How to prepare your backpack when going camping this summer

It’s time to get out your camping stuff from the garage and venture out into nature. Since you probably haven’t glanced into your storage bin for quite a while, some items may be damaged or obsolete. Be mindful to keep a minimal load on your shoulders. You won’t really have to tote a big load if you choose basic camping equipment and trim down your stuff to the essentials. Just pack a single compact backpack for your weekend excursion.

It’s imperative that the first things you pack are your medicines, plus it is better to carry some as a precaution to avoid allergies or travellers diarrhoea. 

If you’re trekking into a wild campground or vehicle camping at a planned site, sleeping and surviving in the elements for any length of time necessitates some planning. Below are all of the backpacking necessities you must keep in mind for a short-term or multi-day excursion, and also a few extras which might allow sleeping on the ground a lot more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to make a list

Spend some time considering what you might need for a decent vacation; You may not be a harsh camper, but refrain from going above and beyond. Divide the list into various sections, such as resting, eating, cooking, and camping necessities, which will make your strategising a bit simpler. As a last check, you can search up to see what others usually add to their list and make the required changes.

Ditch the fancy gear

Camping is largely about going rough and making it with (even without) those everyday conveniences. What do you need a large, expensive tent for when you can get by with just a tarp or a hammock? Can’t go about without your daily dose of coffee? Try honing the skill of cooking coffee over an open flame and see why everyone talks about it so highly.

One bag rule

Camping should imply having only about one bag per person, with kids under ten sharing a bag. The backpack ought to be prepared to carry clothes, bathing essentials, and entertainment. Savvy campers use luggage organisers to make items easier to find: To keep everything neat in one bag, toiletries go in the toiletry kit, undergarments and accessories in their own storage cube, and so forth.

If you can’t carry your own backpack for at least five minutes, it’s an indication that it might be too heavy, and you should take some things out.


Preparing for a camping vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic is not the same as packing for any other holiday. You must first shield yourself from the harsh weather conditions, which can change dramatically from day to night. Even in the summertime, the sand and valleys can be scorching during the day but cool down at night. That implies you should be more concerned with practicality than with aesthetics.

For a weekend in the woods, you don’t need to carry dozens of clothes. Instead, each individual will require just a sleeping bag, a few clothing items, and hygiene essentials. Of course, if you’re only going for a weekend, carry only what you need, plus one extra shirt or pair of jeans. After all, camping is about enjoying nature, and a little dirt and grime is part of this journey.

Self-care is still important

Going minimalist does not imply cutting back on the fundamentals. Carrying biodegradable toilet paper and soap, bug repellent, necessary prescriptions, sunscreen, a small sewing kit, rope, and a first-aid kit is an intelligent campers packing strategy. Moreover, you should accommodate almost all these items inside a single compact toiletry kit. 

Try to survive without luxuries

Anything that merely serves as a comfort object shouldn’t be a part of your luggage. Bringing items such as enormous lights and heaters defeats the point of camping. If you dislike coping with a windy or cold night, try renting an RV or a cottage rather than pitching a tent.

A little forethought goes a long way. If you stuff whatever you possess into multiple backpacks without contemplating, you’ll be sorry when you have to carry that massive burden through into the steep woods. Furthermore, once you reach your destination, you will have a headache trying to find everything. So the best camping advice is to pack light and utilise organisers. This is the only way to go for a weekend camping excursion.

3 Ways to Pack Efficiently for a Weekend Trip

What are your plans for the weekend? Going off somewhere, away from all the crazy stuff in the city?

Before you head off, you may want to learn some common techniques on how to pack your bag, especially if you’re still a rookie at travelling. You do want to enjoy your trip, don’t you? You don’t want to fuss over your baggage, do you?

Worse yet, you may even lose a few items during your trip just because you didn’t organize your bag properly. Thus, young padawan, follow these three ways to pack efficiently for your weekend trip.

Get a Decently Sized Bag

First of all, you’re gonna need one good bag that can accommodate all your stuff. You don’t want to be overburdened with several small carriables.

Get the best weekender duffle bag that you can find, preferably one that has multiple compartments, which are useful for separating certain items from the rest of your baggage, giving you easy access to those things without having to dig through your pack.

As a bonus, leather duffle bags look dapper and chic with a simple charm to them. You’ll be roaming around in style with one slung over your shoulder.

Roll Clothes instead of Folding Them

The bulk of your belongings will typically be your clothes. What, you expect to bring one set to wear for the entire weekend? What if you get wet from the rain or muddy your nice white shirt while taking a stroll on the countryside?

Hence, it’s recommended that you bring two or three sets of clothes, more if you’re gone longer.

