Capturing Family Vacations


Whether you’re children are infants or they are heading off to college in just a short while, you know how precious vacations with them are. Enjoying the moment is important, but you also want to ensure that you take pictures. Years in the future, when your kids have kids of their own, you can sit back and look at all the fun you had.

Select Your Equipment

Taking pictures with your cell phone is one way to capture the moments, and you’ll probably use that method for at least some of the photos. While phone cameras do offer high quality on modern devices, you may want extra special touches for those extra special photos. For example, if you own a GoPro Camera, purchasing GoPro mounts and adding GoPro filters can help to amplify your pictures. You may want to look into selfie stickers, underwater cameras or other devices that are appropriate for your travels.

Balance Your Poses

Snapping some photos of the family perfectly posed at every single attraction probably seems tempting. However, it can also waste time, especially when you are in a line to see the exhibits. Instead of trying to overly plan out your photos and posing your family every few minutes, take some candid shots too. Those pictures are often the best at displaying how much fun your family really had on the trip.

Don’t Miss the Major Moments

While you don’t want to spend the entire vacation positioning your family members as though they are in a photo shoot for a magazine, you also don’t want to miss pictures with the biggest attractions either. Before you go to each locale, you may want to take a mental or actual note of what attractions you want family photos at. Then, you can ensure that you get a mix of posed photos and candid pictures.

Make Safety a Priority

With modern technology, you always have to make safety a priority. When you’re on vacation, you may be tempted to post a picture on social media of you and your family enjoying time at a particular attraction. However, by doing so, you are telling a large group of people that no one is home, which can lure unsavory individuals to break into your home. Save the photos for now; upload them into an album when you get back. Also, you may want to hand your camera to a stranger so that the entire family can get in. Trusting strangers with expensive items can be a risk, however.

Remember to Have Fun

As you are busy taking pictures, you might forget to have fun yourself. You aren’t going to remember the fun that you documented if you don’t have any. Put the camera away for awhile, or ask your partner to take some pictures. When you get back to the hotel, jot down some notes about your favorite parts of the outing so that you can include the ideas in a scrapbook later.

Assemble the Photos

Don’t just let the photos sit on your camera when you get home. You could order printed copies of the images and put them into a scrapbook yourself, or you could have a photo album made online. Doing so helps you to keep better track of your pictures. Furthermore, you do not have to worry that the technology will fail and delete all of your images.

Family vacations make beautiful memories for you and your loved ones, and you want to ensure that you remember these trips. Taking pictures and putting them together in a display is one way that you can preserve these memories and look back at them in later years.

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This guest post was made by, a videography company based in Austin, Texas. supplies up and coming photographers and videographers as well as educates the public with guides and “How to videos”.

Unique Summer Getaways in Idaho and Utah


If you’re looking to visit Utah or Idaho, there’s no shortage of options for a fun, outdoorsy trip. Here are four great options to consider:

Wind Caves Hike in Logan, Utah

This 3.5 mile trail is used for hiking and is open from March through November. The trail is described as moderate, so this might be just the right trail to attempt with children who enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind walking.


With children in tow, the hike should still only take about around three hours.

The path is well marked.

There are wildflowers along the trail, and the views of the canyon make for a beautiful hike.


There are steep areas, and some parts of the trail are narrow, which can be hard for smaller children.

Hardware Ranch in Utah

If you take a little drive to the east of Logan on highway 101, you’ll find Hardware Ranch. In the summertime families can see an amazing variety of wildlife while roaming around the ranch, and winter is the perfect time to see elk up close and personal.


The people at Hardware Ranch dedicate their time to helping others learn about animals and wildlife. This destination has the benefit of being fun and educational, hopefully sparking a child’s interest in animal research and nature.

Around the same area as Hardware Ranch are places to fish, camp, and hunt.


Winter storms may wreak havoc on the roads, so it’s necessary to check conditions before attempting the drive to the ranch.

The ranch is closed Tuesday-Thursday every week. This is something to consider when planning a trip.

Snake River Greenbelt in Idaho Falls, Idaho

The Snake River Greenbelt offers views of geese, ducks, and the river, including the falls. There are trails for both walking and biking, and you can also climb around the river on the rocks to get even better views.


Free entertainment! For zero dollars your kids can run their energy out.

Snake River Greenbelt is great for relaxing or for adventure. You can pack a picnic, relax, and enjoy the scenery or hike the over two mile trail around the area.


This is Idaho, so it can be cold around the water any time of year.

