Adorable Holiday Fun for Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- and with it, comes gift giving. Why give boring gifts when you can give something the kids will actually play with- without breaking the bank? It doesn’t ALL have to be screens (and lets face it, this year especially, they can use some screen distraction). My kids had fun with these, and my guess is that yours will as well.

kids activity

Gross Anatomy: Make Your Own Squishy Human Body – from Thames & Kosmos

Anatomy has never been so fun! Make a model of the human body by casting organs out of colorful slime and putty, and then arranging them in a clear plastic torso. Learn about the major organs as you mold each one: heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and liver. You can even pretend to be a doctor by experimenting with a safe plastic scalpel. MSRP: $19.95; Ages 8+

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Mini Tin’s Thinking Putty – from Crazy Aaron’s

Light up Halloween night with our glowing MINIs. Ectoplasm glows a speckled green: Jack O’ Lantern glows a bright orange; and Trick changes from purple to green and glows a solid green in the dark. There are also scented, magnetized, and so many other options. MSRP: $2.99 each; Ages 3+

best toys for kids

Camping Adventure Set – from Magformers

Magformers Camping adventure toy set allows your little builder to immerse themselves in the excitement of a summer camping experience. Use Magformers squares and triangles to build campfires and tents. Add Mason and Mutt to your scenes and create your own stories! MSRP: $39.99; Ages 3+.

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EXIT – from Thames & Kosmos

EXIT: The Game is a series of party games for up to four players that offers a unique, unforgettable gaming experience. These games allow you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team spirit of an escape room to your living room. In each EXIT game, your team starts out locked in an imaginary room, or trapped somewhere. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock doors and reveal new riddles. Each correct solution brings you to another riddle and eventually to freedom. EXIT is constantly expanding with new stories. MSRP: $14.95; Ages 10+


Ghostwriters 4″ Hocus Pocus – from Crazy Aaron’s

Cast a spell with this fun Phantom! It turns from orange to magenta with the included Glow Charger(R) and glows an eerie green in the dark. MSRP: $14.99; Ages 8+

Top 10 Costumes for 2018

Wondering what to be this year for Halloween?
Or maybe you want to avoid the costumes you’re going to be seeing  most when Halloween rolls around this year? We’ve got the answers for you, regardless of what you are wondering.

red riding hood costume

Browse the articles to find out which costumes ranked most popular this year according to Costume SuperCenter. With the latest trending movies and shows, you might anticipate some of these, but we think you might be surprised by others—so don’t miss out.

We decided to go as “The Big Bad Wolf”- even though the wolf costume we chose was more adorable then scary- and Red Riding Hood. The kids are all over the place, which is unusual- they usually like to do a theme as a group, but hey. They grow up, and they have their own independent minds, so. Things change.

The kids are going as an angel, Freddie (of 5 Nights of Freddie), and Black Panther. Not cohesive, that’s for sure, ha.

I think that, of these, it seems that Black Panther will be everywhere, as will Freddie. The Angel is a pretty standard Halloween costume, so I am sure we will see a few of those, as well. What are you going as this year? Or have you yet to choose?


DIY Vampirina and Unicorn Hoodies

Vampirina is the spookiest ghoul on Disney Junior. That’s why with Halloween and cooler weather right around the corner, a Vampirina hoodie is a no-brainer. Your little one will feel like she’s checked herself in for the night at the Scare B&B where she can hang with Vee and the whole Hauntley family.
vampirina costume
The best part about this adorable hoodie is that you don’t need to have any sewing skills to recreate it!

All the steps you need to create your very own no-sew Vampirina hoodie are in this post:

The move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania might’ve been a challenge for the Hauntley family, but bringing this hoodie to life should be easy for you!

If you’ve got a little Vampirina fan on your hands, you could also celebrate in style with a Vampirina party. Wholesale Party Supplies even created a cute Vampirina photo booth backdrop and Vampirina cookies to complete the celebration!

Looking for other no-sew options? Check out this magical unicorn hoodie!

Check out more DIY costumes, makeup tutorials and DIY decorations up on the blog, so keep an eye out on posts that will help you prepare for Halloween 2018.


GOTRAX, the new Denver-based brand of hoverboards and electric rideables on a mission to boost imaginations and the possibility for personal transportation, has released a list of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to be out of this world when paired with its line of HOVERFLY hoverboards.

The children’s costume ideas, inspired by some of cinema’s most classic characters past and present, are designed to be affordable and easy to put together for any family. The addition of ahoverboard like the GOTRAX HOVERFLY or HOVERFLY PLUS will enhance the impact and “wow” factor by bringing each character to life.


