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Summertime is soon going to be upon us and everyone—and we mean EVERYONE—will be heading off to a beach. Whether you go every weekend or you have to wait for holidays to visit a beach, there is one thing that you will have to face when preparing for your beach trip: what do you wear to the beach if you do not want to wear a swimsuit? Do not get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with a bikini, and everyone owes a bikini that they are proud of. But there are times when you want just to change your look or feel different. You could also be bored with one style, and you want to try something else. Maybe you need something more, or something less if you are in the mood. Do not worry, we have got you covered. At times like these, when you are not sure of what to wear as you leap into the cool water or dig your toes into the warm sands and just relax under the umbrella, we have compiled a list of alternatives for a bikini.

From high waisted bottoms to skirtinis and beyond, we have the most adorable ways for you to style yourself. You can don these suits and head on up to the beach as everyone turns their heads to watch you go past. In this list, you will find ways to add to your beach-going wardrobe. You could go shopping for something, but it takes up a lot of time, and there are other factors involved that make shopping less savory. The best thing to do is to order online and just wait for it to arrive. Make sure that when you go, you have your sunscreen with you. 

Know Your Body Type

Just because something fits you does not mean that it also looks good on you. That is a mistake that a lot of women make when they are shopping for clothes or swimsuits. You have to know what works for you so that you can create the desired effects. If you do not know your body type, then it is time to stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a good hard look. Once you have done that, you will have a much easier time looking for swimwear that looks good.

Once you have your body type down, you can choose something that shows the flattering parts of your body while covering up the not so flattering ones or diverting the attention from those parts. If you have a smaller bust, then frills and ruffles are the way to go. For girls who are on the thinner side, go for patterns or floral prints. You can even opt for stripes that give you a fuller look. If you are on the plus size, then you should stick to dark and solid colors for your swimsuits. Shorter legs can easily be elongated if you choose thongs and high-waisted bottoms are perfect for hiding the holiday fat that some of us are still carrying.

So, without further ado, let us jump into it.

Boyshort Bikini

Boyshort bikinis are also called short shorts or hipster’s bottoms. These provide full coverage to the rear, and the bottoms are low rise. Boyshort bikinis are very trendy right now, and they have been for some time. They are also being called hot pants for swimwear. You can wear the bikini and still have a way of hiding the area that you do not want people to see. And the best part is that you can do all that without losing your style or sense of fashion. You can look sexy while doing it. Another benefit of boyshort bikinis is that they work for women of all sizes. They are very comfortable to wear extremely fashionable and highly flexible. You get to enjoy the low rise style as well as hip-hugging features on the sides and cute designs. So, go ahead and order one for yourself. You will thank us later.


If you want to wear something a tad more modest than a bikini, then a tankini is what you are looking for. It is a two-piece swimsuit that is made up of a tank top and a bottom. The main feature is the tank top that you can wear instead of the usual bra top. Tankinies have been around since the 1980s, and they have garnered a massive following, and they do not seem to stop. The best part is that you do not have to buy a full set. You can buy them separately to match your size. There are various types of tankinis available, so if you want to show some skin, you can do that by purchasing the right style of the tankini. 

High Waisted Bikini

We do not need to tell you about this one folk, the name says it all. The high waisted bikinis have bottoms that come up high on your waist. Not just come up to your waist, but they actually rise to the middle part of your waist and either cover the belly button completely or partially. This gives you the chance to cover your lower midsection completely. There are various types of high waisted bikinis that you could go for. There are so many variants of it that you might feel a little bit confused as you shop physically or online for the perfect one. But it can also be a good thing if you know your body type.


The name tells you everything about this one. Is it a skirt? Is it a bikini? It is both. It is a tankini. The tankini is a swimsuit that has a small skirt that comes with it. If you are worried about showing your thighs or your bottom, then a skirtini is just the thing for you. A lot of skirtinis are all in one suits that have extra fabric. This gives it the design and shape of a skirt. But you can also purchase them separately. You can get a skirt bottom that covers exactly what you need it to cover and then you can get a bikini top to go with it.


Designed by the Lebanese Australian artist Aheda Zanetti, a burkini is a swimsuit that is designed for women who want modesty and coverage all the way through. The burkini covers the entire body, including the head, arms and legs and only shows the face, hands, and feet. It is not as heavy as you think and allows you to swim freely and with flexibility.


There you have it; alternatives to a bikini that you can rock on the beach and own the look. Enjoy the sun and the sand and read your favorite book while sipping on your favorite drink.bathing suit

Types of Bikinis to Choose From

There are different types of bikinis with different styles, shapes, and texture. In this article we talk about them and which one suits you best based on your aesthetic characteristics. 

