Serenity Skin Care and Body Wellness in Englewood, NJ

Looking for a great Mother’s Day gift?


If your mom is anything like most moms, she can use a break. Some rest, relaxation, and perhaps someone taking care of HER for a change of pace. Who wouldn’t like a minute to herself? I can’t think of too many things I like more then a good massage, and I’m guessing your mom is not too different in that arena.

We recently headed over to Serenity Skin Care and Body Wellness in Englewood, NJ. It was located on a really cute “main street” type of road, with a bunch of cute shops and restaurants- it would be easy to make a day of this trip.  The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, and the people who greeted you as well as the therapists were all very relaxed, easy going, and pleasant.

serenity skincare

They offer quite a few services, from facials and massages to waxing and sugaring, to manicures and more. If you want to give it all to mom (or your spouse, mother of your children, your best friend, yourself- whomever), they also have packages available. Make an afternoon of it, and enjoy the time together.  You can read a list of available treatments here.

We enjoyed their couples massage, because there is nothing better than a relaxing treatment except maybe doing so with your partner. They asked us about sore spots, previous massage experiences, preferences, and made sure we were comfortable before the massage began. It was really nice to spend the time with someone I love and being able for us both to relax and enjoy ourselves. It was one of the nicest days I’d had in a long time, and we both felt so well afterward- I’d highly recommend the service and the location.

The time we spent at Serenity Skincare was much-needed relaxation and so rejuvenating, we were both ready for a nap and to take on the world when we were done. (PS, the nap won out, we felt amazing.)

Visit their site to get all the details, to find out more, and to book an appointment.

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CloudMover Day Spa Huntington Beach

CloudMover Day Spa Huntington Beach CaliforniaThe Beach and a Spa, What Better Day…

Huntington Beach California is a vacation destination, or if you are lucky might be right outside your backdoor. Sunshine and relaxation are only enhanced by a day at the spa and the one to hit is CloudMover Day Spa. Voted #1 seven years in a row by the OC Hotlist you want to go where the locals go to get the best service in massages, facials, body treatments, and more. My experience was eye opening.

I am going to start with the facial, because I never knew the process could be this good. I have had facials before, but just a few and I never got very excited about them. Often after my skin was irritated and I never felt it looked any better for going through the discomfort and occasionally painful burn of the peels. CloudMover Spa completely changed my mind with their HydroMicrodermabrasion facial. Their staff is amazing.

Basically in the past spas had been using treatments that were too harsh for my skin type and I didn’t know better than to ask for what others recommended, I am not experienced with the beauty treatments out there. So I ended up irritating my skin and not getting good results. The HydroMicrodermabrasion method was amazing because it is gentle enough for all skin types and effective enough to really get results even with the toughest jobs. I went in with my Italian skinned gentleman friend who spends every day in the sun, pool, and slathering on sunscreen, clogged pore city. His skin looked amazing afterwards and the effects have lasted for weeks. My face has never looked so good and all of my skin issues were cleared up without any tenderness.

Facial Room at CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington California

Facial Room at CloudMover Day Spa

If like me, you are new to facials and peels don’t hesitate to tell the person booking your appointment that you don’t know exactly what you want. Let the esthetician guide you when they get a look at your skin type and any particular issues, otherwise like me you might request something not suited for you. Don’t go through a bad experience when it is just a mater of  finding the right match, which might take some help from an expert. I can not recommend a better place for that expert advice than CloudMover Day Spa after my experience.

We also enjoyed their couples massage, because there is nothing better than Zen-ing out except perhaps doing so with your significant other. I always appreciate any business that holds themselves to the highest standards especially one that is handling my body. The massage therapists at CloudMover are of the highest caliber. They had us so relaxed there was definitely some snoring going on, both of us claiming it was the other person, PS it was totally him. By the end we were left debating who was more with it to drive home before we fell into bed for a nap.

