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The world of Yo-Kai Watch is a strange one, which centers around the city of Spingdale. You take on the role of Nate, an average kid who meets a Yo Kai named Whisper.  Yo-Kai are mischievous creatures who love to cause problems for humans.  Whisper gives Nate a special watch which gives him the ability to see Yo Kai that are usually invisible.  As Nate makes friends, they join his team of Yo Kai and help him uncover a mysterious force in town.  With the help of the strongest and best team of Yo Kai, you and Nate can help the town.

The game play of Yo-Kai is quite different then other “capturing creatures” games, instead of directly controlling the action, you act in the role of an assistant, directing Yo-Kai in where to attack, when to use special moves, and giving them items as well.  As you battle more, your Yo-Kai can evolve into stronger versions of themselves or can be fused with each or other items to make different or stronger Yo-Kai.

Yo-Kai watch is available now for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS retailing for $39.99 at retailers everywhere and in the eShop on the 3DS.


Runbow is a new game by 13AM Games that brings a fun and interesting platforming party to the WiiU.  In Runbow, each player is a different colored character (9 total) who each represent a color of the rainbow.  The players have to “mad dash” for the finish line to see who can get there first.  But this is no simple foot race, there are obstacles like moving platforms and lava to get in the way.  This game is made for classic game players who love a challenge and are always trying to make that next jump and time it just right.  As such it may not appeal to very young players who will become more frustrated then those who have been playing platforming 2D games for years.  The best pat of this game is getting a few players together at once. With 2 it is fun- with more, it gets frenetic and really exciting.  I can only imagine how fun this game would be with 9 players at once. Runbow is available at the eShop for 14.99.


And on the opposite end of the spectrum is a classic platforming game with a softer, more cuddly quality.  It is Yoshi’s Woolly World for the WiiU.  This game starts one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most well loved characters,Yoshi.  This is his first Woolly adventure, following in the footsteps of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  This game is the next step in the evolution of the yard medium.  Each character and environment has a handmade touch that is visually pretty cool.  From fraying yarn to the illusion of hand cut corners, it is great fun to play a game with this new setting.  In the game, Yoshi must reach the end each level while gathering as many collectibles as possible.  For the beginners, just finishing the level will be enough. For the more experienced players, collectibles are key.  Each level has its own charm, bringing to life a new platforming experience.  Also available are Amiibo extras where you can add a second Yoshi to the fun in the form of Samus, Woolly Yoshi, or even Mario to name a few.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is available at retail locations now as well as the eShop for 49.99 for the game alone or with a special pack which includes a Wooly Yoshi for 59.99.

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Disney is on its third installment of the ever fun Disney Infinity line of games.  This most recent addition to the crew includes not only Marvel and Disney characters, but also those of the Star Wars line of characters including Yoda, Darth Vader, and Han Solo. But this only scratches the surface- this game is great for beginner gamers because of the easy to pick up and play game play.  Each player picks their character from the Disney Infinity figures they own, characters for the previous 2 games work on the third iteration, and play as them throughout the game.  There are specific levels which work with specific characters and all characters can be used in the Toy Box, which is our personal favorite part of the game.  This portion of the game is player created.  People from all over the world can create and share their creations with others and the best are featured as such in the Toy Boxes section of the game.  These Toy Boxes show just how robust the game is as well as how creative the players of the game are as well.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is available for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Wii U™, Xbox One, Xbox 360 in the Starter Pack, which includes: 1 Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Video Game Disc,1 Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Base, 2 Star Wars™ Figures: Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, 1 Star Wars™ Twilight of the Republic Play Set Piece, and 1 Web Code Card and is available now retailing for $64.99.

Operation ResCUTE Book & Plush Set – Gives Back to Pets @OpResCute

Have you heard of the inspirational non-profit called Operation ResCUTE™ ($29.99), packaged for young readers as a book-and-plush set. It stars the true-life-story of Jingles, a homeless puppy in New York City that gets to live happily ever after. Youngsters discover (as they snuggle with their plush pup) that shelters are full of friendly faces. With the purchase of this boxed set, they become a ResCUTER.


It’s no wonder Operation ResCUTE is getting two paws up from animal lovers of all ages. The illustrated book is written from the dog’s point of view, in her own voice. After reading the storybook, kids will want to share the importance of being a ResCUTER, a solution to shelter dog adoption. Packaged in a cage-like gift box, the book and plush pal opens their eyes to the many four-legged friends locked away in cages, longing for a loving home. And it really happened to Jingles.


