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It’s that time of year again- the air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and the ghouls are out.  With this time of year comes the Halloween Harvest at Luna Park.  Luna Park is full of rides and fun for kids of all ages, but this time of year also includes in park Trick or Treating, mazes, pumpkin carving, and more.  Luna’s employees are decked out in costume such as princesses and super heroes and ready to hand out candy to all the little candy hunters that come to the pier. Make sure to visit Jack’s Pumpkin Shack, where guests can try to guess Jack’s weight for a chance to win cash prizes.  Jack is one huge pumpkin!

guess the weight

Creepy Crawly Crafts are also spread throughout the park, where kids can make fun crafts to bring home and decorate.  Kooky Spooky Karaoke has guests dress up and sing some of their favorite songs.  There is also a monster themed dance party, the Monster Mash, magic shows, clowns, face painting, and balloon benders as well.  This is the perfect time to check out Luna Park with your little ones in tow for a fun seasonal activity.

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Of course- the rides are still there, and those are not to be missed, either.

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“Experience all the thrills, chills and Halloween frills during Halloween Harvest at Luna Park. Kicking off on September 24th and running through October 30th, the park will be abuzz with festive and seasonal activities along with special events in the spirit of Halloween.

Not only does Luna Park house the best pumpkin patch in New York City, but this year’s Halloween Harvest will also feature a petting zoo and pony rides, compliments of Pony Express Entertainment. Magicians King Henry and Gary the Great will awe visitors, who can also enjoy face painting, arts and crafts, kooky spooky karaoke and more.

In addition, mark your calendars:

  • Sunday, October 23: Marc and the Maniac Carvers, Brooklyn-based pumpkin carvers, are back for their fourth year in a row to transform a giant gourd into a Halloween masterpiece.

“Halloween Harvest is going to be spectacular this fall,” said Alberto Zamperla, President of Zamperla Group and operator of Luna Park. “All the fun at Luna Park doesn’t just happen during the summer. We provide exciting and diverse entertainment and attractions for guests to enjoy on beautiful autumn weekends.”

Sponsors for this year’s Halloween Harvest include: Rubies, Welch’s, Cow Tales, Campfire Marshmallows and KiND.

Luna Park is open on Saturdays from 12 noon to 11 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 noon to 8 p.m. For a complete schedule of Halloween Harvest events and activities and for more information, go to www.www.lunaparknyc.com.”

The New York Baby Show

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photo credit- MomTrends


This past weekend, there was a huge baby event for parents or parents to be at all stages of baby raising.  This even was The New York Baby Show.  The show was in New York City, as the name suggests, and filled Pier 92 to the brim with everything baby.  From clothes, to carriages, to bedding, snacks, drinks, music lessons, schooling, even an area to try out strollers and exhibitors educating moms and dads on finances as well.   Some of the exhibitors showcased were Canon, Babies R Us, Bitybean, Britax, and Haba.  Everyone at the show had baby related items.  Some had contests and raffles to give attendees as added incentive to check out their table.  Exhibitors also had a ton of freebies including baby formula, snacks, drinks, key chains, candy, and reusable shopping bags.


Cannon also had a set up that let you try out some cameras, and they would take one of you and your family as well.  We took one just of my son, who was covered in all the snacks he ate.  I swear, he was cleaner when he WAS a baby, lol.


Luckily enough, bloggers were able to go to an exclusive lounge which not only glammed up by Glam Squad mom and dad bloggers, but also had some food and drinks and a nice place to relax during the event.  If you wanted to, while you walked around visiting tables, your kids were able to be dropped off with the Nanny League, who help match families and nannies and all sorts of childcare.  Speaking of Nannies- we won a gift from Net Nanny, number one rated parental control software!  This was pretty cool for me, I never win anything, haha. We are excited to try it out, and see what it can do.  It’s supposed to protect kids from sites you don’t want them on, as well as “adult” sites and cyber-bullying.


It was very nice to have all the baby related exhibitors all in one place and even more interesting to see all the interesting inventions and gadgets meant to make a parents like easier with baby (as well as baby’s life more fun and educational).  The crowd at the show was quite diverse too, from pregnant women, couples, and people looking to get pregnant and doing their research.

Keep an eye out for it and make sure you stop by when next it rolls around for all your baby needs.



