The Unforgettable Bohemian City-Break: 2 Outfits to Make Your Travels Dreamy


There is something charming and adventurous in a city break away from home, even if by definition such trips are short in length. They are almost always spontaneous, challenging, romantic and full of amazing surprises. Discovering a new city, a new culture, style, and getting immersed in a strange and unique environment, getting a taste of a place’s most cherished landmarks and entertainment facilities – all make a city break a fun adventure to embark in wholeheartedly.

Some cities, however, and mostly the ones on the Old Continent, are also romantic by nature, compelling you to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are a bohemian at heart, and you plan a quick getaway in an old, fabulous and romantic city in the world, these are two boho outfits you should consider taking along.

1. The Boho-Chic Bardot Dress

Worn by famous silver screen diva Brigitte Bardot, the modern Bardot boho dress can accompany you no matter where you go. Stylish and feminine, comfortable, sexy and sporting a retro flair to die for, you can style up the Bardot dress any way you like. Why is this perfect outfit to take on a bohemian trip?

-It is comfortable (as all boho dresses feature natural, soft and skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, velvet, wool, etc.) and thin enough to allow you to walk and sightsee all day long in summer.

-It is feminine and sophisticated so you can wear it during the day visiting museum, or at night, attending a local party, having a romantic dinner or taking an unforgettable walk under the moonlight.

-It makes the perfect outfit for your packing light plan and can be styled up with virtually any type of accessories (thus allowing you to carry less piece of jewelry or even footwear).

2. The Short Jeans and the Boho Shawl

One of the main rules of the boho fashion states that you need to wear at least one crocheted or knitted piece of clothing. If you are planning for a city break, a nice thin crocheted shawl and poncho will take you everywhere, in any climate or local weather conditions. It can be perfectly layered together with a pair of short denim jeans, and a comfy pair of slouchy distresses ankle boots – they are perfect for vacations, and they make you look boho perfectly while they keep you safe no matter the weather conditions you encounter.

If you choose a boho outfit including trousers and not skirts or dresses, make sure you don’t forget the feminine, sophisticated boho touch:

-Wear a headband, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a silk scarf wrapped around your head, flowery hair pins, a bandana and so on.

-The tomboy look can always be softened by the use of boho-style jewelry and accessories, including stacked bracelets and necklaces or even stacked rings. There are some very specific rules when it comes to stacking jewelry, and you should follow them closely to achieve a perfect city break boho look.

When you want to pull off a stylish, chic boho look, keep in mind to wear neutral and earthy colors and hues – they are the main staple of this fashion style. Go anywhere from warm shades of brown, greens, reds, pinks, blues and yellows and make sure you wear the colors that fit your skin tone and personality best. While traveling, you can also pick a hobo style bag or a tote in cotton to complete your romantic boho attire.

Riders By Lee Review

Riders by Lee are well known for their affordability and comfort in jeans and other men and women apparel. Lee’s has great tops the fit just right and are casual and comfy; all while flattering every body shape and style. Crafted by Lee’s men and women’s modern denim are now exclusively at

Riders by Lee in women’s pants, jeans, and shirt dresses are available in plus sizes. Shirt Dresses are new and very stylish for women to wear out; just add a belt and you can dress up or down depending on whether you are going out with girlfriends or just running to the store and want to wear something new, fun, and stylish. Riders by Lee pants and jeans hold their fit, shape, and comfort even after being washed multiple times. As such, they are perfect for packing- and easy to pair with anything, so you don’t need to pack much.

crafted by lee

The newly designed skirts and capris make them not only fashionable but also functional with the everyday life of a mom running around and taking care of the day to day household requirements of the family. The knit waistbands are breathable and their moisture-wicking fabric is designed to make them and everyday wear and comfort. As well as stylish tops, super soft v-necks, shorts, bermudas and capris that all fit to size, last, comfortable, and perfect for the family.


Crafted by Lee lines retail for around $30 and all Riders by Lee retail for only $20 or less, making them perfect for the everyday family that is on a budget. Not only are they affordable, so you can get more bang for your buck, they last and you won’t be disappointed. Crafted by Lee and Riders by Lee clothing will become your go to brand of clothing for the whole family.

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Pack Light but Get These 3 Stylish Accessories to Make All Your Travels Fabulous

Traveling is an important part of our lives and an experience one shouldn’t avoid. But when it comes to traveling, many trade style for comfort in all aspects. Once upon a time, men and women used to travel wearing tuxedos and evening gowns. While our fast paced world doesn’t encourage such inclinations, this doesn’t mean a modern girl shouldn’t pack a few stylish accessories to take a short city-break or a week-long vacation. After all, to look good means to feel good – even if you walk unbeaten paths or enjoy hip summer resorts.

