Brooklyn Nets and #CookiesKids Helping Kids Recover from Hurricane Sandy

12 20 12 019The Brooklyn Nets might be the new kids on the block, but they are out to make a wonderful first impression. With the help of Cookie’s Kids, The Brooklyn Nets invited some children who where effected by hurricane/ super storm/ destroyer of good Sandy to a special shopping spree. This event was thrown by The Brooklyn Nets Foundation.

12 20 12 004

This event took place at the Brooklyn Cookie’s Kids on Fulton Ave and involved quite a few of the Nets- I suspect all of them- including their mascot. Honestly, there were so many families there, I couldn’t tell you if we saw all of them, but we did see quite a few and even got some nice shots with two of the fine gentlemen, [Read more…]

Shopping Online at the MasterCard Marketplace #Cbias #FinishMyList

MasterCard has recently opened up a very interesting promotion. This promotion is called the MasterCard Marketplace. The way the Marketplace works is like this: everyday more offers and deals are added to the sit. Thee offers are available to eligible card holders of course. The offers include both national local deals in a similar way to other deal of the day sites. The way this particular promotion differs is with its participation levels. One can either participate anonymously, via inputting your zip code, searching around the site and email updates or a more social method. This second option uses Facebook to suggest fun local deals and offers which are both close by and of interested based on one’s likes or dislikes.

The marketplace itself is easy [Read more…]

Tyson Chicken Nuggets Decorating #Mealstogether

The holiday season is the time of year when our desserts and homes get a bit brighter and cheerier. More colors, more sparkle, and more light all grace our cookie sheets, front yards, and living rooms. But there is an often times forgotten friend who is remembered at meals often but not decorated in the slightest, the chicken nugget. This little morsel of meal time fun is prefect for a holiday make over- especially since it is often the only thing our toddlers will eat 🙂

IMG_0308Children across the country clamor for chicken nuggets daily for dinner, lunch and probably even breakfast. Why not make them special for your holidays? Chances are pretty good they will be included in the meal anyway, so don’t make them feel left out. Some ideas for decorating tools are: ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes, cut spaghetti, tomato sauce, cheese slices, etc etc. If you put your mind to it I am sure you can even re-create the Night Before Christmas with Tyson chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Right up to tucking the nuggets into a sliced American cheese bed.


In our home Little Man is the primary consumer of chicken nuggets. As with many of his foods, sauces are a no no. [Read more…]

Duane Reade Shopping Trip #DRHappyandhealthy #Cbias

During a recent trip to New York City, we made a quick stop at the local Duane Reade. It had three floors, and carried alcohol and a whole floor of beauty supplies. Not your average pharmacy!

Duane Reade has just about anything you could think, of from soap and shampoo to light bulbs and cold beverages. Which was a good thing for me, since my son was demanding cookies and a juice box 🙂

Upon entering the store I found the new issue of Happy And Healthy magazine. The magazine is chock full of tips and pointers as well as sales, coupons, and even an item of the week.

This particular week was some of the natural items in Ology [Read more…]

Having the Menopause 2nd Talk with #PoiseFab5 #Cbias

What business do I have talking about menopause? Too young, you think? Well, maybe- but lucky me- I get to go through a fantastic menopausal journey, courtesy of medically induced hormone treatment. (And NO, I am not trying to get pregnant, please!)

Poise Feminine Wellness Products #PoiseFab5 #Walmart

Are you now super jealous? Try not to be- one day, we all get to go through it, LOL. As for me- I get to do it twice! Once now, and once when I am actually supposed to- YAY ME! Hmmm….well…maybe not, but hey, what can you do, right? You can try the new Poise products to combat the side affects of menopause, take off the edge- at least feel less gross and melt-y, LOL. (Is it hot in here???)

Check out the new Poise Feminine Wellness products, which cover everything from personal hygiene to “intimate” matters. Mom may have talked with you about where babies come from- but did she ever tell you about hot flashes, night sweats, and wild mood swings? No? Well, then ladies, you need to ask!

If you have not had a period for at least 12 months, that is one way of knowing that you are in “the change”. But that’s not all- all those pretty side effects are usually a hefty tip-off. Menopause usually begins around the age of 45-55, but it all depends on your family and personal medical history.

My aunt has been dealing with menopause issues for as long as I can remember- she is always, ALWAYS hot- even walking around in the winter in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. The first time I had a hot flash, I felt like someone had “lit me” from the inside- it was sudden, unexpected, and I felt both insane and disgusting. (I sweat…..a lot…and felt really frantic- I had no idea what was happening!) All I wanted to do was peel [Read more…]

Rookie USA Kids SportsWear Store Moves into Manhattan #RookieUSA #CBias

I recently went to the newly opened Rookie USA store, located at 808 Columbus on the Upper West Side. Rookie USA was in a super convenient location, with lots of other stores and shopping nearby, on street parking and parking garages available. It was a beautiful day, on a beautiful street- AND I even found a parking space, and successfully parallel parked 🙂 Hey- sometimes it’s the little things!

I know- But I was so proud of myself- I am the worst parallel parker!

Rookie USA is beautifully set up, with wide open spaces (easy for pushing strollers in) and racks that are not overcrowded with clothes. The employees were friendly, and the store itself was clean and had a nice atmosphere- no loud music or flashing lights that make me want to run out as fast as I can, LOL.

The store sells clothing and accessories such as backpacks and baseball hats for infants through teenagers. They carry brands like Nike, Levi’s, Converse and Air Jordan, and even have very small jerseys. There is an entire wall of sneakers as well.

There [Read more…]