Flamingo Gardens Fort Lauderdale FL

Bird Watching Up Close and Personal at the Flamingo Gardens Botanical Gardens and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary

Flamingo Gardens Bird Preserve Fort Lauderdale Florida

Anyone that has ever been attracted to bird watching and communing with nature needs to add the Flamingo Gardens in Fort Lauderdale Florida to their list of travel destinations.

Flamingo Gardens bird preserve large white birdThe gardens are in part a small zoo or sanctuary for animals that can’t live in the wild, while giving visitors a peek into the magic of the Everglades. With interesting local wildlife and the usual exhibits you might expect comes the unexpected surprise of real immersion.

There are owls you can view through the wire of their habitats, educational shows, and a tram ride to offer a look behind the scenes, but Flamingo Gardens Botanical Gardens and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary has something that really stands out. An open habitat aviary that is home to a variety of indigenous fowl.

Seeing a pelican and some of the other large species is a little like coming face to face with a dinosaur. The smaller birds fly from tree to tree overhead while their larger cousins paddle in the water or waddle on land. Walking within a few feet of these magical creatures is a captivating way to understand why birds fascinate so many of us. My family has owned a few birds over the years so this was not my first time getting to study them up close, but the shear volume and variety was amazing. You will definitely be clicking away with your camera!

Birds nests at the Flamingo Gardens BOTANICAL GARDENS & EVERGLADES WILDLIFE SANCTUARYBetween that level of interaction, the natural beauty of the trees and plants, you could not pick a more lovely place to spend the afternoon. If you want to get a real feel for the Everglades after this up close look at the wildlife that lives there you simply drive a few miles up the road and into the Everglades National Forest. Flamingo Gardens offers the opportunity to view all this wildlife up close right next-door  to National Forest where you see the grander and full scope of the environment these animals come from.


When planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale this is a top choice for destinations. Really getting a feel for local wildlife brings the whole experience to another level beyond just viewing animals at any of the zoos around the country. Their mission as a wildlife and botanical sanctuary is something we can support. Educating visitors about endangered plant and wildlife species in the Everglades and Southern Florida while enjoying a day out in nature is a winning combo.

Wildlife preserve at Flamingo Gardens Fort Lauderdale Florida red eyed bird and Everglades sign

To find out more or plan a visit to Flamingo Gardens Botanical Gardens and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary visit their website Flamingogardens.org or follow them on Social Media – TwitterFacebookInstagram

How To Acquire Boat License In Florida

In Florida, before you start using your boat on water, you are required to have a boating license. Some of the factors they consider when issuing you the boat license is your age. Read the following guidelines to understand how you can get a boating license in Florida.

  1. What You Really Need

It is commonly called the boating license, but in actual sense, it is a Boater Education Card. It is a must-have if you intend to go boating and if you are born past 1st January in 1988. It is recommended for those born before this time, but it is not compulsory. You are not required to have the boater educational card. People with less than 14 years of age are not allowed to operate a boat. This is regardless of if you have the boater education card.

  1. Enroll for the Boater Education Training

To acquire a boater educational card, you are supposed to enroll and complete a training course. Upon completion, you are approved to get the boater education card from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Basically, this training covers the legal requirements, operation, and maintenance of the boat. For the training, you can enroll for the classroom training which takes 8 hours for day training and 12 hours for the part-time training. You can also enroll for the online training at Florida aceboater. After, the training you need to sit for an exam and score more than 80%. You will be issued with a temporary waiting card as you wait for the Boater Education Card. This course was intended to help boaters have fun and stay safe in water.

The following are ways you can enroll and complete your Boater Education course:
1. You should attain a course that is approved by the 12 FWC

  1. Choose any of the approved classrooms that are provided by the United States Power Squadron or it can also be approved by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Additionally, you can look for the online approved courses.
  2. You can enroll for the home study training, which is offered by the U.S Power Squadrons or the FWC. If you choose the home study program, the course provider will give you free course and reading materials. The home study course may take up to 8 hours to complete. Some course providers may charge something small. They may charge up to $50 for the home course.

