Fall Flavors

New fall flavors from some of our favorite brands are here. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a sucker for “seasonal flavors”- I’m not sure if it’s because I know I can only have them once a year, or that it’s because it enhances the season for me in some way, but I really look forward to and enjoy the flavor changes that come seasonally.

If you are in the mood for chocoloate, Godiva has some fun options, including the NEW GODIVA Limited-Edition Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice G CUBE.  These square boxes are full of individually wrapped GODIVA truffles, in the festive “pumpkin spice” flavor that so many people look forward to- or look forward to making fun of, while they consume it in secret. Haters. Want to get a few boxes? Besides pumpkin spice (which is delightful) you can also get  Dark Chocolate Vanilla, White Chocolate Coffee, Dark Chocolate Mint, and other options. $11.95 for a 22 piece box.  You can also get a Signature GODIVA Pumpkin Spice Truffle Flight which is super cute- truffles wrapped to look like little pumpkins. $15.00 for a 5 piece set.

pumpkin spice

For an indulgent yogurt, good enough to be a dessert, try NEW noosa Pumpkin Spice MatesThese new (made in limited batch) pumpkin spice noosa mates are made with noosa’s signature rich and creamy yoghurt, with real pumpkin and spices, then topped with Purely Elizabeth brand granola, white chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds. It’s noosa’s take on a fall classic, and it’s fantastic. The kids love it, and so do mom and dad. The textures are a delight, and the flavors are perfect. You will find yourself scraping the cup for the last bits. $2.49 retail price, product finder on noosayoghurt.com.

pumpkin spice

Still feeling dessertish? Kraft Heinz just came out with two flavored whipped creams that pair perfectly with all sorts of your favorite foods. Reese’s & Hershey’s Whipped Cream Toppings now come in peanut butter and chocolate flavors.  These are fun on your all your desserts like cookies or brownies, but are fun toppings on healthier desserts like fruit bowls, as well. Fun facts for parents- these whipped creams are made with 100% real cream from cows not treated with rBST growth hormone, and without high-fructose corn syrup, oil ingredients, and artificial sweeteners or flavors. Retails between $2.99 and $3.99, check for prices before you shop. Who likes to pay more?

 chocolate whipped creme

For a more “grown up” treat, check out Harvest Pumpkin Ale from Samuel AdamsThese fall inspired beers brewed by Samuel Adams are brewed with “real pumpkin and a blend of caramel and roasted malts to create a rich depth of malt flavor perfect for the crisp days of fall” (according to Samuel Adams). If you are into all things pumpkin spice, and want to “spice it up” a little more, this might be right up your alley. Not all of us are drinkers, but for those who like to indulge now and again, this would be a flavorful fall imbibement. Prices vary by market and by what count you’d like to purchase.

fall flavors

5 Foodiest Destinations In Europe Everyone Should Visit

European destinations are the most preferred holiday destinations in the world. The palate is full of fusion food along with authentic dishes that not just eye-gasmic but are also mouth-watering. 

If the groom is a hardcore foodie, then Europe is the place to visit on the stag do. Be it a Stag do in London or a French-themed stag weekend; research thoroughly before you create your itinerary because with power comes responsibility, i.e. more tourists encourage more options, and not every restaurant will enhance your dining experience.


Read on to know about Europe’s foodiest destinations and get a mouthful on your next getaway:


  1. Copenhagen


Ever heard about the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’? Copenhagen is the place that brought back the trend of using seasonal produce and local ingredients to create elegant and simple dishes with traditional techniques. Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer started this evolution in the food industry; encouraging many Michelin-starred restaurants to follow their lead. This approach has made Copenhagen one of the great food cities of Europe.


One such dish is Smørrebrød, which is an open-faced Danish sandwich. It has the right combination of ingredients, such as egg and shrimp, marinated herring, beef tartar, and cod roe, beautifully placed on top of buttered rye bread. Other must-have dishes include smoked and pickled herring and Danish cheeses.


Local cuisine options:

  • Noma Restaurant by Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer
  • Spisestedet FEED
  • Restaurant Schoennemann
  • Grams Laekkerier
  • Basso Kobenhavn

2. London

A fantastic blend of modern innovation and traditional tongue can be deliciously experienced in London. The famous afternoon tea is a world-renowned must-have of London; becoming a tradition for every traveller nowadays. The quality and flavour of the food in London is incomparable; proved by the surprising month-long wait to reserve a table. This is applicable to both upscale hotels, and cheap-bites. However, London has so many great options that it can happily serve as many tourists and locals as required.


Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular dish in the UK; best consumed with a few pints of bitters and chips. Have your mouthful with the deep-fried sea anemones at Barrafina in Covent Garden or roasted veal sweetbreads at the famous restaurant of Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea.


Local cuisine options:

  • The tea rooms of the Ritz or the Savoy (Suggestion- Reserve a table in advance)
  • The Golden Chippy
  • E Pellicci
  • Baileys Fish and Chips
  • Green Pea

3. Bordeaux

If you think that France is only known for wines and scenic beauty, then you are wrong, my friend! The Bordeaux food scenes are pretty mouth-watering; duck confit and foie gras being the French favourites. You may be wondering why Bordeaux, right? The other element which makes it a perfect destination is its location. It is situated near the ocean; allowing it to offer yummm seafood options, like oysters, langoustines, mussels, shrimp, and clams taste amazing with steak frites and a glass of bold red wine.


Local cuisine options:

  • Les Droles- French
  • Blisss- French and Contemporary
  • Le Petit Bec- French and European
  • O p’tit bahut- French and Wine Bar
  • Comptoir d’Ornano- Barbeque, Wine Bar and Gastropub

4. Bologna

Every other destination on the list focuses on restaurants and cafes, while Bologna’s market scene is the one to visit. The ancient food market, Quadrilatero, has everything that your heart desires; from fish, pasta, cured meats to baked goods and produce. Don’t forget to visit the famous bar, Osteria Del Sole, which has been in operations since 1465. The must-haves are a plate of tagliatelle al Ragù with a topping of parmesan and tortellini in brodo (meat filled pasta), which is served in a hot broth or a plate of lasagna Bolognese.


Local cuisine options-


  • Trattoria di Via Serra- Italian and Mediterranean
  • Salumeria Simoni- Italian, Deli and Gastropub
  • Sfoglia Rina- Italian, Mediterranean and European
  • Parlor- Italian, Seafood and Contemporary
  • Borgo979- Street Food, Wine Bar and Deli

5. Sibiu

Located in the heart of Romania in the famous region of Transylvania, the food scene in Sibiu will surprise you. The simple but hearty rural cuisine of Romania has been reinterpreted by passionate chefs and transformed into dishes and delicacies that can compete with fine-dining restaurants around the world. Made with locally sourced and organic ingredients delicious on their own, these dishes will give you an insight into the fascinating food culture Romania. Besides the many food-themed tours in Sibiu you should also consider the following restaurants:
 – Syndicat Gourmet, Romanian reinterpreted
 – Hochmeister, Saxon-Romanian
 – Kulinarium, Romanian reinterpreted
 – La Cuptor, traditional Romanian

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make your own bread

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5 Tips To Make Keto Diet Easy When Traveling

Traveling while being on keto diet is prone to many problems like difficulty to maintain ketosis. This is because of the fact that people don’t have proper knowledge about what to do in order to stay in ketosis. This article focuses on letting you know some of the important yet simple tips that can make your travel easy and keto-friendly at the same time. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

  • Pack some homemade keto friendly snacks: Keeping some homemade snacks along with you while you are traveling can help to make your travel experience a lot easier. You can pack some keto friendly snacks which you can munch whenever you feel like without having to worry about the problem of getting out of ketosis. At the same time, these snacks are helpful in avoiding packaged food. You can include pickles, olives, avocado, seeds and nuts according to whatever suits you the most. While packing these snacks, make sure to keep them in a manner that they don’t get spoiled so that you can consume them for a long time.
  • Take keto supplements along with you: Keto supplements can be easily packed and taken along, thus being perfect travel companions for your health. You can contact your dietician regarding the various supplements you can take while being on ketosis and take them accordingly. Before taking a keto supplement, getting an idea of consumer review is important and you can read this review from KetoVale.com. The major advantage of using these supplements is that you don’t have to worry about the shortage of nutritional intake required by the body. This is because these keto supplements are manufactured so as to provide the required nutrients
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Staying healthy while being on ketosis is highly dependent on the hydration level of the body. Travelling time is prone to dehydration problems, which is why you need to keep yourself hydrated during this time. Keep some fresh juices of fruits and vegetables while keeping in mind that they should be keto friendly ones. Keep the water bottle handy and make sure to drink sufficient amount of water at regular intervals. Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid carbonated drinks while travelling and they can lead to dehydration issues.
  • Research grocery stores in your destination area: Before you reach the destination, it is suggested to make a list of the grocery stores that can help you stock your keto diet items. If you are staying in a hotel, contact the staff and see if your purchased items could be delivered before you arrive. By making the grocery shopping beforehand, you will be able to maintain the required stock during the days of your stay. This can help you avoid the trouble of not being able to maintain ketosis because of your travel extravaganza.