When packing your clothes, don’t just simply fold them like they’re going inside your cabinet. Instead, roll them into tubes. Squeeze out every last pocket of air from them so they’ll fit snugly inside your bag.

Not only will you save space this way, but you’ll also have an easier time when pulling them out.

Place Small Essentials in Separate Compartments

Passport, plane tickets, documents, toiletries, toothbrush, and such items that need to be accessed quickly and often should have their own place in your pack, like in an external compartment.

If you have any bottles of liquid or water-sensitive stuff, seal them inside ziplock bags in case of spillage and accidents. Even then, put them in pockets separate from your other belongings.

You may also want to get pouch bags that can be attached to your belt or worn around your waist. They make it convenient to carry essentials that you do not want to store inside your main bag.

Organize Items according to When They’ll Be Used

A good technique to sort your pack is to arrange its contents sequentially.

For example, place your Saturday clothes on the sidemost section of your bag. Order them according to what you’re going to take out first: underwear, pants, then shirt, for instance. Then place the next batch of clothes right after the first batch.

Items that you expect to use when you’ve settled down in your hotel room or your camping tent can be placed farther back. These can be your phone charger, your journal, your bedtime eye mask.

When putting things back inside your bag, you can do it differently but still in an organized way. Worn clothes can stay on the other end of the bag, for example, and placed inside ziplocks so they won’t mess up your other things.


These are just the basics, but they’re all you need for a weekend trip. Apply these tips to your preparations and on your journey, and you can travel hassle-free.

So where are you heading off to?

Must Have Travel Items

Choosing your travel accessories can be a challenge, even for those who travel regularly. With so many products to choose from, it’s hard to decide what’s necessary and what’s better off left at home. To keep your bags lighter and your trips more convenient, we’ve put together a list of 10 items that belong in everyone’s luggage:

1. Travel Converter

A travel converter allows the use of North American electronics overseas with charging conversion from 220V to 110V. For non-dual voltage items like your hairdryer, flat iron, laptop charger, etc., your travel converter is going to be a lifesaver. Many travel converters also feature commonly used overseas plug adaptors as well as USB ports, so no matter where you’re staying, you can still use your own products.

2. Theft Prevention Bags & Wallets

When you’re abroad, it’s wise to keep identity protection in mind. In 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that financial loss due to identity theft in the United States alone totaled a staggering $25 billion. While identity theft can occur anywhere, traveling with credit cards, passports, ID’s and other personal items can put you at a higher risk. Tourists are an easy target, and it’s best to stay vigilant to avoid theft.

Travel bags have adapted to meet these security needs. Many include tough, cut-resistant straps, tamper proof zippers, and even material that blocks credit card and passport scanners to protect your information.

3. Travel Garment Steamer

Tight packing is inevitably going to lead to wrinkles in your clothes. Solve the problem with a travel-sized garment steamer, easier to use than an iron and without the worry of burning your fingers. Compact, light, and simple to use, travel garment steamers let you look your effortless best while you’re traveling.
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4 Travel Gadgets That Can Save Your Time And Power For Leisure

Whether you are doing it for business or pleasure, traveling is something that is in the core of our society. Ever since airfare made it easier to go from one location to the other, people have been scouring the globe finding new opportunities to advance their studies, career or simply to relax and enjoy the beautiful planet we live in. Whether you are a tourist or travel often for business, there are certain appliances that will aid on your journey. To help you out make your travel experience better, we’ve gathered the four best gadgets that can save your time and power for leisure.

A Portable Speaker and a Nice Pair of Headphones/Earplugs

Regardless of the device you are constantly wearing with you, you will most probably need a good sound system to go with it. Making your nights at the hotel a bit more sound, portable speakers are a must-have equipment for any tourist. A perfect accessory, portable speakers will let you enjoy your music library on your trip. Furthermore, if you are a music lover, you will definitely need a nice pair of headphones or earplugs that will let you get into your musical comfort zone when traveling. What’s more a portable speaker and a nice pair of headphones are one of the cheapest accessories that you can purchase with some great budget choices for travel going for as low as $25. Just make sure to do your research before purchasing your accessory.

Depending on what you prefer, there are different options that might be more suitable for you. For example, the Inateck Aries are amazing earphones that look quite expensive and deliver a nice sound quality, but are in fact relatively cheap. On the other hand, if you prefer being recognized for the tech you own, you might consider purchasing Beats headphones. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers there are a ton of different brands and options on the market. One of the more affordable ones for example, the Lava Brightsounds is a great choice that works both as a travel lamp and a Bluetooth speaker. However, if it is too big for you to carry, you might want to check out something that is smaller, but more expensive, like the Denon Envaya Mini or the UE Roll.