“We all know what it’s like to be searching for easy, affordable costumes at the last minute, especially for kids,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield. “And if you add ahoverboard, these are some great ideas to make a fun costume sure to impress without scouring the empty aisles of the local Halloween outlet at the 11th hour.”

Available now at, GOTRAX™ halloween DIYs include costumes inspired by BatmanMoanaDarth Vader and Wonder Woman. The costume ideas are laid out in simple, easy-to-follow fashion that includes step-by-step how-tos, printable shopping lists, character quizzes, example images and short, fun videos for inspiration.

“Imagine seeing Moana glide by effortlessly as she ‘paddles’ on her HOVERFLY, or Darth Vader using The Force to ‘hover’ with the menacing notes of the Imperial March played wirelessly through the built-in Bluetooth® speaker of the HOVERFLY PLUS,” says Wakefield. “They’ll be their favorite character, but you’ll be the hero.”

Need a last minute Halloween costume? Love #Skylanders ? Look Here!

Just in case you are still looking for that perfect Halloween costume for your Portal Masters, Skylanders costumes are back with fan-favorite characters like Spyro, Jet-Vac, Snapshot, Wallop, Chop Chop, and the most evilest, evildoer of all, Kaos. You can find your favorites at retail locations and online nationwide.

Additionally, if you want to spook up your Skylanders gameplay, pick up a Candy Coated Chopscotch, the latest holiday themed character for the newest addition to the franchise, Skylanders Imaginators, on sale now! The highly anticipated game empowers players to unleash their imaginations by giving them the freedom to create their very own Skylanders characters.

kids costume


  • Kaos

o   Package includes robe and mask

o   $27.99

o   Available at, Walmart

  • Spyro

o   Package includes jumpsuit with attached chest piece and wigs, hand and shoe covers and mask

o   $39.99

o   Available at and Party City

  • Crusher

o   Package includes jumpsuit with body armor and shoe covers, shin guards, gauntlet and mask

o   $39.99

o   Available at and Party City

  • Jetvac

o    Package includes jumpsuit with chest piece, shoe and hand covers, belt and mask

o    $39.99

o   Available at and Party City

  • Snapshot

o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon

o   $34.99

o   Available at, Party City, Walmart

  • Wallop

o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon

o   $34.99

o   Available at, Walmart

  • Chop Chop

o   Package includes jumpsuit, mask and inflatable weapon

o   $37.99

o   Available at Amazon and

Candy Coated Chopscotch

The only thing that ever mattered to Chopscotch was mastering her weapon of choice, the giant axe, while rocking out to her favorite musical idol, Wolfgang. It never bothered her that she was short in stature or that all of the other ghouls in the Underworld laughed at the way she spoke in rhymes as she made up her own lyrics to Wolfgang’s guitar jams. So when Wolfgang joined the villainous Doom Raiders, she was devastated. But instead of letting it destroy her, she chose to put her axe skills to good use, and fought Wolfgang and his Moon Goons when they attempted to curse her entire town during an evil concert. Her willingness to stand up to her long time hero came as a surprise to everyone, and soon all of the villagers were speaking in rhymes in her honor. Soon after, she met Master Eon, who was so impressed at her fighting abilities and positive outlook that he recruited her as a Sensei for the Smasher Class. Now she teaches new Skylanders how to fight… and how to rhyme!

#Booitforward With GHOSTBUSTERS

Did you know that the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie is out on digital as of 9/27 and on Blu-ray/DVD on 10/11? Now is the perfect time to grab a copy. I loved this movie. I’m a big fan of Leslie Jones (she was also on SNL, love her) so I knew I was going to see this. We are Ghostbusters (the original movies) fans as well, none bigger then my husband. Some people got all up in arms because this was different people and years later, but that’s foolish in my opinion. It’s a new movie- give it a chance. I didn’t look at it like it was a sequel, more like a new movie, or picking up where one left off. It was really funny, and the characters are witty, too. It doesn’t hurt that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was running around, either. OK, not AS Thor. But whatever- ladies, take what you can get. 😉  It’s nice to have a man as eye-candy in a movie for once, instead of being about the female body and how much of it you can see. Yes? Yes.