We have our own adopted dog, and usually a foster dog as well, so we loved this story as well as the idea of ResCUTE.  Giving a gift that is not only cute and sweet but also gives back is one we can fully support.  Kids on your list and any animal lover would appreciate this adorable gift set.


Like many happy-ending stories, this one began tragically when NYC marketing powerhouse Laurie Brown-Nagin spotted an Animal Control Officer carrying a puppy to a pro-bono veterinarian. The animal lover and mom fell in love with Jingles, the shelter pooch that desperately needed a warm, loving home. As a marketing researcher, Brown-Nagin discovered only 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters and rescue organizations. Worse, an estimated 2.7 million healthy pets remain in shelters each year! She started a non-profit,, and used her years of marketing prowess to package this inspiring boxed set for the next generation to read and feel empowered to make a difference.

During this season of giving, parents and grandparents can give a pawsitive present, with 100% of profits going directly toward helping shelter dogs get adopted. Brown-Nagin reports that profits will be used by shelters for marketing /outreach efforts for placement of dogs with families.

Operation ResCUTE Book & Plush Set • $29.99 • Ages 3+

Jingles the dog, the first in the Operation ResCUTE series, shows youngsters the value of opening their hearts and helping someone/something less fortunate. Each boxed set includes an illustrated book and huggable plush pup. Animal shelters give it two paws up! For sale at

Nintendo’s Yo Kai Watch

The world of Yo Kai Watch is a strange one which centers around the city of Spingdale, where you take on the role of Nate.  Nate is an average kid trying to collect bugs, when he meets a Yo Kai named Whisper.  Yo Kai are mischievous creatures who love to cause problems for humans.  Whisper gives Nate a special watch which gives him the ability to see Yo Kai that are usually invisible.  Nate then has the ability to befriend Yo Kai wherever they may be hiding or causing hi-jinks. As Nate makes friends, they join his team of Yo Kai and help him uncover a mysterious force in town.  With the help of the strongest and best team of Yo Kai, you and Nate can help the town.


The game play of Yo Kai is quite different then other “capturing creatures” games, instead of directly controlling the action, you act in the role of an assistant, directing Yo Kai in where to attack, when to use special moves, and giving them items as well.  As you battle more, your Yo Kai can evolve into stronger versions of themselves or can be fused with each or other items to make different or stronger Yo Kai.  There are many Yo Kai to befriend and each of them has their own unique powers and personalities.  The town is full of both people and Yo Kai to help, and with each new quest there is another chance to gain experience as well as gain more Yo Kai.


The little guy loves this game because he thinks the Yo Kai are cute and interesting, so kids should love this game while more experienced players can appreciated the ability to fuse characters together to make new, stronger Yo Kai.

Yo Kai watch is available now for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS retailing for $39.99 at retailers everywhere and in the eShop on the 3DS.



PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE EXODUS, DIRECTORS CHOICE EDITION, (DVD) – Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney chronicles an in-depth archaeological investigation in Egypt and Israel as his team attempts to corroborate the biblical text. The film explores one fundamental question: Is there any evidence that the Exodus story actually happened? Twelve years in the making, this provocative documentary reveals new or rarely seen evidence regarding the Israelites’ descent into slavery, their Exodus from Egypt and their ultimate conquest of the Promised Land. The DVD highlights stunning animations and a cast including Narrator Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), interviews with leading archaeologists such Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, and David Rohl, and guest appearances by Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres. Extras feature never-before-seen elements including exclusive interviews, “Behind the Music,” “From Film to Book” and information about additional books and resources.


PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE EXODUS (HARDCOVER BOOK) – companion book to the original motion picture is written by Filmmakers Timothy Mahoney and Steven Law. This book includes valuable insights and additional interviews not featured in the film. Filled with beautiful photography of Egypt and Israel, scenes from the biblical re-creations, maps, charts, and diagrams, it gives the reader an up-close and more in-depth look at the scholars and their positions (392 pages). *signed by Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney


American Girl Beforever Maryellen Review

Disclosure- We received the below in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and honest.


Meet the newest American Girl Doll Maryellen Larkin from the 1950s.