Couples Massage at CloudMover Day Spa in Orange County

Couples Massage Room at CloudMover Day Spa

Spending time at CloudMover Day Spa was delightful and so rejuvenating, after our little rest we spent the rest of the night and the next few days enjoying loose muscles and glowing skin. There are more services you can check out like, waxing, body treatments, tanning, and an infrared sauna. There full list can be found HERE.

Visit their site to get all the details or find out more on Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagram – Yelp

CloudMover Day Spa Orange County LogoCloudMover Day Spa
Located in the 5 Point Plaza
18685 Main St, Ste 104
Huntington Beach, CA 92648



Couples Massage at Elements Massage in Irvine Ca.

You have heard about a couples massage. The topic comes up around the Holidays and Valentines as a great gift idea, which it is! There is no reason though to wait for a special occasion to enjoy this bonding experience. A couples massage can be a regular occurrence that helps you relax, enjoy each others company, and feel closer. Because there is nothing better than sharing the blissed out feeling you have leaving a great massage with your partner.

Elements Massage is an excellent choice to embrace the couples massage. They have a room specifically for side by side massages which is intimate without being claustrophobic. A relaxing, airy space for you to enjoy you choice of massage, which is customizable for each person. You can choose from Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, and Aromatherapy.

I enjoyed the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. This massage incorporates thermal therapy and salt therapies through the stones enhancing the experience. My partner chose the Deep Tissue Massage to deal with shoulder issues, a therapeutic massage to really go deep and help get him back in balance. The whole process was perfect. Lovely setting, the staff was delightful, and the massages exactly what each of us was looking for.

The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage had a lovely light heat, more warming than what you might think of with a Hot Stone massage. This process can sometimes increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. I certainly felt better afterwards! I did not realize how tweaky my back was until after the massage began. The therapeutic massage did wonders for my partner. He left the table feeling stretched, relaxed, and ready to go home and cuddle! Be prepared to have something already cooked at home or to get some food, because all you are going to want to do after is curl up and enjoy the post massage bliss.

Elements Massage in Irvine is a beautiful location. Definitely a perfect place to stop and relax. You can find an Elements Massage near you on their website A couples massage is a wonderful treat for both of you to enjoy together.

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A Day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

An outdoor spa not to be missed!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs located in Corona California, just south of Los Angeles is the spot for relaxation and fun. The grounds are positively beautiful. The soothing sound of running water from strategic fountains and a small constructed stream with waterfalls adds a natural soundtrack to your visit. There are plenty of options to pick from, saline pools, the natural hot springs, hot and cold pools to splash back and forth between, and the highlight of the visit, Club Mud! This was my first experience covering myself in red clay and I can not wait to do it again.

You want to set aside more than five hours for your visit and definitely consider being there the whole day. Summer hours are considerably longer of course so keep in mind that after Nov. 1 – Feb. 28 they close at five instead of nine. Glen Ivy offers more than just the spa experience, massages, skin treatments, and salon services are all available during your visit. If you are getting a service and having a leisurely meal this is an all day event.

I got the mud massage which is designed to detox the body and man does it work. I could feel the stress and cruddy build up from my muscles sucked right out of my back. Christina my masseuse was knowledgeable with a firm hand, adjusting all my sore spots and leaving me feeling stretched and relaxed. I would recommend if you are getting massage done you either plan it first, or bring a second swim suit though. Putting back a cool wet suit after a nice warm massage was not ideal.

There are two places to eat on site and you can even enjoy a cocktail while soaking in the sun.
The food is excellent. Some of the ingredients are even grown on the property and those that aren’t are still amazingly fresh. The nachos are a must share. The portion is huge and these are the best nachos I have ever eaten. The cheese sauce is a perfect balance of cheesy, without being overwhelming or greasy. The salad tasted as good as it looked and it looks stunning! Definitely plan on spending the time to eat here.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is perfect for a ladies day or couples getaway. A day outside surrounded by nature and good company is the best retreat you can find. I made this trip with a friend and I am excited to return again for a couples spa visit. Your first visit will not be your last.

