Bob Parsons – The Way I Work

Bob Parsons, founder and Executive Chairman of the Go Daddy group, is a self made
billionaire entrepreneur. Maybe this interests you either as an entrepreneur that would like to improve your
bottom line, or want to become an entrepreneur who makes a good income.

Work, is the key here. If you are looking for a formula to get quick rich, you are in the wrong
place. Bob Parsons is and has always been about putting in the time and effort needed
to succeed. A self taught programmer, Bob began his road to the top in 1984 with a
company he started- Parsons Technology. He began marketing and selling his
program, MoneyCounts, in his spare time and within three years quit his “day” job to
work on selling and supporting MoneyCounts, full-time.

Within seven years, Parsons Technology had grown to employ 1,000 people. In
1994 Bob was able to sell the company to Intuit for $64 million dollars. But, as
mentioned before, the key to success is hard work. Rather than take the money and
retire, Parsons kept working. Bob started Jomax technologies in 1997
and renamed it Go Daddy in 1999. By 2000, Go Daddy was an ICANN-accredited
domain name registrar. Currently comprised of 3 ICANN- accredited domain name
registrars, the Go Daddy family of companies is a huge success.

Bob will be the first to tell you, work is where it’s at. Just because your idea does not
take take off is no reason to give up. Any idea you have that is worth trying is worth
trying until you get it right. A single failure does not mean it is a bad idea it just means
you need to “tweak” things a bit, maybe change the way you are presenting your idea.

If you are working in your comfort zone, something you have done and done again,
without any real progress or change, then you are stagnant. You need to move
forward! [Read more…]

Inexpensive rainy day activities that keep kids interested

Children are teeming with energy, and it is ideal to let them play outside so
your house can stay clean. However, on rainy days that is not always an
option. You then need to find activities that will keep them interested without
breaking your budget. Here are some ideas that are very inexpensive and will
prevent you from hearing that familiar phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!”

1. Have Your Children Build A Fort

Children love to pretend play, and one great rainy day activity is building forts.
This activity is free and uses materials you have around the house. Set the
children up with blankets and sheets, let them move chairs around and watch
their creative juices flow! They will have a blast creating their fort and playing
house in their fort for hours.

2. Make a Batch Of Homemade Play Dough

There are many homemade recipes for play dough, and most can be made
with materials you have in your kitchen. Involve your children in stirring and
mixing the play dough as well. This will keep them [Read more…]

4 Tips on How To Get the Most Out of Costa Rica on the Cheap

Costa Rica is a great country for nature lovers. The problem is that ever since it became a popular place for travelers it also became expensive. Since not all of us can afford spending a small fortune on a vacation I came up with a list tips to save you money and have great adventures.

How to Save When Visiting Costa Rica:

1. Arenal and La Fortuna – Secrets to fun and cheap adventures such as: La Fortuna Waterfalls, Hanging Bridges and Hot Springs – go without a guide. You don’t need a tour for these places and this way all you do is pay for the entrance fee which is a fraction of the price for a tour.


2. Monteverde Cloud Forest – Head to the private reserves of Santa Elena or Monteverde and simply do the hiking and exploring on your own. There is so much to see and do, and quite frankly a guide doesn’t really point out anything that isn’t obvious.

However, if you want to see tons of animals, including colorful frogs, take ‘the night tour’ instead of the regular day tour. Believe me it is worth the $25 per person. During the day tour you don’t see as many frogs and animals. There are many interesting Costa Rica tours to choose from and this is just one of them.


3. Manuel Antonio [Read more…]