Best Foods to Try on Your Scandinavia Trip

Recently, Scandinavian cuisine has started gaining popularity quite rapidly and this can be easily explained by the unprecedented interest to the countries of the European North. Moreover, gourmets from all over the world are at times simply bored from the habitual restaurants of Italian or French cuisine and desire to taste something new. Despite their simplicity, Nordic foods are really diverse and won’t leave anyone indifferent. But how do you choose among the plethora of Scandinavian dishes and what are the must-tries you can’t miss during your Scandinavia trip?


Scandinavian basics


Scandinavian cuisine includes traditional recipes of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark which all have a lot in common. The main principles that Scandinavians are fiercely proud of and obsessed about is eco-friendliness and a healthy lifestyle, that’s why the cuisine recognizes only fresh natural products. Thus it’s fair to say that the cuisine wouldn’t be Scandinavian, if environmental concerns weren’t the top priority. As a rule, the dishes are cooked from locally produced ingredients which reduce the carbon emissions of the region and meet the requirements of organic food with no pesticides and other chemical fertilizers.


The basis of Scandinavian cuisine consists of fish and various seafood as well as meats. What is more, the chefs actively use all possible gifts of nature: wild herbs, berries, vegetables, beans and mushrooms.


Lutefisk and other sea creatures


A notable place in the diet of the peoples of Scandinavia is occupied by fish and seafood. Fish is a basic product in a number of salads, first and second dishes, and even pies, so if you are a fish fan, Scandinavia will fully satisfy your gastronomic demands.


Swedes boast their local ‘surströmming’ which is a type of fermented Baltic Sea herring. Your trip to Norway or Denmark won’t be complete without savouring some smoked salmon, a popular Scandinavian delicacy. You also just can’t miss another Norwegian specialty, ‘fiskepudding’, made from fresh white fish and served with mushroom sauce, delicate and spongy fish pudding will be a perfect addition to any dinner.


When in Finland, try some of the tasty fish pies, ‘kalakukko’, especially common in the east of the country. Cooked of local small fish and baked inside a dark rye bread, this dish is made by the best traditions of the national Finnish cuisine.


For those who want to try something more zesty and extraordinary, Scandinavians invented ‘lutefisk’. It is a dried stockfish (normally cod or ling), brined in lye, then soaked and steamed until it flakes. Traditionally, ‘lutefisk’ is served with boiled potatoes or mashed green peas.


Meat delicacies


Considering the climatic conditions, Scandinavian food has to be substantial and nutritious. In regards to meat, Nordic countries have a wide range of options for meat lovers. Creative Swedes came up with the idea to mix meat with something non-conventional and the exotic mixture of flavours eventually turned into their hallmark national cuisine. Famous Swedish meatballs are served with gravy, boiled potatoes and… cranberry jam, which is, by the way, extremely delicious. While in Finland, you can also try juicy and tender cutlets ‘Kottbullar’, prepared from mutton, beef and veal.


Apart from the usual beef and pork, which are widely used in local recipes, Scandinavians have more in store to surprise you. If you’re adventurous enough, you are welcome to taste such rare meats as deer, elk, bear and horse.


The king of Scandinavian kitchen


Nowadays, sandwiches have become widespread and won the national love among Scandinavians. For instance, in Denmark, a sandwich is called “the king of the kitchen” due to its popularity and simplicity of cooking. There are up to 700 kinds of sandwiches, starting from a simple slice of bread smeared with butter and ending with multi-storey sophisticated sandwiches with the number of ingredients exceeding 10!


A Scandinavian sandwich, or ‘smørrebrød’, is a result of a creative approach and years of experiments. So once you start trying them, it’s important not to lose count. One of the most famous Danish sandwiches, ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s favorite open-faced sandwich’ is a perfect mix of several layers of bacon, tomatoes, liver pate and a white radish, separated by slices of bread. Other sandwich ingredients can include seafood, meats, lettuce, asparagus, eggs, different sauces and so on. Thus, all you need is to select some to your taste and arrange a substantial degustation in one of the cozy restaurants.