Transformers Robots in Disguise New TV Show

There is a new kids TV show coming out called Transformers Robots in Disguise, a new take on a classic show.  The premiere is Saturday, March 14 at 6pm. Following the premiere, new episodes will be seen every Saturday starting on March 21st at 6:30am on Cartoon Network.


With every fun show comes a great toy line- and since Transformers is already so established (my husband and brothers played with them- and my husband still does- back in the 80’s, and my son loves them now) with great toys that transform as well as blockbuster movies and television shows spanning decades, you know this will be a hit.  We watched the first two episodes of “Transformers Robots in Disguise”, and my son loved them and is excited for the new show.  I won’t divulge too much information, but the show had a Japanese animation feel (think Pokemon-ish) to the art, and BumbleBee takes the lead from what we saw. This was just fine by my son, who likes the Bee the best. You will see some of your favorites as well as be introduced to many new characters, both human and “bot”.  The first two episodes also leave some large questions unanswered, so we ourselves will be tuning in to see what’s going on.
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Hanging out at KidzVuz

Recently we went to the KidzVuz Holiday House Party. My son came with me to check out all the fun that was in store, and he had a lot of fun checking out some of the new products.

He really enjoyed playing with the with the Rabbids  awesome new game. He loves Rabbids, and though the show is far from my favorite, he is allowed to play the game (with headphones on- those noises drive me insane, LOL).  It’s a silly game and it makes him laugh.
20141116_133717He made a picture frame crafts and a paper flower with School Specialty, a fun brand that specializes in educational and learning products. In fact, I remember making the same flower with the same kit when I was a kid in Girl Scouts.
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Transformers Turn 30!

This past weekend, we had the chance to go to a birthday party- a rather unique birthday party, for our “friends” the Transformers.  These are toys from the 80’s come back again, first my husband loved them, and now my son does.  But really, what’s not to love?  These are vehicles that transform into robots that battle- every boy’s dream.  Now, however, there are even dinosaur versions, boxing versions, versions that can be built- and even more then meets the eye.  So how do you celebrate a birthday party for Transformers?  In style, of course!

P1020026Here is my fella, playing “Pin the ROAR on the Grimlock”, a new dinosaur Transformer.

P1020001Father and son, building Kre-O Transformer creations. There were tons to choose from, and options available depending on skill level and ability to stay focused.

P1020017These one step changing Transformers are easy to use and easy to change from vehicle to bot- which this mom loves. I am never good at changing them, my son has always been faster then I am, haha.
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Travel Trends Event in NYC

Recently, I attended an event in NYC hosted by MomTrends. As the PaddlePak Ambassador, you know I had to be there or be square (and honestly, how cute are those watertight backpacks?)

Cruise and products 392

I was also a MiracleSuit swimwear model (I know, bringing sexy back, summer-style) just to round things out a bit. I had my hair done by the one of the stylists at Butterfly Studio while there, and I must say my locks gave the poor man a hard time. I had just landed home hours before, and my hair was a hot mess. It’s usually a bit iffy later in the day, since I don’t use product and I’m not what you’d call a vain woman (cough- see “very low maintenance” to put it nicely) but you know what travel does to your hair, yeah? Blah. I washed it before I got on the flight, but apparently that didn’t help much. Poor fella, he did his best, and I was in that seat longer then any three other women combined, LOL. Gotta give him an A for effort!

Cruise and products 389

I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone in the room, since I was busy with the PaddlePaks and also with the MiracleSuit fun. I have to say, I love my suit as well. I didn’t initially think I’d love this particular style or cut, nor the cover up in the same exact print (seemed like too much) but I was really wrong. The girls were kept in place, I loved the print once it was on (and like so many things, you need to try it before you decide if you like it!) and it was slimming. Most importantly (for me) is the fact that it kept my girls up where they needed to be and inside the suit the whole time.


You might be thinking “so? You were just walking around a room, how hard was that suit working?” I will give you that- which is why I waited an extra week before writing this post. I wore that suit nearly every day on my trip to Cancun this week, including horseback riding (where it preformed under EXTREME duress), pools, saunas, whirlpools, the ocean, and a cenote swim. I’d say it quite earned the 5 star rating I’m giving it. Plus? I just feel pretty in it. I was the only “model” who was plus sized- and I worked what the Good Lord and carbs gave me. Sexy comes in every size, you better believe it. No matter what size you are, you deserve to look and feel good, which is why I say you will love MiracleSuit.

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