An ideal bikini is one that best suits your body type. Taking into account your strengths and the characteristics of your body are some of the aspects for choosing the type of bikini that best suits you, in order to get the most out of it. Before you buy bikinis online, consider the following types and choose what suits you the best.

What are the types of bikinis and which one suits you best?

To discover it, we will first talk about the four areas of the body that are most relevant when choosing the most suitable bikini and that best favors the silhouette.

1. Chest

The chest is an area of ​​the body where we look a lot when choosing a bikini that suits us. If you are a little-breasted girl, you better choose bikinis with a heart-shaped neckline. In addition, wearing bikinis with fringes or frills on the top, as well as prints is a good way to enhance the chest. If on the contrary, you are bustier, the best option is a bikini with a bow top, bra style or V-shaped neckline.

You should avoid bikinis with the top in the form of a triangle. On the color, opt for matte colors and avoid the use of white or pastel colors because they emphasize the features even more.

2. Hips

The hips are also part of a critical area in the choice of which bikini suits you best since certain shapes or colors can greatly accentuate our hips.

If you have wider hips and you have a rather prominent and bulky butt, opt for bottoms of the bikini with dark or even black colors, in addition to a plain print. This is a way to focus more attention on the top of the bikini.

If on the contrary, you have narrower hips, a wonderful option is to choose bottoms with bows or ribbons on the sides. This way you will enhance your hips. In addition, fluorine or bright colors enhance the rear area and are therefore a good option.

3. Waist

The waist in women determines the curves of the body. That means a prominent waist usually leads to more marked curves. In contrast, softer and smoother waists usually involve more tummy and straight figures.

If you have a tiny waist, there is no swimsuit that wouldn’t suit you, since any type of bikini usually looks good with this type of figure. If instead, you are plus-sized, it is a good idea to choose either a two-piece bikini with the very high bottom or choose a one-piece swimsuit.

If you are a girl with a rather straight and plain figure, opt for two-piece swimsuits with accessories on both sides (frills, fringes, ties…). It is a way to mimic more waist.

4. Height

Finally, depending on your height, you can find which type of bikinis suits you best. If you are a girl of short stature, the best option is a one-piece swimsuit, and with the high panties part, so that you stylize and lengthen your legs.

As for the color, better soft and smooth colors. Avoid prints, and if you choose one with prints, they should be simple and not large. In the case of being a tall girl, the best option would be a two-piece swimsuit.

Types of Bikinis

Now that we have seen the areas in which we must look to choose the best among the different types of bikinis, we will talk about them; the 7 types of bikinis that we find most widely in fashion today.

1. Triangle bikini

The second of the types of bikinis, the triangle, as the name implies, is a triangle-shaped bikini. These bikinis are ideal for girls with a broad back because, when tied behind the neck, the shoulder width is less defined. They are also suitable for girls with a little chest.

2. Mini bikini

It is a type of bikini of little fabric, with the bottom of a type between panties and thong. They are a sexy and sensual type of bikini, of choice to accentuate curves.

3. Bikini type dress (tankinis)

They are bikinis that consist of the upper part in the form of a t-shirt and of bathroom linen material and the lower part as panties. They are ideal for concealing complexes such as the tummy.

4. Brazilian bikini

This bikini implies that the front is normal and covers well, but the back is much narrower, thong type but without becoming thread. It is ideal for prominent butts and to show off curves.

5. Bandeau bikini

Bandeau bikinis are a type of swimsuit with the upper part in the form of a conventional bra, i.e. in the form of a hoop, and a strip that is attached to the neck and that can be removed.

These types of bikinis, the bandeau type, hold the chest well making it look larger. This bikini would serve both for girls with little breasts, because on the one hand, it enhances it, as for girls with a bulkier chest it covers the area. 

6. Halter type bikini

It is a type of bikini with the top of the neck closed and neckline rectangular or square, with the purpose of enhancing the bust. Leave your arms, back and shoulders bare.

It is ideal for girls with bellies who want to show torso and shoulders, as it helps focus attention on the top. Also because of the shape of its neck, it is ideal for girls with short stature, because it stylizes the figure.

Halter type bikinis are a type of bikini with the upper part in the form of triangles but sewn in the center, and with a strip under the chest. Therefore, it is a type of bikini that increases chest support. In addition, they usually carry strips that are tied behind the neck and thus exalt the chest even more.

You can now choose!

Thus, the keys explained in relation to the shape of your body and silhouette can guide you towards which of the different types of bikinis suits you best depending on your aesthetic nature. As we have seen, each of the types of bikinis highlights one or other parts of the body, giving specific shapes to your silhouette. 


We also recommend that you look at the color and hue of your bikini. Anyway, in terms of tastes, there is nothing written in stone and surely you will find bikinis that fit your tastes by breaking these rules a bit since each person has its own preference! The important thing is to feel comfortable with yourself.

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