‘Fika’ time


Working Scandinavians, Swedes in particular, have a lovely ritual to have 10-15 minute breaks accompanied with pastries, cookies or pies during their workday. This tradition is called ‘fika’ and it’s starting to spread worldwide. But what are the best ‘fika’ choices?


The region’s variety of pastries is something you can definitely fall in love with. In Denmark and Norway, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to try ‘kransekake’. This Scandinavian cake takes the form of a steep-sloped cone with white icing and is hard to the touch, but soft and chewy.


Any Swedish ‘fika’ just can’t do without ‘lussekatt’, a traditional sweet bun flavoured with saffron and cinnamon. Another dessert, called ‘mazarin’, is a pastry with almond. In addition, Sweet teeth can also enjoy ‘semla’ or a plain bread bun, Danish ‘kringle’, and the small cylindrical pastry covered with green marzipan ‘punsch-roll’.


To sum up, Scandinavia is a true gastronomic paradise for those who want their food to be both healthy and delicious. That’s why while planning your journey to this magnificent region, put some restaurants in your travel list in order to not only enjoy the views, but the tastes as well.

5 Important points to note before the trip

When you are looking to entertain you need to make sure that you have an amazing menu as well as a comfortable spot to do so. What you are going to cook and serve will depend on the tastes of your guests and the season of the year. One thing is for sure, you want to make sure that you are serving meat unless they are vegetarians because it is something that you will want to have all year long. Whether you are hiding from the cold of winter or are trying to make sure that you have the best summer fare you need to have a great selection.

  1. Choosing Meat: You want to make sure that you are going to choose the right meat for the season. In the winter you may be looking for a heavier red meat. In the summer you are probably looking for white meat which will be paired perfectly with the best choices of sides. White meats would include fish and chicken as well as pork. In terms of red you would be thinking of beef and other forms of red meat that can be paired with almost any sort of meal in the winter.
  2. Preparing your meat: When you are preparing your meat, you may check out the 10 best pellet smoker 2018 for grilling purpose. That means that you will know that you are getting a taste that is smoky as well as one that is going to bring back your guests for more. In addition to thinking about the meat, you also want to think about the preparation. Are you thinking about making it be very sultry and dark or are you thinking smokey and more natural? Whatever the taste you are looking for you will want to find the right accompaniment to go with your meal. When you are looking at meats you need to ensure that you have looked at the flavor and the texture of the meat. You are going to want to use things like citrus juice on white meat and pepper and darker seasonings on red meat.
  3. Preparing Your Sides: When you are preparing your sides, you want to grill vegetables as well that will go along with your meal. Think about all the options out there for you like zucchini, potatoes, and many other sides. You want to use best pellet smoker for grilling purpose so that you can add the right smoky finish to the sides as well and know that you are going to have the best choices out there for the meal.
  4. Preparing the Best Drinks: If you have a drinking party you want to pair the right red or white with the right meat. You will see that the color of the meat and the color of the wine coincide and you need the right review and smoky palate to make sure that you are serving the best pairing Read up on your wines and then pair the wine with the meat and the vegetables that you are preparing with best pellet smoker for grilling purpose.
  5. Preparing the Mood: You need to make sure that the atmosphere is also perfect and that means that you need to have the right music and cultural experience to add to the meal. What was the style that you were preparing? What kind of music can you play to get your guests to feel as though they are a part of the experience?

Entertaining is an artform and making sure that you have the best choices for your guests such as best pellet smoker for grilling purpose. Is a great way to make your part a success and know that you are going to always bring people back time and time again? When you are looking for and are ready for the right choices in entertainment you will see that there is no way to cut corners. Having the best for your guests in food, entertainment and more is going to ensure that you are going to always have the best results. Treat your guests like gold and make the experience one that they will not forget and you will have people coming back for more and even talking about your meals. The highest form of flattery is to be brought back time and time again with your tips, your advice, and to have people want to dine at your home.

5 Tips for Your Next Wine and Cheese Pairing Party

When you invite friends over to try an array of wines and cheeses, you want to make sure you select the right ones that complement one another beautifully. For example, a sauvignon blanc will pair nicely with a fine mozzarella while pinot grigio is better with ricotta. The last thing you want is for the taste of the wine to be compromised with the wrong cheese. To help you with planning the festivities, here are some pointers for getting the right cheeses with the wine you want to provide.