The walking and bike paths are sometimes congested with large groups of people. This can be a problem if you have kids who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, as they could be hit by rollerbladers or bikers.

Hell’s Half Acre about 25 miles west of Idaho Falls, Idaho

The landscape on this hike was created by lava flows in this area. Designated as a National Natural Landmark and a Wilderness Study Area, this area is the perfect place to study geology in its untainted form.


It’s not hard to find Hell’s Half Acre since there is easy access from Interstate 15.

This journey can be a great learning experience. Hikers have the chance to learn how animals and plants adapted to live in an area that used to be covered with lava. There are signs along the trail to help hikers learn more.


Due to the lava helping form this area, the terrain on this trail is cracked with jagged places, which can present problems for small kids.

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This post is courtesy of KJ’s Superstores with many locations in Nevada and Wyoming, including a Logan Utah convenience store and Idaho car wash. KJ’s offers healthy snacks, premium fuel and a wide selection of items for your travel needs for the whole family.

Can XNSPY Be the Undetectable Phone Spy You Need?


Xnspy is an undetectable phone spy that can monitor all the activities happening via the target’s cell phone. Many people don’t know this, but technology has advanced so much that monitoring anyone is very easy and possible.

Why People Want to Use It

Sometimes, communication can become the reason of conflict. Parents usually find it difficult to communicate with their kids, especially in their teen years. To avoid friction, using a spying app can be an indispensable form of looking out for the kids’ safety.

An increasing number of employers are also adopting the use of mobile monitoring solutions to keep their workers focused while they are at work. Through the features these apps offer, they can keep their workers in check and maintain workplace discipline. This has proven very helpful in increasing productivity and maximizing resources for different businesses.

Abilities of this Undetectable Phone Spy

There is no denying that technology has come a long way, and with the new developments in the tech-world, the need to find ways to monitor our kids, loved ones, and employees is increasing. Because people don’t feel comfortable about knowing that you are watching them, using undetectable apps to keep them safe from harm is good idea. XNSPY offers the following most-used monitoring features without making its presence in the target device, a matter of concern:

  • Monitor all SMS and IM Chats – This app has the ability to allow users to read all conversations happening via text messages and internet messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Kik, and Line.

  • Monitor and Record Calls – Users can listen to recorded calls and monitor them using the watch-list contacts feature.

  • Watch-list Contacts – This feature allows users to configure the app so that whenever watch-listed contacts communicate with the target person, they receive notifications.

  • Watch-list Words – This feature informs the user whenever the target person’s conversation has specific words.

  • Monitor Emails – From the control panel, you can read all incoming and outgoing emails.

  • Track Location – Users can use the GPS tracking feature to know where the target person is and what locations he or she has visited at different times of the day. It also has the inbuilt geo-fencing tool, which informs the user whenever the target device enters or leave watch-listed locations.

  • Record Phone’s Surroundings – Whenever the need arises, users of this spying app can listen to ambient recordings by turning surround recording feature on. This allows them to hear what people discuss in their absence.

  • Monitor Photos and Videos – You can see all photos and videos on the target’s device. XNSPY also marks the app through which the target person receives the photos and videos.

  • Monitor Browsing History – Because people use their iPhones to browse constantly through the day, you can use the undetectable spy app to check the browser’s history and bookmarks.

  • Lock the Device – Whenever you find the need to lock the target device, this app makes it possible to do so remotely. You don’t have to cease the device and spoil personal relations.

  • Wipe off Data – Assuming the iPhone goes missing and has sensitive data on it, the app allows you to wipe off all data remotely.

  • Monitor Installed Apps – If you are particular about the apps a target person installs on the iPhone, you can remotely block the unwanted apps.

How Many Devices Can It Monitor?

It can monitor as many devices you subscribe for! The best part is that this app works on both iOS and Android devices. On iOS devices, it is available in both Jailbroken and Non-jailbroken editions.

Are Recorded Calls Detectable?

No, they are not detectable. Once the app records calls or the ambient sounds, it temporarily saves the files on the SD-card and then deletes them once uploaded onto the control panel.

Do You Need a PC to Access Your Control Panel?

No, you can access the dashboard via your cell phone too. This means you can monitor people while you are on the go, at anywhere, and at any time.

Final Verdict

XNSPY is a great undetectable phone spy, which is affordable. Users can subscribe for it in different payment options – monthly, quarterly, or annually. Its price is as low as $8.32 per month, which is affordable by anyone.