3.Giving out Your Details

Once you have successfully completed the course, you are required to provide some of your personal information such as the certificate of completion, your address, your name, date of birth and your phone number. All this information is sent to the Division of Law Enforcement and The Boating Safety Section in Florida. You are not required to renew the card. It is a lifetime card. However, if you lose it, you can give out your details again to the above institutions to get a new card.

Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Training

space camp

There are many reasons why actual space travel for civilians is quickly gaining momentum. Corporate ventures, like Mars One, Virginia Galactic and Elon Musk’s space-bound Tesla, have made such voyages closer to being a real possibility. Celebrities like Beyonce have reportedly put deposits on being one of the first on a commercial flight. Turmoil and pollution on this planet often makes escaping it a tempting option. Also, there is wide interest in STEM programs: phones and video games have created a universal audience and brought awareness to people of science aptitude they didn’t even know they had.

visit nasa

Now, thanks to NASA and the Kennedy Space Center, students can get hands-on training to go to Mars! The Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) is a special simulation of space walks, landing a capsule and more, to give a physical experience to complement the science they’ve been studying. After all, there’s so much more to exploring space than what’s on the page of a book. This gives students a real incentive to be able to achieve the exciting pinnacles of being an astronaut. Participants will take part in a Space Launch System rocket. They’ll also spend the day working on simulated Mars: collaborating with each other, doing engineering work and botany-gardening to supply food. So thought provoking, and the hands on experience gives you and your children a whole new perspective, and experience, to space and what astronauts deal with. 

meet an astronaut

So, what is it like to be an astronaut for a living? You can find out for yourself by attending the Heroes & Legends Astronaut Encounter. Every single day at the Space Center, you can meet an actual astronaut who has lived and worked in space. You can ask questions, shake hands and even pose together for an unforgettable photo. This is usually over a buffet style lunch, where the astronaut talks, shows photos, and gives examples as well as answers questions while you and your family eat. Afterward, queue up for a photo with the space hero (take your own, or the professional will take one for you and you can pick it up later). 

astronaut training camp

Kennedy Space Center is just 45 minutes from Orlando. They open daily at 9 am, but with so many exhibits, activities, IMAX movies and people to meet, you just might want to invest in one of their annual passes. They are also about 40 minutes from Cocoa Beach, another lovely option, and a good one for those looking to spend time outdoors and at the beaches of Florida. 

Escape the Cold- to the Best Beaches in America. Visit Desin, Florida

Now that the cold weather has arrived, you might be thinking about ways to escape it.  Consistently rated among the best beaches in Florida and in the USA (and even the world), you can’t go wrong with a visit to Destin, Florida. Known for it’s emerald green, yet totally clear water and white “sugar sand” powder soft beaches, Destin will give you the break from reality that you have been craving. If you have yet to make up your mind, let the beautiful scenery, amazing seafood, and endless opportunity for outdoor activities help you arrive to that conclusion.

best beaches

If you are a fan of seafood, you will be in a foodie paradise. Obviously the fare is as fresh as it gets, being right on the water. Part of Florida’s “panhandle” (along the Northwest of the state, most boardering the Gulf of Mexico, and yes- because it looks like a panhandle), people here take seafood seriously. You will find some of the most interesting and unique ways of cooking seafood you have had along the panhandle region, in my own experience. You might have had oysters, but I can guarantee you have not tried them all the ways you will find them here. It doesn’t’ matter if you prefer “tried and true” dishes or you are more of an adventurous eater, you won’t be disappointed in Destin.

beach restaurants

At The Crab Trap, you can eat outdoors or inside. I’d recommend out, as this restaurant has the most beautiful views of the beach and the Boardwalk below. There, watch beachgoers play vollyball or the waves roll in while you enjoy your meal. The ocean breeze is peaceful and welcome, and it’s a very relaxing way to spend your time out as a family. Located directly below you is The Boardwalk at Okaloosa Island, with shops, a small spray park, and other ways to while away your time. Let the kids run ahead of you or enjoy the water while you keep an eye on them. Great restaurant with great food, fantastic service (really, top notch), location, atmosphere, and views.  (crabtrapdestin.com)

fishing pier

Make sure you take the time to visit Okaloosa Island Pier after you eat; it’s about a block away. Not only the perfect spot to take a family photo, but you can also look for dolphins, fish, seabirds, or other marine life. You can also go fishing as well if you’d like.  I know, again with the views- but really, they are incredible.

destin aquaruim

Across the parking lot, in the same center, is the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park (gulfarium.com). It is a top Fort Walton Beach attraction, and perfect for families and animal lovers. This marine park houses animals like seals, turtles, alligators, fish, snakes, and much more. Learn from trainers and staff members about these animals, their care, and what they do in the wild. There are live shows at set times, and you can also sign up for animal encounters to feed penguins, snorkel with stingrays, and other options. Do this ahead of time so that you have your choice available to you at a time you are able to attend. 