The Smart SuitCase

If you travel often, then the BlueSmart Suitcase is a definite must on your list of tourist accessories you should purchase. One of the most innovative pieces of tech in the recent decade, the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase has a number of great features that make it stand out from the regular suitcase. For example, BlueSmart has a built-in GPS that will let you track your suitcase anywhere in the world, so you won’t need to worry about losing your luggage anymore. What’s more, you can easily control the suitcase via a mobile app and the suitcase even has a built-in power bank for your smartphone and other devices, so you also won’t need to purchase any additional power supply for your trips.

On top of all other features, the suitcase also has a built-in scale, so that next time at the airport you will know just how much luggage you have, helping you save on airfare fees. Worried about theft? Nevertheless, the best part about the smart suitcase is the fact that it cost a rather affordable $399, which for a suitcase with that many features is a great price.

Neck Support

One of the accessories you will definitely need for your travel is neck support. If you have slept on a plane or in a vehicle, you are most probably familiar with the neck pain that comes from this experience. While not exactly a gadget, the Trtl Travel Pillow is a nice invention that lets you sleep comfortably be it on a plane, car, train, etc. With a built-in flexible neck support, the pillow can easily be put around your neck like a scarf. You will be able to forget the pain that comes from uncomfortable sleep and you will be able to enjoy your travel experience that much more.

Of course, the Trlt Pillow is not your only option. You might also want to check out accessories such as the Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow that lets your neck breathe, while you are sleeping. Also, there are even neck pillow kits, such as the AERIS Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Kit that allow you to fully enjoy a comfortable sleep, while on your travels. An interesting pillow, especially if you prefer leaning forward is the Woollip Travel Pillow, which has been developed with the help of physiotherapists and yoga teachers to help deliver a comfortable sleep, while on a road. Whatever the case may be, a Neck Support is a must on your travel accessories list.

Your smartphone has almost everything you need in order to enjoy your time on a road to the fullest. However, even if you own a phablet, you are most probably familiar with the frustration it comes from reading from a smaller device that is in the palm of your hand. If you enjoy reading, then purchasing an E-Reader or a tablet as a travel accessory is a must. There are a number of great options available, depending on what exactly you are searching for in a device. In fact, a nice tablet can further help you enjoy your travels by letting you enjoy a nice movie or a game, while you are traveling.

Most tourists prefer devices such as iPads or E-Readers, such as the Amazon Kindle Voyage, but if you are more of an Android enthusiast, then you might consider purchasing a smaller tablet, such as the 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Whatever the case may be, the E-Reader or Tablet will help you enjoy all the activities you enjoy at home on a larger screen than your smartphone. What’s more, if you have a tablet and you own a keyboard for it, you might go further and finish the tasks you have been putting off for so long. That way you will better enjoy your vacation.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned four gadgets are some of the best on the market and you should definitely own them if you are traveling a lot. With them, you will not only be the most tech-savvy person on your flight, but you will also be able to enjoy your travel time better and you will be able to save up more time for your leisure activities.

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Travel Light, Pack Right

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.  See more at “I Disclose”.

When you are taking a family vacation, you want to be ready for anything.  You also don’t want to pack everything and the kitchen sink.  What do you really need when you are headed out?


A good cell phone is key.  I know some people are die hard apple fans, but I love Samsung.  In my opinion, it is the better option and I have preferred them for years. The new Galaxy S7 is amazing, you won’t want to put it down. The photos are sharp- which is a must for not only travel but anyone with children, the apps you can download are great and varied (nearly everything comes in an android version now, and if it doesn’t there is something similar), and most of the new versions are water resistant, which makes them that much more durable.  They tend to last longer then other brands I’ve had as well, without getting “glitchy” or throwing as many errors or slowing down as much as they get older.  (Yes, I keep my phones for the long run, then I let my son play with them on wifi only when I upgrade.) Sprint, the network that I’m using, also pairs really well with the new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge  and has some really awesome offers at the moment for both new and existing customers, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade.  Summer travel is only a few weeks away, check out all that you can get with these new phones and services. No one likes to be in a dead zone, or “out of range”.   Options and prices vary, visit your Sprint store for details.


While your phone will likely be your main source of photo taking, lets be real- you need a camera for all the “big stuff”.  You don’t want to take your phone into a lake, the ocean, the pool, or ziplining- at least I don’t.  The photos might be awesome, but I don’t want to lose the phone (or ruin it) in the process of getting those “must have” shots.  The new GoPro HERO4 Session is the smallest, lightest camera that has come from the GoPro family yet, and the price point is doable at $200.  It has an app that lets it connect to your phone (for free) and you can see your photos and videos right away if you would like.  Smart remote sold separately. You can hold it, mount it, wear it- really, anything you’d like.  It’s waterproof, so you can take it jet skiing, snow tubing, kayaking- whatever suits you.  It’s really a camera that is ready for any adventure, and provides high resolution, sharp, professional-looking video.  Charge it up, and it’s ready to go capture some memories.   Pick yours up at .