Dental Implants: Why You May Need To Consider Them In The Future


I think our teeth are one of the parts of the body we can take for granted. They are just there, aren’t they? They do their thing each and every day. We use our teeth when we smile. We use them to eat our food. Some of us use our teeth to cut through sellotape or take labels off clothes. Our mouths go through a lot on a daily basis. But yet we only brush them, perhaps think about a dental check up every now and again, and then that’s it.

Dental implants are a viable solution to some dental problems for many. They can not only enhance cosmetically but there are other reasons to consider them as well. You can Get dental implants in Vail co at I thought I would share with you some of the reasons to consider implants in the future should you need them.

There is always the chance of being in front of the camera

As a mom, I always have my camera out ready to capture a moment or memory. However, there is always a chance I am going to be in front of it as well. I want to look back on the memories with my family. Implants could make you feel much more confident in front of the camera. You would be photo ready at any opportunity.

You may struggle with daily life

Before implants, you may be struggling with normal things. Perhaps you have gaps in your teeth. This can cause you problems for your dental health in the future. If top or bottom teeth have nothing to grind on they can end up growing longer than they should. Having implants in place could stop this problem occurring.

Without implants you may struggle to eat different foods. This could be for many reasons. Perhaps the gaps in your teeth make eating certain foods hard work. Or maybe your teeth are sensitive or corroding away for one reason or another. It could make life much easier for you. The last thing you need is problems with your mouth.

It’s not as difficult as you think

It’s not as complicated as you may think. It could be quite a simple procedure, but can offer you amazing results. The best advice is to do some research online and speak to professionals.

It may encourage you to smile more

Knowing that you have corrected any imperfections you may feel that you have. It could encourage you to smile more. It will only be yourself that can make the decision, but it could change your life. Smiling more will always make you feel better. Whether that is for a picture or just smiling at your children. Having confidence in yourself can massively improve your mood and smile.
You may think that your teeth aren’t that important. But when you think about what you put your mouth through each day, why wouldn’t you take care of them more? Smiling can make a huge difference to how you feel, and inner confidence can do wonders for more than just the way you look, but how you feel as well.

Fun Activities to Do with Kids During Vacation

There are hundreds of activities you can do during a holiday but if you are traveling with kids, you need to think about their safety and wellness. Long walks and commute can bore your children, they also hate staying for too long in one travel destination. The surge of tourist crowd can also be an issue to their safety.

Despite the difficulty, family vacation can be as fun as traveling with friends. You and your children can enjoy plenty of activities without sacrificing the security of your children. Here are some of them:

Build a Sand Castle

Are you planning to visit the beach? Aside from swimming and playing volleyball, you can opt to play in the sand. Help your kids build the grandest and biggest sand castle you can make. Aside from sparking their imagination, this activity also keeps them busy while you bask under the sun.

Visit a Water park

As a safer alternative, you can visit a water park instead of the beach. Normally you cannot build sand castles on water parks but there are other exciting activities that you can do with your kids. You can join them in water slides or learn surfing. There are also rafting, water spa, and plenty of other water activities. Water parks can be crowded at times though, so talk with your kids on where to go in case they get lost. Also know, where the emergency canter is in case an accident happens.

Check out the Zoo

Turn your vacation into an educational trip by visiting the zoo. Kids love animals so despite the long walk around the zoo, they can still enjoy this activity. Plenty of zoos today are interactive, so you can let the kids feed the animals or watch them perform. There are other activities that would make your kids entertained. In Bronx Zoo for example, there are 4D theater and bug carousel, which your children would definitely love. Aside from zoos, you can also visit aquariums or ocean parks to teach your kids about life under the sea.

Ride a bike

A visit to a park is a fun substitute to crowded tourist destinations. You can set up a picnic and bring some fun games like ball and flying disc. For a more memorable experience you can buy bikes online or rent from local shops to bike around the park. The Androscoggin River Bike Path in Maine or the Springwater Corridor in Oregon are just some of the many kid-friendly bike paths in America. Biking is a great activity for kids because they get to appreciate nature while instilling the importance of good health.

Discover Local Food

Many parents are careful with food when they are on a holiday, especially when out of the country. They don’t want a visit to the hospital spoil the family adventure. However, local foods are great way to teach your kids about culture and diversity. They’ll be more open-minded and acceptable towards people of different race if they learn to appreciate foods like these. You just have to carefully choose where you eat, either in the street or a restaurant. You’ll be surprised at how tasty local dishes can be.