We were definitely looking to spend as much time as we were able to outdoors. Getting as much vitamin D as you can while you can is always good, true? If you are looking for some outdoor adventure, book some time with Destin Snorkel & SNUBA Tour (destinsnorkel.com) Easily one of the coolest things we have done in a long time, this experience is part scuba, part snorkel, and perfect for almost any age and any level of swimmer.  Head over to the (very cool, save time to walk and shop along) boardwalk, where you will meet your SNUBA professional and get your snuba-suit on. Yes, it’s just a wetsuit and fins, but you will feel so much cooler thinking of it that way. Once you are ready, head onto the boat where you are driven to safe, calm, and clear waters. First, you will receive a 30-minute orientation where you are shown how to use all equipment and explanations are given, as well as questions answered. Then, you can swim and snorkel for a while. After that, you are able to dive up to 20 feet, with the rest of your group and your SNUBA instructor swimming along with you. Your mouthpiece is connected to an oxygen tank, and you are able to breathe fairly easily after you get used to it. You can see quite a variety of ocean life, and it’s a really awesome experience to be completely submerged underwater for such long stretches of time. Literally otherworldly, and very peaceful.  Not a great swimmer? Believe it or not, that’s OK. Got kids? Also fine. Call ahead and talk to them about restrictions, but there are far fewer then you might think. If you have never experienced SNUBA, or are thinking about SCUBA diving but have not yet, you must try this. An absolute “must try” experience for anyone. 

scuba diving

While you are in the area, and you’ve worked up an appetite, head to Harbor Docks for some lunch. This Destin seafood restaurant staple has been locally sourcing food for more than 35 years, and you can really sense the pride and connection to the community. The menu offers only fresh, locally grown or locally caught options and flavors. Harbor Docks prides themselves on their long established relationships with local growers, fisher people, and seafood markets when at all possible.  In addition, you will find an unusual for the area cooking style, brought to you by Yoshia Eddings (sushi chef) as well as Dang McCormick, who is from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and runs the kitchen. There is not a ton of Asian influence in the area, and added nice variety. 


For an interesting way to see some of the local landscapes, Destin Airboat Tour offers informative tours, views you won’t see many other ways, and the enjoyment of riding in an airboat (destinairboat.com). The kids will really love this. The 6 passenger capacity airboat’s  owner and operator, Captain Frank, has been described as “a crusty Ozark Mountain Hillbilly with a sense of humor and love of nature”.  I don’t disagree- he is definitely a character, and amusing. Again, the kids will get a kick out of him. They will get a turn to drive the boat as well if they want (anyone can, should they like to), and my own kids gladly took the opportunity. Captain Frank is also the proud owner of the only mobile, floating chapel I have ever seen, and should you be looking to get married, he can spirit you off to do so. In a floating church. Really. (That’s enterprising, no?)

Florida organic

Some of the best food we ate while in Florida was at this “off the beaten path” place called Café Organic. The food was local when possible, organic, natural, and delightful. The menu changes seasonally and based on what is available from the organic, local farmers they work with. Best part? They didn’t even overcharge for the goodness and sustainability factor. A little out of the way, but entirely worth it, the food was amazing, and tasted as good as it was for you. The owners, chiropractors, make all the food from scratch and also still practice, and host other events such as yoga and tai chi on the property. No, not in the restaurant, but next door. There is also a food co-op for locals to participate in. These people are the embodiment of practicing what they preach (or “you are what you eat”, choose a saying you prefer, they both work).  Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc? No problem. You won’t have a problem finding something you can eat here, and multiple options, even. Meat eater? Also no problem- everything goes here, as long as it’s healthy and tastes good. (cafeorganicfwb.com)