There are plenty of resources on how to travel and pack light for a week’s vacation and you should follow such expert tips and tricks. Fortunately, some stylish accessories for stylish travel girls are weightless but so important! They add just a bit of sparkle and glam to a traveler’s outfit, even if you prefer jeans, boots and tees or boho summer dressed and strappy sandals. Let’s see together three


such fabulous accessories you just have to take along to look great and feel just the same!

1. A Pair of Nude Flat Strappy Sandal

If you are headed to an exclusive beach resort, an old European capital or a safari adventure at the end of the world, a pair of nude summer strappy sandals will be your best friend. Nude shoes in general are a girl’s best companion as they match any type of outfit and they make your feet look longer and slimmer. You can wear practically anything with them and they will make you look effortlessly chic.

  • Tip for picking the best nude sandals: when you buy nude footwear make sure the shoes shade matches your own skin shade. If you intent to get a good tan or are already featuring a gorgeous summer tan, make sure the sandals’ nude shade is equivalent to your skin’s one.

2. A Pair of Trendy Sunglasses

Many experts advise you to leave home your designer shades when you go to festivals, concerts or crowded outdoor events, camping and so on – they may get broken or stolen and it would be a shame. However, take your favorite pair of shades when vacationing and store them safely in a hard case when you don’t need them. There are plenty of hot sunglasses designs nowadays and you should always have one pair (if not two) when you travel.

  • Tip for picking the best sunglasses: always choose your sunglasses according to your face shape. There are plenty of tips to find the pair that looks great on you!

3. A Pair of Lever Back Pearl Earrings

Many say you should always take junk jewelry when you travel, but a pair of pearl earrings with a lever back that keeps them safe and hard to lose is the best type of jewelry you can bring along in a trip. Pearls are exquisite, feminine, discrete and sophisticated. They go with sporty outfits styling them up, with casual urban outfits, giving them a note of elegance and with chic stylish clothes. After all, a vacation doesn’t mean endless mountain hiking.

Even if you spend a week in a beach resort you still need to style up to attend a concert, have dinner in a restaurant, take part to a local event and so on. Pearls rise up to all expectations and match all types of clothes, enhancing your natural beauty and adding a dash of femininity and sophistication to all possible attire.

  • Tip for picking the best pair of lever back pearl earrings: Choose a pearl color, hue and overtone that match your skin tone, as the pearls’ purpose is to highlight your best features. Take a look at the tips and recommendations on PearlsOnly to learn how to choose the perfect pearl jewelry.

You probably know this already, but any trip of any type requires a stylish hat. You can style up any jeans-and-tank-top outfit with a modern straw fedora. A laidback straw panama hat goes also great with summer dresses and outfits that involve wearing short or long trousers. If you are the bohemian type of girl, a wide brim feminine beach or city hat will keep you protected and stylish. If you feel a tomboy at heart or your destination involves a sporty military style outfit you can also wear a bandana, a military cap or a newsboy style of cap. Have fun in your travels and enjoy a fabulous summer vacation!

WIN Adorable NAOT Shoes or Boots

With the weather outside quite frightening- and good grief, it’s freezing!- you want shoes that are warm and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look cute as well.   NAOT makes some adorable shoes, boots, and warm-weather-wear like sandals ( I know, can you even remember warm weather right now?) for anything Mother Nature might throw your way, or what climate you might happen to live in or travel to.


I’ve recently been sent the NAOT VISTOSO, and I have to say I really like them.  Here is what I had to say from my review-

“When you are ready to head indoors, and need something a little less “outdoorsy” but still ready for winter festivities, the NAOT VISTOSO will be your go to boot. Zipping up the side, this ankle boot is too cute with a little bow across it (ready for the holidays!) It is padded for extra comfort, and has a memory foam footbed. As you wear it, the bottom bed and microfiber molds to your foot, making it more and more comfortable as you go along. The heel is sturdy, the sole is flexible, and you won’t feel like you are doing a balancing act all evening. These are boots you won’t feel the need to kick off quickly. Get them at or Amazon for about $200.”

Want to get a pair of your own?  I suggest you do, right away.  You can also enter to win a pair here, your options should you win are listed below-

Please feel free to enter using the RC form below.  A winner will be chosen at random on Feb. 17, 2016.  Good luck!

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Luca + Danni Jewelry (And Win One!)

For those of us who have not finished out holiday purchases as of yet, its time to get that special someone in your life something they will really like.  But lets say your budget is tight this year, or you just need that little something to really hit it out of the park this year.  I suggest Luca And Danni jewelry.


When purchasing jewelry, it is important to know what this little work of art means.  The background behind Luca and Danni is an interesting one, as per Fred Magnanimi the creator of the jewelry line, “An investment banker by background, I left a career on Wall Street to reconnect with my roots at my family’s Rhode Island-based jewelry manufacturing business. In April 2013 my younger brother Danny lost a difficult battle with Leukemia – he was 33 years old. Danny’s dream was to create a unique line of handcrafted, American-made jewelry that inspired others through the journey of life. Fueled by my brother’s passion and a burning desire to carry forth his vision, Luca + Danni was born.  Named after my two young children, Luca + Danni reminds us that through love, inspiration, and passion, we should all boldly embrace the journey of life.”


