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Looking for something adorable to give your love this Valentine’s Day?  My son and I both adore stuffed animals, and so do many women and kids- so you know that these will be a hit for many on your list.  Try as I might, I still love a sweet stuffed animal.  I don’t get many for myself anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or wouldn’t love one as a gift now and again  🙂

toys 016

Aurora World, Inc. ( has more than 140 products for Valentine’s Day catalog. Highlights of Aurora’s Valentine’s Day catalog include fresh characters and exciting variations of popular lines and licenses including Pink Promise Elephant, YooHoo & Friends™, Butterball Bear, Sad Sam & Honey® and a 2,400 piece, special edition Raggedy Ann® named “Sweet Dove.”

toys 005

Pink Promise: The lovable elephant is fashioned with super soft-tipped, two tone fabric and has playful heart prints in its oversized ears. Pink Promise is available in four huggable sizes (10.5”, 12”, 14”; 22”, SRP: $20, $24, $33 and $72 respectively).  My son loves his sweet pachyderm, who is super soft and snugly.  It’s uber plush fur and floppy ears are cuddly and fun to play with or take to bed at night (or pass out on the couch with while watching a movie on a snow day, LOL). Also, it can go “on parade” with the pink elephants of Dumbo, which of course did not escape my son’s mind  🙂



YooHoo & Friends™: Luvee™, an endangered chimpanzee, joins Aurora’s best selling plush line (more than 23 million sold) as a three-color assortment. Luvee hugs a slightly askew heart, each with a different message including “Love U”, “Be Mine” and “XOXO!” Each makes a “smooch” sound when squeezed (5”, SRP: $9).  They make a “kissing” sound when you hug their bellies, and have adorable expressions and large eyes.  YooHoo are a lot of fun to collect as well, and come in a wide assortment of creatures and colors.  These are great for a collector or way to start your collection, and are very affordable.  My son loves this line, and has since he was very young.
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Have a Hershey Valentines Day

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It’s Valentines Day, and you know what that means- Chocolate.  For me, that means one name- Hershey’s!  It’s my favorite, and I love the variety that it comes in.  What better gift to get a choco-holic then chocolate?  Plus it’s the perfect “add on” gift or special something.

valentines day chocolate

Their current collection includes:

Hershey’s® Kisses

Hershey’s® Giant Kiss

Twizzlers® Cherry Hearts

Reese’s® Peanut Butter Heart

Jolly Ranchers®

All these would make any sweets lovers’ holiday complete.   My husband loves the Reese peanut butter hearts.  It is epically huge, and what’s better then a giant Reese?   If you ask my son, the giant Hershey kiss is better- but not by much.  That was always my grandfather’s favorite as well, and it reminds me of him every time I see one.  It’s a great memory, he used to love those. Just be sure to save some of those “giant” candies for later, and not give yourself a cavity and a stomach ache.  Be they sugary sweet candies like Jolly Ranchers, or licorice like Twizzlers, Hershey has a candy for everyone.
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Girlfriends Valentine’s Day in NYC

As store windows quickly fill up with oversized stuffed animals and brilliant bouquets, one thing is clear: Valentine’s Day has reared its ugly head once again.


While a holiday celebrating the joys of romantic love can be a real drag if you find yourself un-coupled, New York City has a never-ending supply of engaging activities to take your mind off finding that special someone. So whether you’re in pursuit of new love or just looking to blow off some steam, grab your girlfriends and check out these great activities:

Take a stroll around the city: You’d never believe how quiet New York gets when all of its couples are somewhere kissing over martinis, so make the most of it by checking out some of the outdoor hotspots that are usually packed to the gills with kids and joggers. If you’re uptown, a leisurely walk through Central Park can feel nearly as good as a date, if you’re happy having hot dogs for dinner. If your evening finds you downtown, take a walk along the High Line, where you’ll get beautiful views of the water, as well as some of the unique new buildings going up nearby, like 505 West 19th Street, the lobby of which is being built directly under the park.

Catch a chick flick: Valentine’s day is the romantic comedy industry’s bread and butter, so there’s no better time to indulge in some guilty pleasure movie watching than on the most romantic day of the year. Grab your girlfriends, some snacks, and head to the nearest movie theater and meet Hollywood’s latest version of Mr. Right. If your building happens to have a screening room of its own, like the state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor theater at 56 Leonard Street, you won’t even have to change out of your pajamas to see on-screen love bloom.
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Valentines Day Gifts for Your Little Ones

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Looking for a Valentines Day gift for your child? Something fun, sweet, and that they will love. Here are a few cute ideas for any age range.