You will want to dress appropriately, without having to pack everything. A good pair of shoes is top of the list, and one pair that I really like (and that does double-duty) is The Sara by NAOT.  Not only super cute, but super comfortable. Dress them up or down, these gladiator inspired sandals are padded, and have an anatomic cork and latex footbed which  is wrapped in oh-so-soft suede.  Yes, it can get wet and still look fine and function.  As you wear it, the sole molds to the shape of your foot. The heel and back panels have additional lining and padding as well for extra comfort no matter how long you wear them.  I have worn these all over the place, and have not got blisters or weird “ow” spots from strange rubbing . Of course, that doesn’t mean go hiking the first day you wear them, be smart- they are still shoes, break them in.  Get them at or Amazon for about $150, several colors available.


Looking to stay warm? Why not keep the dreaded bugs (now with added Zika virus) at bay with the new line from Craghoppers.  The NosiLife Apparel with Insect Shield® insect repellent as well as sun protection woven into the fabric is non-irritant and non-hazardous to the skin.  The jackets are cute and comfortable as well, perfect for summer weather excursions and nights when it gets cooler.  My son tried out the new Nat Geo NosiLife Chima Jacket, which is soft and lightweight, has front pockets, zip front, and a hood for when it gets chilly.  It’s also nearly impossible to wrinkle, which mom appreciates. I tested out the NosiLife Astrid Cardigan, which has neither pockets nor hood, but is easy to dress up or down, so it’s perfect for trips where you can’t pack too much. Also soft, lightweight, and hard to wrinkle, neither of us had bug bites on our arms while wearing these jackets.  Pick up jackets for your crew at



One more item that has become somewhat of an essential for me is the RFID Travel SCOTTeVEST.  It’s perfect for all those times when you don’t want to or can’t carry a giant bag, but want to carry things with you.  Your camera, binoculars, tablet, granola bars, wallet, maps, whatever provisions you prefer- this vest has room for it all. It has 18 pockets, is super lightweight, and looks nice on as well. You won’t look like the marshmallow man when wearing it- huge plus.  It comes in several colors, and has a special RFID blocking pocket to keep your passport, credit cards, etc safe from pickpockets and identity thieves.  Because the pockets are on the inside, your stuff is also safer from wandering hands.  You can choose from a regular or 2 way zipper as well- and yes, there are men’s versions.  I’ve been using this for way more then travel, it’s certainly gotten tested.  Regular life can require a lot of pockets sometimes! Since getting it, I’ve been surprised how much use I’ve gotten out of it.  Pick one up, and you will see what I mean. for $135 .

EatSmart TravelWise 3 Piece Packing Cube Set

Norway, Packing, Products (canon small cam) 375As you all know, we travel a lot, so it’s always great to find products that make packing easier, quicker and more organized.
EatSmart has recently released the TravelWise 3 piece packing cube set, which is great for organization and keeping things where they belong. This is helpful during the packing stage, but more so during the “finding” stage when you are at your location and you need to find your child’s underpants, STAT, or in the morning when you need your vitamins. They always, always fall to the bottom of the bag. (The small bag is so good for vitamins, medications, and toiletries, and makes finding them fast and easy, and found quickly during TSA checks as well.)

You can organize as you choose, keeping kids clothes in one and yours in the other, or pants in one and shirts in another- whatever works for your method. It has open mesh so that you can see what is where without guessing, makes security checkpoints easier (if that is possible!) and dry quickly in case your child feels the need to stick his sippy cup into one to “help” you while you are busy packing the rest of the bag.
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Travel In Style- Pack Light With Kohl’s

As most of you know, I travel often.  As airlines have gotten stingier and more impossible with baggage (they are now even making it next to impossible to take both “allowable” pieces with you as carry on), you want to make what you take with you count.  That’s why I love garments that transition easily, wash well, and don’t wrinkle.  Yes, that’s a lot to ask of an article of clothing, but not really.  I expect the same from my 6 year old  🙂

pic7You don’t need to shop at a fancy store or buy expensive travel gear to get clothes that wear well when you travel (or when you are home, for that matter).  Just head to your local Kohl’s.

You can find great deals for the whole family in one place, not to mention you can coordinate a whole outfit that travels well for less then the cost of one dress from other retailers.  For example, this entire outfit, shoes, bracelet, and dress, cost less then $100.  Yes, totally read that right.  By the way- please forgive the photos- they were taken by my 6 year old, who did his very best.  We were traveling alone, so there was no one else to take them, LOL.  I also included some photos of the items that the store provided, so you can see them in another light as well  🙂
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