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*Mud is fabulously fun and the Club Mud is the best, BUT pick a bathing suit without white! The mud definitely takes some work to get out and white may not recover.


Friendship and the Spa @FriendshipDairies #ThePowerofFriendship

Friendship is a beautiful thing. Friends offer you comfort, support, share laughs, and and bring you joy. They also sometimes drag you places you never thought you would go or to do things you never imagined. There are times that these adventures open our eyes to whole new experiences that enhance our lives. I will also confess there have been times I say one and done to such adventures, but not so with my trip to the Korean Spa.

I knew what spas were, women and men walking around in robes as they were pampered in one way or another. I confess I had never experienced more than a massage myself. I walked down to the room then crawled in just my panties under the sheets to be enjoyably rubbed down and relaxed. Even that level of nudity made me somewhat uncomfortable, because lets face it, we all have some reservations about certain parts of our body. I certainly don’t fit the Barbie body model.

This is where friendship took me to a place I had never been before, a whole new level of spa, the Korean Spa. My friend Carrie convinced me that this was something not to be missed and I confess I am always up for a challenge. Even if the idea is terrifying. So I embarked on a trip to the Korean Spa or as my friend sometimes calls it, naked lady bonding time, lol.

The closest you have likely come if you have never had the experience yourself is the gym locker room and sauna. There are usually one or two women that strut their stuff in the buff. These are not always the young, or the fittest, but they are confident and not afraid to be exposed in front of strangers while the rest of us hover in a corner trying to show as little as possible. Well at the Korean Spa you have no choice but to let it all hang out, which is a hurdle only friendship got me over.

The ladies locker room at a Korean Spa has wonderful amenities. Hot and cold pools, wet and dry saunas, and lines of showers for you to scrub down in. Oh, and everywhere you look naked women. You aren’t allowed to wear bathing suits, there are no robes in the area or even many towels until you are done and really ready to dry off. I think this is in part just practical or the spa would go through more laundry then is reasonable. There is also a cultural element. This is just how the Korean people were adjusted to women coming together to bathe. Very not the norm for Americans.

At first I was very uncomfortable being so exposed, not only in front of strangers, but my friend as well. Then the longer I was there the more I realized there was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. When everyone is naked no one is looking. There were women of ever shape and size unabashedly walking around, enjoying the spa, and completely comfortable. It was an eye opening experience and truly beautiful. I felt more confident and comfortable as I stayed and sweat in the steam rooms. I lost my reservations and self-consciousness as I went into the pools of water. I left that spa loving my body more than I ever had before and appreciating my friend more for bringing me this new adventure.

Since then I have introduced other friends to the Korean Spa experience and repeated my trips regularly. I always leave feeling comfortable, confident, and relaxed after. I thank my friend for taking me somewhere I would not have been brave enough to go alone. It was amazing to be exposed literally around other women and not judged. I am thankful to and for my friends and also the other women there that form a sisterhood. I wish that feeling of freedom continued throughout all of my experiences with my clothes on.

Check out this video about the power of friendship-

The Cliff House Resort and Spa, Maine

I love resorts with history and oceanfront locations! Lucky for me, when I was last in Ogunquit, Maine I had the opportunity to stay at a lovely resort that offered both a rich history of welcoming guests for more than 142 years and a stunning location on 70 Oceanfront acres of land.
pic6The Cliff House is an aptly named resort and spa. Situated on the cliffs of the Maine coastline, the centrally located resort offers vast meeting spaces and the largest banquet facilities in the area making it the ideal location for productive business travel.
P1010331I enjoyed the full service spa with 10 service rooms, a sauna, an outdoor stone meditation labyrinth and a state of the art fitness center. Not only was I able to relax in an adults only atmosphere, but I was able to do so with stunning ocean views! There is nothing like indulging in a massage or a pedicure while taking in the sights of the sea.

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