any parent that has had wars with snow boots will appreciate the double Velcro that kids can adjust themselves. No one will complain about sore feet in these boots- at least no one I’ve met. Available for $169.95 at

To go under your boots- and often not thought of until it’s too late- you want warm, comfortable, and high socks. Yes, high- at least mid calf, because there is nothing more annoying then a sock that falls under your foot while you are walking about. They should also stay put, not the drooping kind. Those are fine for lounging at home, not so much for activities. Hi-Tec makes socks for men and women, and we’ve worn them on a multitude of activities and climates and been happy with them. They are soft, they stay where you want them to, have both zone cushioning as well as cushioning though the entire leg, and (a must) reinforced heel and toe. No toes poking out, and they will last longer. They also have arch support and compression, which is pretty advanced stuff for a sock.  These retail for between $15 and $20, which might seem like a lot for socks- but like I said, these do flex an awful lot of muscle, and you might be surprised and how much happier your feet will be when they are warmer, for longer- and without annoying under-the-heel nonsense that often happens when wearing boots. Pick yours up at

Ready to hit the slopes? If not the mountain, perhaps a neighborhood hill. Your kids will really enjoy the Freshie Snow Scooter. It’s something fun and new, yet not so wildly different they will have a hard time using it. A great way to keep active and outdoors when the weather outside turns frosty.  Lightweight and easy to carry (as well as store), it is made of high impact plastic so those rough runs and wipeouts won’t ruin it. Use it to scoot sans wheels down snow covered walkways or driveways, or as a snowboard with handles down hills.  It’s super easy to maneuver and use, even for the less athletically inclined. Fold up the handle and put it away just about anywhere when you are done playing, or when Spring is around the corner. Prices vary, from about $40 and up depending on retailer, at retailers like Amazon and Sears.

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