About American Girl:

At American Girl, they celebrate girls and all that they can be. That’s why they develop products and experiences that help girls grow up in a wholesome way, while encouraging them to enjoy girlhood through fun and enchanting play.

They have a wide variety of products that they offer which include:

  • American Girl Characters
  • My American Girl dolls
  • Bitty Baby
  • American Girl magazine
  • American Girl Retail Stores
  • Books
  • e-books

They hope that their stories, characters, and more speak to girls everywhere, helping them become all that they can be.


About Maryellen Larkin:

Maryellen Larkin is the latest addition to American Girl’s stable of historical dolls (BeForever line), which includes characters from World War II years, colonial times, The Great Depression, the Civil War, 1970s, and even more.

Maryellen, whose story is set in 1954, is a strawberry blonde doll that loves to draw. She even has many adorable outfits from the 1950s era.

She comes with 1 of the three books in the series that have her navigating the post-war world of the 50’s.


My Thoughts:

My girls were absolutely thrilled when they received the amazing Maryellen Larkin. She was absolutely adorable. My girls loved her outfit- even down to the shoes :). Her hair is adorable in the ponytail and is very soft so it is easy for the girls to style her hair in different styles. The outfit that she is wearing is adorable on her as well as my daughter ;). The additional outfits that are available for Maryellen are also absolutely perfect for the era.

My girls love playing with Maryellen and have a hard time being willing to take turns with her, even though they know that they have to.

American Girl dolls are our favorite. They are great dolls that are made to last many years into the future, and they are made extremely well. Your child can play with the doll daily, it doesn’t need to just sit on the shelf and look pretty.



If you would like to purchase the Maryellen doll, you only have a few more days to purchase her before the year is over. However, there are many other great products that American Girl has to offer. I am sure that any little girl in your life would be excited to open an American Girl doll on Christmas morning. Head on over to the American Girl website to find the right item for you!

Miles from Tomorrow Land Awesome Toys

Disclosure- The below has been provided in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest.


Miles From Tomorrowland is a favorite around this house! My girls have the schedule memorized, even with school in session, we still wake up and have time to watch it after we get ready :). We were so very excited to be able to host our very own Miles from Tomorrowland party and invite our friends over to play with the awesome new Miles From Tomorrowland Toys from Tomy.

About Miles From Tomorrowland:

Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated Disney Junior series. It centers around the Callisto family who live on a spaceship called the Stellosphere and work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

Miles is an enthusiastic boy with a rambunctious boys streak. Miles has a sister Loretta Callisto who is the ‘brains’. Their mom Phoebe and dad Leo are the captain and the engineer of the ship. M.E.R.C. is the family’s pet robo-ostrich who is never far from Miles’ side.


About the Toys:

StarJetter: Miles and his family, the Callistos, are on a mission to connect the universe. The StarJetter, their most nimble and versatile exploratory shuttle, transports them anywhere in the galaxy. Let the StarJetter help your child on any missions with all 3 of its exploration modes:

  • Space Mode, with the Stellosphere and the Callisto family
  • Once they land, put the legs down for extreme height to walk over any obstacles
  • For rocky and mountainous terrain, pull the legs down for extreme height to walk over any obstacles


Stellosphere: The Callistos are on a mission to connect the universe. Explore the galaxy on the Stellosphere, the home base space station for the Callistos, where they relax, recharge and receive new missions from the TTA.

The Stellosphere comes apart into 3 separate ships to make space explorations easier. Open up the large Stellosphere playset to reveal the Callisto’s command center where Miles and the Callisto Family 9figures sold separately) can receive missions from the TTA. For short, quick missions, take the mini StarJetter that is stored in the Stellosphere. For longer missions that require a greater distance to travel take the Zip Ship that can be removed from the top of the Stellosphere.

To boost any ship with lights and sounds remove the XVR system form the bottom of the Stellosphere and attach to the other ships. With that many ways to explore, no mission is too difficult.


Superstellar Blastboard: Blastboard, go!

Miles rockets through the cosmos in nanoseconds on his Blastboard and your child can too! Choose from three different game modes to practice balance skills on the Blastboard:

  • “Blastboard Surfing!” Keep up with Miles’ Blastboard surfing directions to complete the mission.
  • “LightSpeed!” Lean towards the flashing lights as fast as possible.
  • Miles frequently moves to his own beat, and your child can too with “Let’s Race!” Your child can race against herself and move in any direction she chooses with the music.