paddle boarding

Get outside and stay outside, if you know what’s good for you! Have you ever tried Paddleboarding? Also called SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), it is a great way to be outside and active. It’s not as easy as it looks- think yoga on water. As long as you have decent balance, you will be OK. Don’t really? That’s also OK- you will just fall in a few times while you get used to it. This has become a favorite activity of ours, and one we have brought numerous friends out to do with us. If you have not tried it, do yourself a favor. If you have, all the more reason to head out with the Paddle Tribe Company. (paddletribecompany.com) The waters are lovely to glide through, and you will enjoy several different types of waters and scenery during your time out. No matter if you are a first timer or you’ve been out often, this is a fun time out and a good way to experience some of Destin’s topography. It’s also a killer workout, keep off some of that vacation weight, woot!

play outside

The Paddle Tribe Company is located directly outside LuLu’s Destin, a beachfront restaurant that often has live entertainment in addition to it’s excellent food and scenery (Lulubuffett.com). While you wait for your food to arrive (and of course, the seafood options are innumerous), the kids can play on the beach, which is outfitted with sand toys and games like cornhole. Parents can play as well, or they can enjoy some “chill” time, whatever works for you. 

lulu's destin

None of this even begins to take into account the time you can spend relaxing poolside or at a dazzling Destin beach, where you will no doubt want to park yourself for at least part of your trip. There is so much to see and do in Destin and the surrounding area, that you will be hard pressed to find a reason NOT to visit. Some of the best beaches in the world, fantastic seafood, endless outdoor activities, friendly local service, all of which makes your family vacation easy to plan and stress free.  Check out a few of the links, you will be searching for flights in no time.

best seafood

Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX) at Kennedy Space Center

Your Child’s Dream of Space Travel is HERE!

We have all imagined what it might be like to go into space, to land on Mars, to be an astronaut. Now at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida you and your family can live it.

Learning about science and space is important, but experiencing the trials and actively participating in simulations of life on another planet gives education a whole new perspective. There are two parts to the new program, the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) and Mars Base 1. These are both are pretty much all day events, though there are shorter options available should you prefer. Keep that in mind because you will want to give yourself plenty of time for each, and time to explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

space center

Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX)

The virtual reality Walk-on-Mars, Land-and-Drive-on-Mars full-motion simulator, Launch Mission and Spacewalk Training are all part of the ATX. This experience is hands on and high tech. If you or your children already love science and have a fascination with space, this will bring that passion to life. Prepare for your mission to Mars by training like a real NASA astronaut headed to space. Once you have been through ATX, Kennedy Space Center has taken it one step further with Mars Base 1. Ever wanted to take a space walk? How about a zero-gravity experience, where you fix space equipment like a real astronaut would? You and your team are strapped into special seats just like the real thing and you are handed tools to maintain the equipment you need to function day to day in space, using NASA techniques to solve problems. Navigate Mars terrain to deliver needed goods in your own space rover- be careful, it can get very bumpy. Don’t worry, you receive training so your skills are up to par before you are sent on these harrowing missions.

You can do any of these as “mini missions” if you don’t have time to do them all at once in a 5 hour spurt. Each stage takes about 30-45 minutes.

Keep in mind that this program takes about 5 hours and does not include admission to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Mars Training Camp

Mars Base 1

What could be cooler than a day actually spent on Mars? Not and hour or a walk through display, but a real day working and surviving on the planets surface doing real science? If like me your answer is that nothing could be cooler than this, then there is no other place to be. Become a “rookie astronaut” participating in simulations and scientific research to grow and analyze crops in the Mars Botany Lab, or use robots to accomplish tasks. Yes, you actually take part in these activities, and grow real food that is really used and consumed.

Again, keep in mind that this program takes about 5 hours and does not include admission to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

There is so much to do and learn that goes beyond what we imagine. Having the real life science and innovation at your finger tips melds what we learn in books with what we actually put our hands on. Both the Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX) and Mars Base 1 offer the magic of space travel without leaving the ground. Plan your visit, first stop Florida, final destination the Red Planet, Mars.

astronaut camp

You will really want to save some time to visit Kennedy Space Center as well, it’s quite an experience on it’s own. At least a full day, more if you want to see and take part in everything the attraction has to offer. There are endless museums, theaters, an IMAX, shows, hands on demonstrations, items belonging to astronauts, satellites and ships that have been in space, and of course, there are opportunities to meet astronauts themselves. And of course, there is an app for that. Should you want, the Kennedy Space Center Official Guide App is available for free in both the App Store and Google Play. Fun.

