Top 10 Costumes for 2018

Wondering what to be this year for Halloween?
Or maybe you want to avoid the costumes you’re going to be seeing  most when Halloween rolls around this year? We’ve got the answers for you, regardless of what you are wondering.

red riding hood costume

Browse the articles to find out which costumes ranked most popular this year according to Costume SuperCenter. With the latest trending movies and shows, you might anticipate some of these, but we think you might be surprised by others—so don’t miss out.

We decided to go as “The Big Bad Wolf”- even though the wolf costume we chose was more adorable then scary- and Red Riding Hood. The kids are all over the place, which is unusual- they usually like to do a theme as a group, but hey. They grow up, and they have their own independent minds, so. Things change.

The kids are going as an angel, Freddie (of 5 Nights of Freddie), and Black Panther. Not cohesive, that’s for sure, ha.

I think that, of these, it seems that Black Panther will be everywhere, as will Freddie. The Angel is a pretty standard Halloween costume, so I am sure we will see a few of those, as well. What are you going as this year? Or have you yet to choose?


DIY Vampirina and Unicorn Hoodies

Vampirina is the spookiest ghoul on Disney Junior. That’s why with Halloween and cooler weather right around the corner, a Vampirina hoodie is a no-brainer. Your little one will feel like she’s checked herself in for the night at the Scare B&B where she can hang with Vee and the whole Hauntley family.
vampirina costume
The best part about this adorable hoodie is that you don’t need to have any sewing skills to recreate it!

All the steps you need to create your very own no-sew Vampirina hoodie are in this post:

The move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania might’ve been a challenge for the Hauntley family, but bringing this hoodie to life should be easy for you!

If you’ve got a little Vampirina fan on your hands, you could also celebrate in style with a Vampirina party. Wholesale Party Supplies even created a cute Vampirina photo booth backdrop and Vampirina cookies to complete the celebration!

Looking for other no-sew options? Check out this magical unicorn hoodie!

Check out more DIY costumes, makeup tutorials and DIY decorations up on the blog, so keep an eye out on posts that will help you prepare for Halloween 2018.

So, Your Kid Loves Deadpool

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest. All photos are my own, taken in my real house, with no crazy staging or photoboxes- there are no filters, wild edits, or photoshopping done. They have been (size) cropped to fit into the post. This is real life- you know, how it is when you actually use things- because authenticity matters.

deadpool costume

How did that happen?  I’m not really sure how it happened here in my house, other then daddy is a comic book nerd.  Like a good parent, I said he needed to wait until he was older to read Deadpool.  Like a typical daddy, he went ahead a read it to him anyway, although he “modifies” certain words and phrases, since Deadpool is WAY not for kids. And now, my kid loves Deadpool.  It’s his very favorite.

It’s really hard to find anything about Deadpool in his size- t-shirts, costumes, really anything at all.  I’m not so very crafty or great at sewing, so that doesn’t help matters.  Since he already told me he wants to be Deadpool for Halloween this year, I have been looking for Halloween Costumes 2015. I knew it would be a tough one to find, and I was right.

superhero costume

Apparently, comfy enough to lounge in. (He wouldn’t take it off, he was watching TV.)


Luckily for me, I found a Deadpool costume at Wholesale Costume Club, even if it was in an adult only size.  There are no kid sized ones anywhere, and trust me, I’ve looked.  I’m not skilled enough to make him one, but I sure can hem up his sleeves and pant legs, and he will be good to go.  Bonus?  He can wear it again in a few years if he wants to, so that’s pretty cool.

He loves his Deadpool costume, and since we are also having a Deadpool themed birthday party for him this year, he will already get quite a bit of use out of it.  My son loves costumes, and we let him wear them as often as he wants, as long as it’s not too hot.

You can like and follow Wholesale Costume Club on Facebook to see what’s new and for deals.

I know it’s early for Halloween, but it’s never too early to start looking when you know what they want is going to be difficult to find.  Plus, dress up is always in fashion  🙂

Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids

Disclosure: The Annic Collection Costume/Dress Up Outfit from Just Pretend Kids mentioned below was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information. 

My girls absolutely love playing dress up. They even got a huge dress up dresser with tons of dress up clothes for their birthdays. They were so very excited to add the Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids to their dress up collection.

About Just Pretend Kids:

Wyla Inc. (the parent company of JustPretend and has been designing, producing, and supplying tulle, lace, and novelty fabrics for over forty years. They take special care to make the finest quality fabrics at affordable prices. Because they have experience with their own children and grandchildren they know how important it is to produce fabrics that are comfortable and safe to wear while at the same time being beautiful and magical.

They believe that Pretending is a human way of practicing for real life. In many cases, they believe that it helps people decide what we want to do or not want to be when we grow up. They want their costumes to make your children feel like princesses, pirates, dragons, and lady bugs, and to inspire them to dream, laugh, imagine, and explore.

[Read more…]

JAKKS Pacific’s Winx Club Toy Line NYC Launch Event- Dolls, Costumes, and a DVD

Last week, we went to a cute event celebrating the new Winx dolls from JAKKS Pacific. Girls and their families were invited to transform into Winx Club fairies with mini makeovers, enjoy delicious smoothies, dance, and eat lots of sweets, candy, and cupcakes 🙂 Little just ate and danced- and played with all the pretty girls.

Nickelodeon has a new toy doll line- Winx Club Deluxe, available at Walmart and
Winx Club Deluxe is Nick’s first animated series targeted for girls. The show tells the stories of 6 friends- Stella, Flora, Bloom, Musa, Tecna and Aisha, and follows their journeys and adventures [Read more…]