Gifts for the Active Men in Your Life #GiftGuide

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If you are anything like us, you want to be active and outside as much as possible. Colder weather complicates things, but not to worry. You can get outdoors and enjoy your vitamin D year round, just bundle up a bit. Check out these functional and eco friendly cool-weather options we are loving right now- they would be perfect for the active men in your life this holiday season.

eco friendly clothing

Stopping off at Trader Joe’s on the way home- active wear that is great as any wear

The perfect slip on shoe for indoors or out, the Original Stegmann is not only comfortable, but also functional. They are great for camping, running errands, and everything in between. They have fantastic arch and toe support, so if you have aching feet, issues like Plantar Fasciitis, or a bad back, these might be worth considering. They have free shipping and exchanges, so nothing to lose. Made with a Tyrolian & Merino wool blend into a single piece, it is then paired with an anatomically contoured cork sole that is balanced for both arch and metatarsal support. These shoes have a gentle slope which helps reduce ankle and back pain as well. These shoes as a whole are designed for comfort, so if that’s your thing- and honestly, whose isn’t- check them out at . Prices vary.

A brand we have really fallen in love with over here is Mountain Khakis. Not only are the products soft and durable, but the environmentally friendly fabrics and practices have completely won us over.  Take for example the Rainmaker Jacket. It’s all sorts of wet-proof (rain, snow, mud, etc), and it’s strechy as well. It’s also warmer then some raincoats, without being swelteringly-sticky-hot like so many can be. A nice medium-to lightweight, and easily layered. It has a removable hood, with welded seams and snap-closed patch pockets.  It has a relaxed fit and hits about the hip area. Best part? The eco-friendliness of this jacket. Polyurethane is a greener alternative to the traditional raincoat’s vinyl. It’s also more durable and is better for the environment in long term care and use. Polyurethane does not require the chemicals used to soften vinyl in the manufacturing process, and is eventually biodegradable, where as PVC (vinyl) never breaks down, and is usually incinerated.  This leaches toxins into landfills and emits carcinogenic dioxin into the air. Any reason to choose PVC over PU? Not in my book. Check out for your jacket, available in several colors, for $139.

Your new go-to sweatshirt will be the Poker Flats Pullover, which is soft and cuddly, perfect for chilly nights.  Named for the inspiring Teton National Park, this namesake sweatshirt is also inspiring. With it’s certified recycled fleece (which is made using sustainable REPREVE® technology) fabric, each garment reuses about 25 plastic bottles in it’s creation. Half zip, relaxed fit  with a high collar that can be folded down, it also has a snap chest pocket and thumb thumb loops. It comes in two shades- one is several shades of blues and greens, the other is a deep red with shades of grey. Get yours at for $85

The Old Faithful Pants are just that. The most comfortable winter all-around pants we’ve found in ages, we find ourselves living in these. As in, I’ve had to peel them off my partner to wash them, he doesn’t want to part with them that long (like when you have to wrestle that dress or much loved t-shirt off your toddler, and you need to promise to put it right into the wash, they can have it right back- promise!) I jest, but not much. Known also as the “campfire pant”, these  pants are made with recycled sweaters. They are both sweatpants and pants, with a drawstring waistband as well as a zippered fly. Yes, multiple pockets. The ribbed waistband and cuffs at the ankles keep the pants where you want them, and comfortably so. (Are you seeing that the themes here are comfort and function? Because seriously so.) Thicker then most sweatpants, but not sweaty-thick- just warm. The legs are slim fit, which surprised and weirded us out for a hot second, but only about one. Got used to them in no time, and they have become, as mentioned, our very favorites. These come in “oatmeal and black”, but seem really more like light grey and dark grey to the novice eye. $90 at


  1. It’s nice to see a gift guide for men. I find that men although they are so much easier than us in so many ways, are always more difficult to shop for. This guide is super helpful!

  2. You have all the warm clothings for men gift idea. I think the slipper looks warm for the winter and make a good gift.

  3. These all look fab. Those slippers look perfect for hubby and that pullover would be perfect for my bil! Great picks here!

  4. It’s nice to have some comfy slippers to wear at the end of a long day. We live in the Northeast and anything to keep warm is great! Thanks for sharing your list.

  5. My Husband would love all of these gift ideas!! Especially those pants and those slip-ons! Thanks for the tips.

  6. These are some really great gift ideas. I sometimes find buying for the men in our lives can be hard.

  7. I need a pair of those shoes for me! Since I stay at home, I’m always taking my shoes off to be comfortable around the house, but when a bus comes or it’s time to pick up my other kids, I have to find my shoes and put them on all over again. It really stinks having to tie them over and over again.

    My husband has been telling me that we need to go on more walks…. as the temperature drops… these extra layers will be sure to help keep him warm.

  8. Those Stegmanns look very comfortable! On my Xmas list!

  9. Those steggmans have my parnters name written all over them and sound like they would be much more functional and practical than his current grandpa slippers!

  10. Those sweats look so comfy! I may need a pair for fitness….fit’ness whole taco in my mouth!

  11. I love that Mountain Khakis is made from environmentally friendly fabrics! I love supporting brands with a conscience!

  12. Love those sweatpants! I may grab a pair for myself!!

  13. Those shoes look so comfy! I need a pair of slip on shoes. Especially for the weekend when I’m running errands. I’ll have to check these out 🙂

  14. THOSE SWEATS AND SHOES! I am looking them up ASAP – they scream MY HUSBAND’S NAME!! haha! Thank you for introducing me to this brand!

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