Coping When You Have Trouble Conceiving

One of the most exciting times in a couple’s life is when they make the decision to try and have a baby. And while it would be so great if it was a simple as “coming together and making one”, the reality is that, according to the Center for Disease Control, there are over 1.5 million women each year who are between the ages of 15-44 who are considered to be infertile and 7.4 million who have tried some kind of fertility treatment over the course of their lives as a direct result.

infertilityIf you are someone who been trying to conceive for the past 12 months and you have yet to get a positive result on a pregnancy test, that can be hard to deal with.

Don’t take it out on yourself. During this time, it’s really easy to want to put the blame on yourself by wondering if it’s the result of something that you’ve done or didn’t do. However, this kind of thinking only puts stress on the body which can make it even more challenging to conceive. So, try and stay as positive as you can.

Do a lot of research. Due to the fact that infertility is not an uncommon issue, there is more and more information that’s becoming available to individuals who want to get pregnant. Websites [Read more…]