Watermelon Vegan Sleep Solution Launched: CBD+CBN Gummies

cbd sleep

Having trouble sleeping? All natural CBD is a great way to help you get some sleep, and it’s non habit forming as well. Inflamade provides a natural health solution to those in the athletic and abilities communities with ParabenFree CBD Creams that have over 20+ uses, amongst its drug test safe CBD oils.

Their latest product Deep Sleep CBD + CBN Vegan Gummies combines the power of CBD + CBN – and works to put your mind at ease and sleep throughout the night. With 20mg CBD + 5mg CBN, and 3mg Melatonin per watermelon gummy, products are lab tested to ensure 0% THC and 100% Drug Test Safe.

CBD sleep

The compounds CBD and CBN have different impacts on the body, but when combined, they aid in alleviating restless nights and insomnia.

CBD is the most-widely used compound of the two and is found in cannabis and hemp plants. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties can be added to everything from beauty products, to food, to tinctures here at Inflamade

CBN is less-widely used and this is due to less research on the compound’s benefits and side effects. In recent years, its popularity has continued to grow due to its potential benefits in aiding sleep and alleviating pain.

These new CBD + CBN gummies are engineered to help with REM sleep. Plus, Melatonin is also good for inducing sleep as well as healing and relieving pain. According to the National Pain Report, melatonin may reduce pain and insomnia in patients suffering from fibromyalgia, a natural hormone that helps the body regulate sleep and wake cycles.

Vegan, gluten free and made with the highest quality CO2 extracted CBD – working naturally with your bodiesInflamade CBD gummies aim to help the body with pain and discomfort, enhancing the healing process to soothe joint and muscle discomfort.

Inflamade.com ships directly to your doorstep, with free shipping in the USA. Retailing at $70 for 30 gummies. 

Check out https://inflamade.com to see the full range of products, and choose the one(s) that are right for you.

Decoding The Hacks For Baking The Perfect Cannabis Recipe

With cannabis growing in popularity, a wide variety of products are also gaining momentum. Besides, vape oils, dabs, tinctures, topicals, edibles have become a user’s delight in a less time frame. 

It’s a great option if you don’t like smoking cannabis. And if you get bored, you can even go for home-made cannabis-infused delicacies. However, not everyone is well-versed with the right practices of cooking or baking cannabis edibles, that they are unable to relish the final products. 

Here is the guide to baking the perfect cannabis recipe. Let’s start!

The First Step to Cooking The Best Cannabis Recipe

Whether you want to cook or bake a cannabis recipe, the first step would always be decarboxylation. It simply means heating cannabis to activate the cannabinoids present in the herb, such as THC or CBD. 

Experts suggest doing it at a lower temperature so that you don’t lose out on the plant’s essential ingredients. 


How to measure the dosage?

Experts recommend starting low and slow with the cannabis dosage. It’s because you don’t have any idea initially what will hit you. For instance, you can go for 1 cup of butter with the same amount of ground cannabis. You can also go for lower amounts if you are unsure of the entire preparation. 

Expert suggestion: Make sure to write the ratio of cannabis to copy the same when making the recipe the next time. This will also help you when finding recipes for how to make marijuana candies or how to make cannabis lollipops. Remember, use only the amount that does not make you tipsy or couch-locked. 

What Type of Equipment do You Require to Make Edibles?

Baking edibles is like any other cooking method. You need an oven, mixing bowl, measuring cups. You have to whisk like any other recipe. The only difference is that you are adding cannabis to the recipe. That’s all!

How to Store Cannabis Edibles?

Does everyone wonder how long a marijuana recipe can last? Or do home-made edibles stay fresh? Well, like any other dish, marijuana recipes can go stale after some time. However, if you want to extend the timeline, you can seal them in a container or a bag or preserve them in a fridge to prolong their life. 

Wrapping up

Cannabis edibles are absolutely relishing. There is no doubt about that. However, if you are a novice cannabis user, going overboard with cannabis edible might impact you. That’s why it’s advisable to go low and slow when it comes to consuming this particular cannabis form. 

Also, they have long-lasting effects but are a bit slow in kicking off. Hence, you must never go on munching thinking that it’s not effective. Give yourself a timeline of around two hours, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, you can consume some more. 

So, next time you prepare a favorite cannabis dish for yourself or your friends/family, keep in mind these hacks and enjoy delicious edibles without stepping out of your comfort. Won’t that be great?

CBD Wellness 101- What Every Beginner Needs To Know

When cannabis became legal a few years ago, its derivatives gained acceptance and gradually earned widespread popularity. CBD, in particular, has established itself as a leading wellness and beauty trend. Medical research indicates much about its therapeutic benefits, and there is a lot more you will find about it in the wellness circles. There are magazine and news articles that validate the scientific evidence, celebrity testimonials that endorse CBD, and wellness practitioners who recommend products for a host of health conditions. Before you integrate CBD into your daily routine, you must know and understand some facts. 

CBD heals the body and mind

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in cannabis plants, so you can embrace it without worrying about getting high. The healing potential of this cannabinoid is immense as it works on your body and mind. It can relieve chronic pain, fine-tune digestive processes, regulate sleep patterns, and boost immune responses. Beyond treating physical health issues, it can alleviate stress and anxiety and balance your mood. The best part about using it as a wellness therapy is that it is safe and natural while being effective. It can help you steer clear of the side effects of painkillers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants.