As a parent you can find happiness when your kids are happy. Do these activities together and prepare your camera to capture fun-filled moments.

What can we expect from commodities in future?

This is a guest post from Medica Depot.  All opinions are their own.

It is no secret that markets have gone through various changes in last couple of years. Similarly to any other market crash, this one forced people to be more conservative and cautious about their money. Paper cash is no longer desired. Stocks and bonds also lost popularity given that these financial instruments are always connected to economy of a particular country. Simply put, investors are no longer sure where to invest. Most of them believe that the money will slowly start shifting towards Arabic and Asian countries. As a result, USA and Europe will further lose steam. Consequently, all companies that are bond to these continents will experience drop in sales and thus, profit.

Entire crisis started by people being too liberal. Prices were inflated and individuals were prepared to trade and loan without limit. At one point, it all went down bringing enormous losses to both companies and individuals. Logical reaction which would appear after that is fear. Investors were no longer prepared to test their luck with same financial instruments. Suddenly, dollar and euro seamed flimsy. As a way to protect themselves, individuals started putting their money into commodities.

Investing is a normal concept that allows us to constructively use our money. Those who are making more than they need are able to use those resources to finance companies and even governments and municipalities. Of course, it also allows them to increase their wealth. Investing is much better option than having money lying around. Even though stocks and bonds show their unreliable side, shrewd investors realized that commodities are the future. Global economy is slowly shifting towards resources. This is to be expected because they will be depleted sooner than later. Unlike money, which can be printed without end, resources such as gold, oil, wheat have substantial value that can be cashed in at any time. Regal Assets review shows us that experts from this company trust commodities and are anticipating future increase in value of various commodities. However, have in mind that similar can happen to us if we overprice these resources. In other words, even though commodities are irreplaceable, they still should have some proper value.

Have in mind that we are investing more and more into natural resources and energy. We, as a global society, are seeking cleaner, better solutions that will allow us to do our job. Besides commodities, economic experts believe that companies that are dealing with energy are going to rise enormously in following years. In a sense, this is also connected to commodities and global shifts. Our planet is getting older and older. So does global population. In terms, this means that we will have more, older mouth to feed in future. Given that we have limited resources that are slowly being depleted; we are no longer able to use them as we did previously. This especially pertains to fossil fuels. As a result, we will have to rely more on naturally produced energy and resources. It yet remains to be seen how this will be managed and if we manage it properly, will it cause prices of precious metals and fossil fuels to drop.

8 Kid Friendly Summer Tours in New York City

School is out for the summer and that means three full months of entertaining the kids. Need some ideas to help you fill those long summer days? Think New York City. Since the city can be overwhelming for kids and adults alike, we have mapped out 8 family tours that will keep the kids entertained. Read about them here and then find them and book them on

The Beast

If your kids (40 inches or taller) are into thrillers, make sure to check out this 30 minute jet powered boat ride down the Hudson River. The crew is energetic and the captain is known to swerve around the river while passing by the Statue of Liberty and One World Trade Center. DETAILS:  Daily during the season  (get tickets!) ; departs from Pier 83, W. 42nd Street and 12th Avenue

Superhero Tour of New York

Are you kids obsessed with superhero movies? This 90 minute tour will take you to some of the most famous locations seen on screen such as Spider-Man’s Daily Bugle office located inside the flatiron building, and the United Nations where Batman and Robin saved the Security Council. DETAILS:  Fri.-Sun. 2pm; from $37 pp; 32 E. 32nd St;

High Line Tour

A mile long park built on an elevated platform that used to be a rail line makes for the perfect kid-friendly tour. There are observation decks allowing you to peer down onto the street and ice pop vendors along the way. Twice a week there are tours led by volunteers who explain the process of redeveloping the High Line and the history behind the platform. DETAILS:  Tue. 6:30pm, Sat. 10am (arrive 15 minutes early, tours are capped at 20 people per docent); meet on the west side of the 14th Street Passage, on the High Line, just south of the elevator door;

The Ride

Hop on this one-of-a-kind mega-bus that has three rows of stadium seating that face the New York City streets. While cruising around the city you’ll not only see historical landmarks, but also street performers queued up to perform as you pass by. The comedic tour guides are the icing on the cake. DETAILS:  Daily except Tues. (daily June through August); from $61 (get tickets!) ; 42nd Street at 8th Avenue, in front of Chevys Mexican Restaurant