1. Match Intensity

As a general rule of thumb, you want to match the intensity of the wine with whatever cheese you choose. If the wine you have has an ABV less than 12 percent, then you will want a more delicate cheese. However, if the wine has an ABV greater than 14.5 percent, then you can opt for a more intense cheese.


2. Sweet Wines Go With Funky Cheeses

It is a lot of fun to branch out and try some funky cheeses at a pairing event. You need to go about consuming these cheeses wisely because tasting them with the wrong type of wine can leave a bad taste in your mouth. A good rule to follow is to pair funky cheeses with sweet wines. These wines are generally considered to be “dessert wines,” and the “stink” associated with the cheese makes it almost creamy when paired with a sweeter wine.


3. Firm Cheese Is a Safe Bet

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with firm, nuttier cheeses for your wine and cheese pairing. This is a good route to take when there will be several different wines available, and you do not want people searching for the right cheese to use. The best cheeses to use in this instance include gouda, abbaye de belloc, gruyere and Swiss.


4. Red Wines Work Excellently With Aged Cheeses

Aged cheeses are popular because they come with numerous health benefits. Cheese is described as aged when it loses a significant amount of its water content. As a result, it works best with red wines high in tannins. Your best bet will be to go for a cheese that has been aged for at least one year.


5. Go for Wines and Cheeses From the Same Region

It is always fun if your party can have a theme, and you can be certain the wines and cheeses will work well together if they come from the same area. For example, you can pair goat cheese from Loire Valley in France with a sauvignon blanc from the same region.


You want your wine and cheese pairing event to go off without a hitch. The last thing you want to do is select a cheese that leaves an unpleasant taste in people’s mouths when served with a certain wine. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you pick out the right items to go with each other. With the right pairings, your friends and acquaintances will talk about your party for years to come.

Toast & Co. at Copper Mountain

A Must Stop when Skiing Copper Mountain Colorado

Toast & Co logo at Copper Mountain ColoradoWhen every item on the menu looks so good you can’t chose, you know you are in the right spot. Toast & Co. at the Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado is the dining destination not to be missed. Located just outside the main square in picturesque Center Village you can walk right over from the slopes then hop right back on a lift and keep riding. They only serve breakfast and lunch so don’t wait too long or you might miss out for that day.

All of the options we tried at Toast & Co were amazing and trust me we were repeat visitors. French toast, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, steak and eggs… how can you pick between pumpkin ginger cakes and caramelized pineapple pancakes? Or between the BBA sandwich, thick cut bacon cherry wood smoked, fried egg, bacon aioli, greens, roasted tomatoes, avocado on a telera roll, or the Chuck’s sandwich, a toasted pretzel roll, crispy prosciutto, scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese and a Beemster Gouda sauce? Come on!

French Toast at Toast & Co at Copper Mountain ColoradoI know you are dying to hear what we did finally pick. (PS. we took both of the above mentioned sandwiches to go and thoroughly enjoyed each, but since I am partial to avocado I would say the BBA was my top pick.) Alright enough suspense. I sat down to the Amaretto French Toast which sounds amazing right off the bat and just gets better. Made from slices of moist fresh banana bread this french toast is then dipped in an Amaretto custard to deepen the flavors. A soft mountain of Chai spiced whipped mascarpone is a decadent addition. Perhaps my favorite detail is the candied pecans for that final sweet crunch.

Steak and eggs at Toast & Co at Copper Mountain ColoradoTo balance out that sugary delight I confess to stealing some of my friends marinated beef tenderloin steak and eggs. The meat was medium rare as advertised and melt in your mouth delicious. The house chimichurri sauce they put on took this dish to the next level. Eggs, toast, and potatoes finish off this dish which might sound pretty standard, but they were anything but. I am usually a pass on breakfast potatoes, if I am going to have the carbs I choose the toast. The potatoes at Toast & Co. changed my mind completely, worth every carb.

Coffee at Toast & Co at Copper Mountain ColoradoThey also have a full bar and great coffee drinks to get you moving and compliment whichever tummy filler you prefer. Toast & Co. has everything you could want. I adore that they are “Colorado Proud” and use products from our local Colorado companies. Also that all of their eggs are 100% cage free/non GMO/free range eggs from nearby Denver. Now how can you pick anywhere else to eat while visiting Copper Mountain Resort? Ski/snowboard the mountain to build up your appetite then sit down for a great meal at Toast & Co.

Read the Toast & Co Menu – Here

Visit Copper Mountain’s Site at Coppercolorado.com or find them on Social Media – TwitterFacebookInstagram