Travel Trends Event in NYC

Recently, I attended an event in NYC hosted by MomTrends. As the PaddlePak Ambassador, you know I had to be there or be square (and honestly, how cute are those watertight backpacks?)

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I was also a MiracleSuit swimwear model (I know, bringing sexy back, summer-style) just to round things out a bit. I had my hair done by the one of the stylists at Butterfly Studio while there, and I must say my locks gave the poor man a hard time. I had just landed home hours before, and my hair was a hot mess. It’s usually a bit iffy later in the day, since I don’t use product and I’m not what you’d call a vain woman (cough- see “very low maintenance” to put it nicely) but you know what travel does to your hair, yeah? Blah. I washed it before I got on the flight, but apparently that didn’t help much. Poor fella, he did his best, and I was in that seat longer then any three other women combined, LOL. Gotta give him an A for effort!

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I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone in the room, since I was busy with the PaddlePaks and also with the MiracleSuit fun. I have to say, I love my suit as well. I didn’t initially think I’d love this particular style or cut, nor the cover up in the same exact print (seemed like too much) but I was really wrong. The girls were kept in place, I loved the print once it was on (and like so many things, you need to try it before you decide if you like it!) and it was slimming. Most importantly (for me) is the fact that it kept my girls up where they needed to be and inside the suit the whole time.


You might be thinking “so? You were just walking around a room, how hard was that suit working?” I will give you that- which is why I waited an extra week before writing this post. I wore that suit nearly every day on my trip to Cancun this week, including horseback riding (where it preformed under EXTREME duress), pools, saunas, whirlpools, the ocean, and a cenote swim. I’d say it quite earned the 5 star rating I’m giving it. Plus? I just feel pretty in it. I was the only “model” who was plus sized- and I worked what the Good Lord and carbs gave me. Sexy comes in every size, you better believe it. No matter what size you are, you deserve to look and feel good, which is why I say you will love MiracleSuit.

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