A Slice of Pizza Brooklyn Tour

We all know kids love pizza and this four and a half hour tour will take you to the best pizza spots that Brooklyn has to offer. Tour guide Tony Muia, a true pizza connoisseur and Brooklyn-bred fanatic, will fill you in on historical tidbits about the borough as well as play famous Brooklyn-centric movie clips on the bus, such as Saturday Night Fever and Goodfellas. DETAILS: Fri.-Sun. 11am; from $80  (get tickets!) ; E. 13th Street and Fourth Avenue, Manhattan. NOTE: This is a long excursion so may not be the best for young children

Bronx Zoo Guided Tours

The day will fly away with a visit to the nation’s largest metropolitan zoo! With almost 6,000 animals on 265 acres, the Bronx Zoo can be overwhelming! We suggest taking one of the 90-minute tours of popular exhibits such as the Congo Gorilla Forest Tour, Endangered Species Tour or the Aquatic Bird House Tour. General admission is included in your ticket price. DETAILS:  Daily 10:30am-12pm, 1:30-3pm; (get tickets!)

Scavenger Hunts

Stray Boots New York, a scavenger hunt company, provides hunts based off of your interests and location in the city. The best part is the tour is organized through your cell phone! After choosing what scavenger hunt you’re interested in, your phone will prompt you to head to the tours starting point where you will begin receiving clues on your phone. Tours last two to three hours and you can take as many breaks as needed. DETAILS: Daily; from $12 pp; each tour has a specific starting location;

Wildman Tour

Join Steve Brill for a foraging tour where you’ll learn about edible wild plants and medicinal plants found in the local parks of New York City. This is a four hour tour where you should be prepared to get your hands dirty and take home some greens. DETAILS: Weekends; $20 suggested donation/$10 for kids 12 and under; times and locations vary; call 914-835-2153 24 hours in advance for reservations;

Originally reported by Garth Wingfield for

Crowdfunding Private Flying: It Can Actually Reduce Travel Costs

The following is a guest post.

Flying can be a travel necessity for some people, but it can also be a costly thing to do. The price of flying continues to go up, making it harder for people to find the funds to travel.

For those people and those businesses that do a lot of flying, sometimes investing in your own private jet is the best option. Eventually, the cost of owning a plane will pay for itself, and you’ll have access to your own private plane whenever you need it.

Even if you opt to buy a plane, though, it will still cost you a significant amount of money. The price will vary significantly based on the type of plane, the age of the plane, and a variety of other factors. If you’re interested in owning a plane, then you’ll need to do your research to not only see what you can afford, but to also see what you need.

There are three main ways that you can buy your own private jet.


Obviously, if you have the capital to spend on buying a plane outright, then this is a great option. You’ll end up spending exactly what you want to spend, as you won’t have to pay interest on a loan. Plus, many sellers will often give you a nice discount if they’ll receive cash for the sale. This is something you’ll need to take some time to consider, as it will be a nice chunk of money. Talk with your accountant or other financial advisor to see if it’s a good idea for you to make.

Aircraft Loan

Most people take out a loan when they buy a house or buy a car, and the same goes for buying an airplane too. No matter if you want a private plane for leisure or to fly across the globe for business, an aircraft loan can help you achieve your goal. There are a variety of different aircraft brokers available to help you secure the right loan for the plane of your dreams, so be sure to talk with a professional about your options. Just be sure that you can afford to make the monthly payments before signing the contract.


When it comes to buying a private plane, most people don’t even consider crowdfunding as an option, but it is. When you crowdfund, you are asking other people to make an investment in your project, company, idea, etc., which is usually done via the internet. If you are in need of a private plane, you should consider crowdfunding as an option. If you’re looking for a plane for your business, reach out to potential investors and see if they’d be willing to give you some money to buy your plane. Be sure to tell them how the plane will benefit your company, such as by allowing you to ship products more quickly or tend to global business events.

If you’re looking to buy a private jet for your own pleasure, then remind the “crowd” why the plane is beneficial. You can get a group of people together and crowdfund the plane as a group, allowing each “funder” to have access to the plane at their leisure. By doing so, you’ll be able to make a smaller investment in order to access your own private plane. This will significantly reduce the cost of flying, especially if you fly more often. Plus, you won’t have to deal with those large, annoying crowds or experience the hassle of the TSA.

So if you’re truly interested in buying your own plane, consider the three options you have available and make the choice that’s right for you. Remember, cash and aircraft loans will cost more than crowdfunding, so be sure to check your budget before making your final decision.