The Build a Bouquet set from Green Toys is a very cute alternative to a set of blocks, and perfect for this holiday (or spring time). Your child can create flower arrangements in different shapes and patterns, or even bouquets. These brightly colored flowers are fun to play with in the winter when it’s drab outside, and kids can even make floral arrangements for their parents or grandparents and get their creative and artistic juices flowing. This is a gift you can feel good about giving, as well, as it’s made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic with no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings. This 44 piece set includes 4 bases, 16 stem and leaf pieces, and 24 lilies, petunias, and daisy flower pieces. Recommended for Ages 2 and up and can be found in specialty toy stores or at for $28.

eco friendly toys

Prefer to grow a garden? Think outside the box with Thames and Kosmos. One of my favorite educational toy companies, they have created an adorable and fun to create (while learning and spending time with mom and dad) Crystal Garden kit. These quick “growing” crystals “bloom” from the centers of the four included cardboard flower trees. Learn how crystals grow, and choose the colors of the crystals you grow in your garden. You will see your garden in full bloom in less then 24 hours- but be careful, they are quite delicate. These crystals can’t be touched or moved, and never harden.

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Have A Hallmark Valentines Day

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Need some fun ideas for Valentines Day?  Look no further then your local Hallmark store, which will have all you need to make a warm and fuzzy day for those you love.  Check out these sweet new items- there is something for everyone at Hallmark.

The Sarah Jessica Parker Collection Available exclusively at Hallmark Gold Crown stores, from $3.99 – $6.99

The Hallmark Sarah Jessica Parker Collection includes 12 Valentine’s Day cards, featuring rich paper stocks with unique combinations of patterns, illustrations, photography and calligraphy. Parker worked with the Hallmark creative team to pair vintage artwork from the Hallmark archives with modern touches and embellishments. The final designs feature simple, authentic and heartfelt messages.
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Valentine’s Day Idea from Entenmann’s PLUS Giveaway

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Looking for a fun and easy dessert for Valentine’s Day? Entenmann’s is celebrating this year with the Entenmann’s Sweet Valentine’s Edible Bouquet and Entenmann’s Sweet Donut Sweepstakes. Fan of chocolate? Doughnuts? Sweets in general?  Read on.

pic 1Check out the Entenmann’s Facebook page to enter the Entenmann’s Sweet Donut Sweepstakes for the chance to win lots of prizes, including Entenmann’s coupons, Mr. Rich Frosted and Ms. Crumb plush toys, 1-800-Flowers arrangements and more.
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Share Your Love at the Valentine’s Day – Adopt an Abandoned Puppy

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a significant other that you are planning to spend it with?  Maybe you are planning on ‘surprising’ them with the traditional dinner, chocolate, and flowers?  Why not think outside the box this year?  Make it extra special.  Give someone a bundle of furry, unconditional love.  Adopt a puppy.  It truly is the gift of love that keeps on giving. 

pic 1

There are so many puppies in need of a loving home.  Every day, new puppies arrive on the doorsteps of the growing number of No-Kill shelters throughout the city. Even though the city just built a new $5 million dollar shelter for abandoned pets, there still isn’t enough room to house the overwhelming population.

So why not share the true meaning of Valentines Day with your significant other or, if you’re single like me, share it with yourself.  Go out today and save a life and give yourself the greatest companion there is to humans- A Dog.
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What to Wear This Valentine’s Day

Now that the holidays are past us and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, the question on many a woman’s mind is “What am I going to wear?” Most women are looking for something sexy and more glam than their usual out-on-the-town outfit. There are endless possibilities when it comes to putting together a trend-setting outfit. Be creative with your style. The most romantic date night of the year should celebrate your individual style. Don’t be afraid to drape yourself in decadence with fabulous accessories and detailed dresses. From sequins to silk, from leather to denim, have fun with your style this Valentine’s Day.

A super-popular old-school look is the good-old fit-and-flare style for dresses. Popular in casual and dressy styles, this look stems from the “skater chic” that was so popular in the fall. As we entrench ourselves into the cold months of winter, hems have become a bit longer. To really exaggerate this hourglass silhouetted, try a crinoline slip.

If pants are more to your liking, the popular choice this season is skinny, skinny, skinny. If that look isn’t for you, however, try a 1970s-influenced bell bottom boot cut pant.

Check out the items below for some specific outfit ideas:

 photo 1-1.jpg

Start with this adorable textured black mini skirt. This classic style is also fun and flirty. Pair it with a sexy top and strappy sandals if you are in warmer climes. If its winter temperatures you’ll be dealing with, however, tights—try some with a little shimmer—and high-heeled boots will keep you warm while still looking sexy. Or try some textured tights and an ankle boot for something a little edgier!

 photo 2-1.jpg

A patterned, silky skirt will offer you plenty of variety in terms of tops and shoes you can pair it with. With a sexy tank top, you’ll be ready for a night on the town. Add a camisole and jacket, and this skirt will take you to the office in style.
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