Disney Magical World Nintendo 3DS

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There is a recent trend in video games called life simulations. These games are a sort of role playing game light. Where players build / upkeep something then are rewarded for it while also helping other characters with various jobs/quests.  The game play is easy going and relaxing and moves as quickly as you’d like it to.
One of the most recent additions to this genre is Disney Magical World. This game takes the genre of life simulation and throws a whole lot of charm and Disney magic to bring a new world to life. The game starts out with you selecting your character’s appearance. This can either be created in game or through the usage of your Mii avatar associated with your 3DS.

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As the game progresses and more quests are done more customization is further and further unlocked with your character, their personal space and your cafe which is run by your character in game. The game takes familiar characters like Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and brings them to life as new friend who need help and also patrons of your cafe. There is nothing as interesting as watching Goofy eat pastries in your cafe. Some examples of the help character need are: collecting items, completing a specific set of directions,putting on the right article of clothing and getting complemented on it or as simple as fishing.
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Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box

There is a surge of video game themed toys recently.  Not only are they video game themed but they take your toy and bring them into the game.  Some examples are Skylanders and Disney Infinity.  Hasbro has joined the fray with Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box.  This new game/toy is meant for the younger crowd but is still fun and will keep everyone entertained.

pic 1Rescue Bots are one of the newest lines of Transformers.  These robots go around helping people who are in need in more real life emergency settings.  Think more along the lines of firemen and police then laser and space ships.  The Beam Box takes this theme and expands upon it making it more interactive.  The unit comes with a controller and one figure, Optimus Prime. When put inside the system Optimus is your main character in the game.  There are five games to play as Optimus, all of which are easy to control and have simple control schemes.  These games are meant for 3 to 7 year olds so do not expect any deep story or difficult to master gaming techniques, just fun little games for the little ones.  These are prefect for little ones who are tired of watching their older brothers and sisters playing video games with their toys and can’t join in because of either a lack of video game skill or a lack of a system to play on.  The interesting thing with the Beam Box is, with every new figure you buy a new game is available and the current character can be used in the five base games as well.  An example of this is the Heatwave figure.  Heatwave can be played in either the Fire Alarm Frenzy Chase game  or one of the five Optimus can be played in .
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Rayman Legends Video Game

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Rayman is back in all his legendary glory in the game, Rayman Legends.  This newest entry in the Rayman series follows in the footsteps of Rayman Origins.

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This time Rayman is out to jump, punch, bounce and float his way through 120 levels of 2.5 dimensions of platforming fun.  2.5 dimensions means for the most part, it is a 2D game but throughout the levels, characters hop from from to back or creatures will slink from area to area, making for some very interesting game play.  Legends is blast to play and is one of those games that are easy to play yet hard to master in that oh so rewarding jump and bounce way.  When running from dragons or just trying to hop off a cliff before it crumbles away, the most rewarding moments in Rayman are when a level is finished and you get that wonderful end level Rayman dance.

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Turbo Video Game by D3


Disclosure- The products below were provided to me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Video games can be difficult to gauge on the surface, especially ones which are franchises.  The gems of these are usually few and far between, but in recent years there have been some notable exceptions.  These include Toy Story and the popular Batman: Arkham series.

To be a gem, the game has to tie into the move/cartoon/character while also being fun and interesting.  Turbo: Super Stunt Squad is the newest game by D3 featuring characters from the movie Turbo.  This game is a stunt based game.  Think the popular skate boarding games of yester year minus humans and skateboards and instead super speed boosted snails.
Initially there are a few levels open.  Each level is based on a  human environment, but from a snails perspective.  These settings include a kitchen at a fast food establishment and a nail salon.  In each level there are collectibles and upgrades which unlock new abilities as well as open up new portions of the level to explore and conquer.
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