Many options to explore 

Beginners looking to switch to CBD-based wellness have access to many options in products and methods of consumption. You may order cbd tinctures and oils, soft gels, and topical products. There is a wide range in edibles too, from baked goodies to gummies, chocolates, candies, and more. Alternatively, you can try cooking edibles or brewing tea or coffee by infusing CBD into your recipes. The choice of products and methods boils down to your preference and expectations. While you can pick the oral options if you want to taste the product, topical creams and lotions are the best for those who do not want to ingest it. 

Making CBD work for you

Incorporating CBD into your ongoing wellness routine is a breeze, and you need not do much to embrace it as a therapy. You can start the morning with a cup of infused beverage, chew a gummy in the middle of a busy day, relish an edible with your evening drinks, or apply a lotion on your skin at bedtime. But making it work for you as a beginner needs some caution and awareness. Start slowly with a small dose to understand how it works on your system. You may seek guidance from a seasoned user or a medical practitioner when you embark on this new journey. Eventually, you will understand what products and doses give you the best results.

Another useful piece of advice for newbies is to always get quality products from a reliable source, even if you have to spend a little more. Consistency is the key to getting the best results with CBD-based wellness, just as with any other alternative therapy. Be regular with your daily dose of CBD wellness, and you can avail its myriad benefits sooner rather than later. 

3 Great Topical Cannabis Products for Pain Relief

Topicals have become the next big trend in cannabis products, and it’s not surprising when you consider all the benefits that absorption through the skin can bring when you’re using cannabinoids for health and wellness, rather than recreation and relaxation. Topical applications require a much, much higher dose before they enter the bloodstream, so even when THC is part of the equation, they typically don’t intoxicate. Much of the time, they’re not even detectable in consumption tests. CBD topicals are also in high demand, because the direct application to the site where it’s needed provides better relief at low doses, making the formulas that use them far more effective for local pain and stiffness than an oral dose of the same amount of CBD in most cases.

Many chronic pain patients swear by topicals and use them in addition to oral doses for complementary relief on bad days. Because they don’t contribute to the effects of oral doses because the CBD doesn’t penetrate to the bloodstream, it typically does not change the expected side effects patients are used to. This makes it easy to stay on routine while enjoying extra pain coverage. Whether you’re treating acute pain and stiffness due to a pull or muscle overuse or you’re treating something long-term that regularly stresses your muscles and joints, there are a few really effective ways to get that topical cannabinoid dose you’re looking for.

1. Bath Products

Bath bombs, shampoos, and other products designed for your bathing time are a good way to get relief when you have time to really let it soak in. Especially in the cases of bath bombs and oils, which allow you to sit and soak and slowly absorb the medicine into your pores, providing all-over relief without intoxicating side effects. This is great for general soreness and fatigue, but the distributed dose is not always what people are looking for when there’s a single specific site of joint or muscle pain. That’s okay, though. Finding the place for this product means having better general support for fatigue, so your treatments for acute aches and pains are more effective.

2. Creams and Lotions

For direct applications with a higher dose, CBD sports cream and pain relieving balms are the best way to go. They’re designed to be worked into the skin like a traditional cooling menthol balm, so they’re a little thicker than a standard lotion. You can calibrate the amount you apply to the day’s aches and pains, targeting the exact site of muscle strain or long-term pain that’s become aggravated. Like the bath bombs, even these higher doses of CBD typically don’t penetrate to the bloodstream, so those who experience slight sedative effects from oral doses or smoking typically do not experience them from these creams.

3. Time Release CBD and THC Pain Patches

Last but not least, those needing both the higher dose to a direct area and the benefit of long-lasting exposure your skin can absorb over time will find it in pain patches, which are available from select manufacturers in various cannabis-friendly states and recreational markets. CBD patches are more widely available because of fewer restrictions on their status, and they’re very effective on their own or when paired with other treatments like oral analgesics. Topically, CBD use is as safe as any other over the counter and just as low in side effects. Like with any new products, though, you do need to make sure you’re not allergic to anything in the formulation, because while CBD is benign topically, different manufacturers use a variety of other herbal supplements in their custom pain relief blends.

Fast Daily Relief Without Intoxication

CBD is generally preferred for pain control during working hours by cannabis patients because it doesn’t intoxicate. At most, it’s described as having a mild sedative effect at high doses, causing light drowsiness. That can still be an issue for some users, though, and providing direct topical relief means dodging those oral side effects whenever you don’t want to deal with them. It also means being able to safely add to your dose without changing the side effects, so topicals provide additional relief when an oral dose alone isn’t enough but you don’t want to double down either.

EOSSI Beauty Treatment – CBD Face Oil

Making its debut on International Self-Care Day (July 24) with its first product release is Eossi facial oil, with 1,000mg hemp-derived CBD and other natural ingredients that will achieve your summer glow goals. Please see the video below for unboxing and my thoughts.

“Eossi Beauty, the newest indie beauty brand creating affordable luxury plant-based products, officially launched its brand on International Self-Care Day and announced the first product drop: Facial Glow Oil #8. Inspired by the power of plants, including argan oil and CBD, the Facial Glow Oil #8 illuminates the skin with natural ingredients.

Designed to complement a daily beauty routine, the facial oil is a hydrating, restorative skincare solution that gives the skin a natural glow. The Eossi Beauty team created Facial Glow Oil #8 after recognizing a growing demand in the beauty space for high-quality, trusted CBD products at accessible price points. The ingredients—which include essential oils and broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD that is third-party lab tested—were meticulously selected for their skin-enhancing properties.

Facial Glow Oil #8 is named for the formulation: Of the 16 batches tested when developing the final formula, #8 was the perfect one.” (according to Business Wire)

Visit https://eossibeauty.com