How to Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Every woman loves keeping their closet up to date when it comes to the latest trends in fashion and
style, but a limited budget can make updating your wardrobe seem like an exercise in futility. If you
want to enjoy the one of a kind feeling that comes with putting on your favorite dress and a fabulous
pair of pumps for a night on the town, balancing your fashion sense with financial prudence can be hard
to manage. Even with the recession dragging on, and dragging our wallets down with it, there is good
news for budget savvy women who want to stay fashionable. For modern shoppers, a combination of
discount clothing outlets, retro resale operations and the online shopping experience means that there
are plenty of ways to snag designer labels and unique ensembles while sticking to a sensible budget.

The first step to take when you want to update your wardrobe for the upcoming season is to shed all of
your outdated and unwanted clothes. If your photos all seem have the same blouse and jeans combo,
it may be time to ditch it for something fresh and new. Organize your closet and search diligently for
items that are simply ready to go, and separate these clothes by type, brand and original price. Now you
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Cleavitz- they have your “girls” COVERED! Review and Contest

Ladies!  I have another good one for you!  If you are like me, you are constantly- CONSTANTLY trying to figure out how to keep your “girls” in, or not have so much of them showing.  Between certain popular styles and trends, and cuts of clothing, and the fact that I have been very….um, blessed?  in the chest area, I am ALWAYS struggling to keep them in, and not shake what my mama gave me, LOL.   No one needs to see ALL that, ha!  Come on now, need I remind you of those bathing suits?  LOL.

OKOK, so!  Pulling on t-shirts and tank tops underneath everything is usually what I do to hide my…ample bosom, but it’s hot, and this can also be bulky, which I hate.  I hate being hot, and I hate looking bulky.  Do you know a woman who is like- hey yeah!  Bring on the bulk!  Seriously.  NO.  But those little covers that they sell in most stores do NOTHING for me!  NOTHING!  And then- do I find something fab.  These are called “Cleavitz“.  Where have you been all my life????   I can wear whatever, and not be embarrassed, or worried about a “clothing malfunction”.  😛

I like my chest.  Sort of.  But I don’t like to look like….well, you know.  I’m a mother!  And a wife, and I am not 18 years old, nor am I at the beach, or a club…at 18 years old, lol.  I am always so limited in what I can wear, or have to go up a few sizes to accommodate the girls- then I look like I am wearing a bag.  Cleavitz are a lifesaver!  I feel so much more confident, and even though yes, it shows less skin- it’s sexier, in my opinion.  I feel better, I look better, and I am more confident knowing that my chest will stay where I want it to.  AWAY!

Cleavitz has so many styles to choose from, there will be some you like, for sure.  I had a very hard time choosing what to try out.  Too many that looked great, easy to wear and match.
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Miraclesuit- the bathing suit for those of us who need some help ;)

Who loves shopping for swimsuits!  Ok, me neither!  LOL
As you know, I just lost 23 lbs, with more to go- and I am in the market for a new, fun bathing suit.  While I am not yet thrilled with my body, it is a work in progress, and I am going to work what I have!  However, I am not one to turn down a minor miracle when it comes to looking fabulous.  Miraclesuit, of course!  The miracle being that it makes you appear 10 pounds thinner when you put it on.  Hmmm, maybe I should start wearing it to work….hahaha.
What do you think?  Va-voom, right?  It is called Rialto.

Ok, I may not be a covergirl, but whatevs, I think it’s doing it’s job quite well.  I wish it had bigger breast cups, but that is a problem I have with at least 80% of swimsuits.  Never enough coverage for bigger chested gals!  But the Rialto by Miraclesuit does better then some others have, so I give it that.  I love the color, too- we all know every girl needs at least one pair of red shoes, and I think we may all need a red bathing suit, as well…it’s so much fun to wear.
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Win VODA Swim- enhance your body

Voda swimwear makes bikinis, string bikinis, and two versions of one piece bathing suits in sizes S, M, and L.   I am going to start you off with some basic info on Voda, and then move on to the review  🙂

Voda Swim is a new concept in bikini design. The magic is in a new patent pending Envy Push Up bikini top created by international model Yulia. Where ordinary bikini cups sag and wrinkle, Voda Swim bikini tops create perfect bikini breasts! Finding a bikini top that fits is a frustrating, disappointing experience. That’s why a young fashion model and avid beach lover decided it was time to rethink that whole bikini thing. “I spend a lot of time at the beach, but I was always self-conscious about my swimsuit. Whenever I put on a bikini, it looked baggy and I looked shapeless. The bikini tops didn’t provide any lift or contouring, and made my breasts look non-existent.”

Taking it as a personal challenge, Yulia and her husband Dustin spent many long nights working on high-fashion bikini designs that would make the most of the smallest assets. The secret is in the fit and a little hidden magic in the form of a soft and pliant enhancer that cups the breast, giving a full, rounded contour, with a natural bouncy movement. The cup shape insures a perfect fit providing support and shaping. The Envy Push Up top visually increases the bust size by up to two cup sizes and provides great lift and support! The curves and contours are utterly natural, the lift and cleavage are flawless.

The Envy Push Up line by Voda Swim, the first swim suit line designed especially to flatter small-breasted women or to shape breasts by providing lift and support, has the kind of cutting edge style that satisfies the most demanding fashionista. Beyond their good looks, Voda Swim suits are designed to take on any beachside activity from sunbathing to surfing to volleyball. ”

I reviewed the Breeze Envy Push Up® One Piece in size L, and YAY because I can finally fit into a Large!  LOL.  Well…most of me could  🙂

These bathing suits were not made for ladies like me with large chests, sooooo…….one of my best friends is going to be the model.  My pictures are NOT family friendly, LOL.  The suit was so pretty, I was sorry to see it go- but really happy for my friend, who needed a new bathing suit.  I was hoping for the “shaping” aspect of the bathing suit- but my girlfriend looks fantastic!
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