See all the Details on the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s website – Kennedyspacecenter.com or on Social Media – Twitter FacebookInstagram

Heroes and Legends of Kennedy Space Center


“To sit back and let fate play its hand out and never influence it is not the way man was meant to operate.”

~John Glenn

space center

The passing of the iconic John Glenn – astronaut, Senator, and American hero – served as a reminder to us all of who and what’s truly admirable in life. Mind numbing apps, mediocre professional athletes who make headlines for all the wrong reasons, C-list television personalities famous for reasons no one really knows . . . these are the kinds of people who have been influencing our children (and let’s face it- many adults as well). But we’re in a position to change all that, to instill the values we hold dear.

Inspiration can be thrilling! There’s no better place to experience that than a visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida with the new Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing. This multimedia collection of interactive exhibits includes the Kennedy Space Center Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V moon rocket, Space Shuttle Atlantis®, Shuttle Launch Experience®, IMAX® A Beautiful Planet 3D and Journey To Space 3D films, Astronaut Encounter, Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted, Science on a Sphere®, Rocket Garden, Cosmic Quest, and much more. These exciting parts of the complex lead to the stunning rotunda celebrating our country’s fearless space explorers.

rocket garden

Located next to the Rocket Garden, the new exhibit begins with a 360 degree movie featuring clips of NASA, the lives of astronauts, and some memorabilia. Listening to the journeys that were made, watching the work that was done, hearing how humble these brave men and women are about the entire thing was both moving and humbling.  As you move through the Heroes and Legends, you head into large area that hangs a rocket overhead, and houses space shuttles as well as personal items of the astronauts . Characteristics that one would require to journey into space title each display, such as “Selfless”, “Inspired”, “Courageous”, with items that an astronaut felt inspirational to the person they became or an important representation of how they became the man or woman that they did. Many chose to include toys, comic books, and scouting or sports memorabilia in their representative items, reminding us that what we do as children (and what we expose our children to) really does mold who they become.

kennedy space center

You can also find the original setup and belongings of the Mercury Mission Control room, and watch a 4-D movie titled “Through the Eyes of a Hero”, which depicts the lives, excitement, setbacks and wins of the space program as well as the 93 astronauts who have so far been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

When you finish viewing, head through the doors to the Astronaut Hall of Fame and be greeted by Alan Shepherd (in statue form) to meet the inductees. Created by the Mercury Seven Astronauts (the same who adorn the outside wall of the building) as a place to honor American Astronauts, you can learn about their lives with displays and interactive touch screens.

hall of fame

With all the ugliness that has surrounded recent months, spending time at the Kennedy Space Center’s Heroes and Legends was almost healing, a balm to the soul. Looking to the stars brought me back to Earth. It was a gentle reminder of a proud history, of great minds and brave souls working together to achieve tremendous things. While no one would call me an overly emotional person for the most part, I have to admit that I found myself misty-eyed more then once.  What’s next for NASA? Well, as they will tell you- they will keep exploring.

As inspiring as the site is – and make no mistake, this is a powerfully enriching destination to visit – its behind the scenes projects are impressive, too. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) helps university students pursue careers in math, science, and technology. The U.S. Space Camp incorporates the Hall of Fame in its program.  You and your family can have lunch with an astronaut should you so choose, and ask questions about life in space or NASA. It’s not only fun, but a wonderful experience for anyone, no matter how old or young. Photos are available with the astronaut afterward, as well. In case you were wondering- of course they have Tang.

astronaugt hall of fame

Only 45 minutes from Orlando, Fla., Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex opens daily at 9 a.m. with closing times varying by season.  Admission is $50 + tax for adults and $40 + tax for children ages 3-11. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers annual passes starting at $75 + tax for adults and $60 + tax for children ages 3-11. For more information, call 877-313-2610 or visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.