There are many figurines of each of the different characters that are featured in Miles From Tomorrowland. We were able to play with a few of them and they were lots of fun!

About The Party:

We had an absolutely amazing time trying out all of these wonderful toys. The kids had so much fun playing with each of the awesome toys. There was a great variety of toys. The kids never got bored and were great at sharing all of the toys. I can say from observing them playing for the 2 hours that they were here I can’t tell you what their favorite toy would be, as they all played with each toy equally. The kids at the party ranged from ages 2 to 7.


Here’s a little photo of most of our party guests!  As you can see they couldn’t sit still for long as they were ready to play some more with their amazing new toys!


If you are interested in purchasing any of these great toys, head on over to ToysRUs and pick out the perfect toys for you Miles from Tomorrowland fan!

Bratz Study Abroad Doll – Yasmin

Disclosure- The below has been provided in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and honest.


My girls absolutely love playing with dolls and barbies. They were incredibly excited to be able to play with Bratz Study Abroad – Yasmin.

About Bratz Dolls:

The iconic pop culture brand Bratz is back!  They are famous for their creative take on girl’s fashion, Bratz has been reimagined to reflect the trends of today and is poised to be every bit as trend-setting as the original collection was back in 2001.

They are taking cues from pop-culture buzz words and trends, the new line includes outfits and accessories themed around Selfies, world travels, winter sports and even emojis. The revamped Bratz dolls will also give girls the chance to create their own outfits with a C.I.Y. Shoppe design tool that provides an immersive and interactive experience to truly express themselves and create their own worlds.


About Yasmin: 

The Bratz Study Abroad Collection features each of the girls in outfits inspired by the countries that they have visited.

While Yasmin is soaking it up in Brazil, the language, the samba, the bold fashions – Yasmin brings back a piece of the paradise to share her best friends for life.


  • Styled in a pair of sunny yellow sandals and a light pink shopper bag.
  • Yasmin is wearing a colorful crop top, zip-up denim jacket with fringed sleeves, and a tropical satin skirt.
  • Her 2nd outfit is a 2-piece sporty top and bottom combo
  • Turquoise headwrap
  • Pineapple purse
  • Electric green luggage with telescoping handle
  • Sticker sheet to decorate luggage
  • 13 accessories, including the iconic Bratz hairbrush in sunny yellow


My Thoughts:

My daughters were incredibly excited to play with Yasmin. They alternate playing with her with their barbies and just playing with her. They have enjoyed decorating her suitcase. There were so many great accessories for them to play with with her that they could’t have been any happier to be able to do a little bit of everything with Yasmin.

The girls love dressing her up in a combination of the outfits that were provided when they got her.

I think that Yasmin and the other Bratz Dolls in the Study Abroad line would be perfect toys for little girls!

The Mill Fudge Factory

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Family-owned and operated Mill Fudge Factory & Ice Cream Café is now offering its delectable line of hand-crafted fudge nationally through its online shop at . The Bristol, NH-based small business, founded by the Munro family in 2006, uses the family’s secret Scottish recipe and 100% natural ingredients to create authentic fudge unlike any that can be found on this side of the Atlantic.

The Mill Fudge Factory fudge is available in an assortment of classic and inventive flavors, including Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Natural Peanut Butter, Scottish Whiskey, Pure New Hampshire Maple, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Pumpkin Pie and much more. The Factory also offers an assortment of decadent truffles and toffee. All confections are available in gift baskets and elegant sampler boxes.

08 29 15 green cannon 008

“We take pride in creating fudge true to the recipe of my grandfather in Scotland and we do it right here in New England,” said Mill Fudge Factory Co-Owner and General Manager Noah Munro. “People tell us they can taste the care we put into our fudge. We’re so happy that we can now share it with folks across the U.S. Our fudge makes for a unique Halloween treat, a great addition to the Thanksgiving table and a fabulous Christmas or Hanukkah gift.”

Advocates of the slow food movement, the Munro family make their fudge with all natural ingredients including Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate, Cabot butter, pure honey and cane sugar and staunchly avoid corn syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. The hand-crafted fudge is now available for shipping across the United States through the Factory’s online store at .