With Halloween right around the corner, now is the best time to see the movie if you haven’t yet- or to watch it again. You can grab a copy at Walmart or your preferred carrier. We were able to create these cute Ghostbusters themed “Boo It Forward” kits  to #booitforward to our neighbors this Halloween season.

halloween movies for kids

The tradition of “Booing your Neighbor” has been around for several years now and it has really grown in popularity as a fun, safe, family-oriented activity. It’s also known as “Ghosting” or “Boo-gramming.” It has been a hit with families. One person puts together a home-decorated bag of treats, including a note with instructions on how to “boo” the next person, as well as a poem. Then deliver it anonymously to a  neighbor, friend or relative. The recipient would then have 48 hours to do it to their next door neighbor or friend which creates a chain throughout the neighborhood. Cute idea right?

halloween family movie

We left ours with our next door neighbor, let’s see if they keep it going.

Happy Halloween! (Don’t forget to grab some candy for your own kids and Trick or Treaters while you are shopping for your Boo candy and Ghostbusters movie.)

ghostbusters movie

Halloween Harvest At Luna Park Coney Island NY #HalloweenHarvest #MyLunaween

halloween activities

It’s that time of year again- the air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and the ghouls are out.  With this time of year comes the Halloween Harvest at Luna Park.  Luna Park is full of rides and fun for kids of all ages, but this time of year also includes in park Trick or Treating, mazes, pumpkin carving, and more.  Luna’s employees are decked out in costume such as princesses and super heroes and ready to hand out candy to all the little candy hunters that come to the pier. Make sure to visit Jack’s Pumpkin Shack, where guests can try to guess Jack’s weight for a chance to win cash prizes.  Jack is one huge pumpkin!

guess the weight

Creepy Crawly Crafts are also spread throughout the park, where kids can make fun crafts to bring home and decorate.  Kooky Spooky Karaoke has guests dress up and sing some of their favorite songs.  There is also a monster themed dance party, the Monster Mash, magic shows, clowns, face painting, and balloon benders as well.  This is the perfect time to check out Luna Park with your little ones in tow for a fun seasonal activity.

coney island halloween

Of course- the rides are still there, and those are not to be missed, either.

theme parks NY

“Experience all the thrills, chills and Halloween frills during Halloween Harvest at Luna Park. Kicking off on September 24th and running through October 30th, the park will be abuzz with festive and seasonal activities along with special events in the spirit of Halloween.

Not only does Luna Park house the best pumpkin patch in New York City, but this year’s Halloween Harvest will also feature a petting zoo and pony rides, compliments of Pony Express Entertainment. Magicians King Henry and Gary the Great will awe visitors, who can also enjoy face painting, arts and crafts, kooky spooky karaoke and more.

In addition, mark your calendars:

  • Sunday, October 23: Marc and the Maniac Carvers, Brooklyn-based pumpkin carvers, are back for their fourth year in a row to transform a giant gourd into a Halloween masterpiece.

“Halloween Harvest is going to be spectacular this fall,” said Alberto Zamperla, President of Zamperla Group and operator of Luna Park. “All the fun at Luna Park doesn’t just happen during the summer. We provide exciting and diverse entertainment and attractions for guests to enjoy on beautiful autumn weekends.”

Sponsors for this year’s Halloween Harvest include: Rubies, Welch’s, Cow Tales, Campfire Marshmallows and KiND.

Luna Park is open on Saturdays from 12 noon to 11 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 noon to 8 p.m. For a complete schedule of Halloween Harvest events and activities and for more information, go to” For Your Ultimate Family Halloween Costumes @Jet

There are many options in regard to buying Halloween costumes for your family online.  Many places carry the same exact costumes, and as a consumer it can be a pain to weed through the results and find a reputable retailer who also has the best prices and value for your hard earned money.

pic6 is a brand new retailer that sprung up this summer, and has a plethora of goods available.  The pricing algorithm Jet uses not only finds the items you are looking for but also finds them for the best available prices as you shop, factoring in additional parameters such as waiving free returns or choosing lower cost payment methods as well as buying items from a single seller instead of multiple sellers.  This is very useful when piecing together Halloween costumes for the family.  From face paint to plastic accessories, everything is available on Jet at a low price.  They provide free shipping on orders over $35.  This is without paying extra to belong to a savings club as well, which is the added perk of not factoring in additional costs.  The free shipping does take some time, so to be sure you get your costumes by Halloween I would suggest expedited shipping just in case.



Another great point to make about is the coupons.  The coupons do not just take a certain percent or amount from certain buyers or items available on Jet but have potential to bring your cost down even less then previously thought, so keep your eye on their homepage for additional savings on your favorite items from your favorite sellers.

The items available from include dog food, laundry detergent, grocery items, and of course Halloween decorations and costumes.

Check out as one of your go to shopping destinations for any of your shopping needs.