Orlando Vacations Off the Beaten Path

Millions of tourists flock to Orlando, Florida every year with one of several popular vacation destinations in mind. While a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” is certainly a draw for couples and families alike, if you’re looking for a totally different experience, there’s plenty to find in the area. Next time you visit the city, opt for one of many Orlando vacation rentals and venture out to one of these off-the-beaten-path attractions.

Bask in Nature at Harry P. Leu Gardens

If you have an affinity for nature and for history, you won’t want to miss the Harry P. Leu Gardens. The estate sprawls across 50 acres of land, with beautiful trees and colorful flowers. The purpose of Leu Gardens is to educate visitors about the plants through interactive experiences. Local residents can learn even more by signing up for classes or by participating in one of the many events onsite. Located on the grounds is a historic 19th-century home that’s been fully restored, where visitors can get a taste of how people lived in the 1800s.

Explore at the Orlando Science Center

Planets, kinetics, and dinos, oh my! Take a trip to the Orlando Science Center and inspire learning and discover the continents in a new way. There are plenty of attractions for children and adults, to keep you busy throughout the entire day. Participate in hands-on exhibits to keep the kids busy, take in a laser light show or watch one of several movies on giant screens.

Get Up Close with an Airboat Ride

If you’re looking for something truly unique to do with the family, consider hopping on an airboat and taking a wild ride through the swamps and walking through a Native Village. Boggy Creek is located in Kissimmee, just minutes away from the theme parks, and it offers an up-close look at the way Native Americans lived many years ago. Airboat rides are available during the day and evening. Take a sunset tour and end your day on a romantic note or opt for late-night expeditions where you can see the alligators at work in their natural habitat.

Shop and Have Fun at Downtown Springs

If you simply can’t miss a chance to do something, anything Disney, you can have lots of fun at Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney. Here, you can shop for souvenirs, take in several impromptu performances and eat food from around the world. You can try Coca-Cola flavors from several different countries and satisfy your sweet tooth at one of many candy stores. There’s more than just shopping and eating, too. Head to the bowling alley or Dine and Watch a movie at the onsite cinemas.

Kick Back and Relax at the Spa

While centered on attractions, Orlando is also a popular lover’s retreat. That’s why you can find several spas where you can get a massage, enjoy a wrap and just simply indulge yourself like you deserve. While some do accommodate walk-ins, this is the type of activity that you’ll want to book weeks in advance.

Whether you’re looking for romantic or adventurous adult outings, or want to spend the day doing an activity that leaves your children awe-inspired, there’s no limit to the fun you can find. These are just some ideas to get you started, and if you’re interested in more check out Visit Orlando for more trip planning ideas.

Boca Raton Resort & Club Hosts The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party

Celebration Offers Fun For All Ages Including Musical Performances, Extravagant Buffet, Free-Flowing Champagne, a Carnival, Zip Line and More

Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in South Florida, will host its third annual New Year’s Eve celebration, Rock the Block, an over-the-top, quarter mile long block party offering live music, indulgent cuisine and festive activities for all ages.


Adults and children alike will enjoy an extravagant buffet dinner complete with an abundant raw bar, sushi bar, premium carving stations and indulgent kids options. Free-flowing Champagne will complement a deluxe open-bar. A number of upgrade options are available for those who prefer more intimate celebrations, including the lavish Spa Garden VIP Party complete with Laurent-Perrier champagne and exclusive entertainment provided by Circ-X. Additionally, guests may secure a private, luxurious cabana on the golf course’s 18th hole, which provides the best views to the resort’s own fireworks show at midnight.

Continuing the tradition of providing memorable entertainment, the night will begin with the Spazmatics, the country’s best 80’s tribute band, followed by dance idol Robin S, recent Billboard star Dev and a finale by GRAMMY Award-winning Hip-Hop Hall of Fame group Naughty By Nature, whose hits include Hip Hop Hooray and O.P.P.


The resort’s Grand Lawn, located on one end of the Block Party, will be transformed into a carnival complete with a 300 ft long zip line, a Wipeout-style obstacle course, spider tower, balloon artists and carnival games – providing fun for kids and teens.

At midnight, a magnificent private fireworks display overlooking the Resort & Club 18 hole golf course, will ring in 2016 with a bang. Tickets, available exclusively to members and hotel guests start at $115++ and are now available at http://bocaresort.com/events.