Stella Cove Boys Bathing Suit

When is a kids bathing suit just a touch more sophisticated and stylish? When can you be a “tad more dressed up” in a swimsuit? The answer is easy, Stella Cove. The newest swimline available from Thread Showroom in New York.

stella coveThe new line sports unique prints and designs like guitars, grapefruits, bold floral patterns and geometric shapes. These patterns and designs catch the eye, but to truly pull you in each piece is made from European fabrics. The fine fabrics give the swimsuits a durable, soft, and luxurious quality. With SPF 50+ to protect your little ones, these swimsuits are an important step in keeping your kids safe from the sun’s rays. When paired with a good sun screen, your kids can have a fun safe day in the sun. At the beach, lake, or pool these bathing suits are a great fit for whatever your needs may be.

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