Top 10 Costumes for 2018

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Wondering what to be this year for Halloween?
Or maybe you want to avoid the costumes you’re going to be seeing  most when Halloween rolls around this year? We’ve got the answers for you, regardless of what you are wondering.

red riding hood costume

Browse the articles to find out which costumes ranked most popular this year according to Costume SuperCenter. With the latest trending movies and shows, you might anticipate some of these, but we think you might be surprised by others—so don’t miss out.

We decided to go as “The Big Bad Wolf”- even though the wolf costume we chose was more adorable then scary- and Red Riding Hood. The kids are all over the place, which is unusual- they usually like to do a theme as a group, but hey. They grow up, and they have their own independent minds, so. Things change.

The kids are going as an angel, Freddie (of 5 Nights of Freddie), and Black Panther. Not cohesive, that’s for sure, ha.

I think that, of these, it seems that Black Panther will be everywhere, as will Freddie. The Angel is a pretty standard Halloween costume, so I am sure we will see a few of those, as well. What are you going as this year? Or have you yet to choose?


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