Each piece is unique and special.  We were able to take a look at the Light Turquoise Bauble Bangle.  This bangle is the perfect gift for that unique woman in your life.  It features natural brass, oxidized or silver plated wire, a wrapped bangle bracelet with hook and catch closure. It has a Swarovski pear-shaped bauble crystal.  The piece will quickly become a favorite this holiday season and beyond.  The wonderful part of this is it retails for $38.00 and is available now.


So be sure to finish up that shopping list with a some pretty jewelry from Luca and Danni.  The Holiday Collection is now available, and nothing on the site is more then $40.  Check it out and see what strikes you.

One of you can win an item of your choice- feel free to use the RC form below to enter. Ends Jan. 16, 2016. Good luck!
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Carved Creations: Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are approaching quickly and it is crunch time.  For the dads and children of wonderful mothers out there, this post is for you.


There is a great new jewelry site out there called Carved Creations.  What separates Carved Creations from the pack of other Mother’s jewelry available is that it is well made, hand crafted, and feels substantial.  This is no aluminum heart on a cheap string of metal, these are well details works of art.

“In response to the thin, lightweight Mother’s Jewelry that began to proliferate in the last decade, we decided that it was time for someone to develop high-quality, sturdy Mother’s Jewelry that was professionally designed and professionally crafted, using the right blend of old-world craftsmanship and the latest technology. We jumped on the task and have been developing designs as the industry leader in the world of Mother’s Jewelry ever since. Our attention to detail and quality can be found in every Carved Creation…When you feel a Carved Creations design, you know you are holding the best.”


The designs are thoughtful and special, as well as perfect for that special someone in your life.  We really like the Page Pendant Heart and the  Vesta Topazio Legacy Tassel Bracelet.  One is a necklace the other a bracelet, both are well made and pretty pieces.  The Pendant can be customized with the birthstones of your choice as well as the names of your choice.  Each PagePendant features your special names in deep detail and a brilliant GemTag birthstone for each name.  The PagePendant is delicately curved on both sides, and has a substantial sturdy touch. Carefully designed so that each name appears completely at least once, these shapes give the illusion of being lifted off of a page of continuous script text, for a stunning effect. 

The Tassel Bracelet sports an ethnic unique look which can be customized with the initials of your choice.  Vesta is the ancient Roman goddess of the home. The Carved Creations Vesta Collection is our most fashionable expression of your monogram. Now you can accessorize with what you love the most. Each Vesta tassel bracelet is made of supple stone beads on a high-strength flexible jewelry fiber. This Vesta Medallion features your initials in our popular Legacy letter design. The 1″ medallion is delicately curved on both sides, and has a substantial sturdy touch.


The Page Pendent retails for $199.00 and the Tassel Bracelet retails for $149.00.  Both would make wonderful stocking stuffers or that perfect gift from a family to that wonderful woman in your life, be it a Mom, Grandmother or Aunt.

Carved Creations is currently offering 50% off jewelry while supplies last. You can also get an extra $5 OFF DISCOUNT CODE FOR YOUR READERS  if they want to buy items through December 31, 2015. Use the code is HSWT15 for more savings.

Logo Loops Holiday Headbands

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own and honest.  Please see “I disclose” for more information.

You all know by now how girly my girls truly can be. They absolutely love to dress up and do anything they can to accessorize themselves. They were so excited to receive these adorable headbands from Logo Loops for the holidays.

About Logo Loops:

Logo Loops, LLC produces a custom embroidered cotton/lycra stretch headband as well as “ready made” styles. Each of their headbands is a quality product manufactured and embroidered in their own workshops. The “loops” can be worn as a fashion statement, sports accessory, or team/school/camp spirit-building product.

Each headband is made of 90% cotton/10%Lycra stretch. The headbands are all machine washable and can be tumbled dry. Logo Loops ensures that each band maintains it’s “memory” and is non slip for girls who are always on the go. These stretchy accessories wont’ cause a headache unlike stiff wire or plastic headbands. They run 2 1/4″ wide, the perfect one-size-fits-all.


My Thoughts:

As you can see my girls absolutely loved the looks and sayings of these adorable headbands that they received. With the weather getting warmer they are happy to wear these adorable, comfy headbands to fit in with the season.

Just in time for the holiday season, they came out with several new adorable headbands.

  • Ho Ho Ho
  • I Love Snow Days
  • Snowman Face
  • I Believe
  • Santa Whale
  • I Love Cocoa
  • Peace Love Santa
  • I Love Santa
  • Santa’s Helper
  • Fa La La La

After I found out about this great company Logo Loops I was so happy to see that they have adorable headbands other than just holiday. They have great headbands that can be worn year round for all those days when you need something extra for yourself, and even for those days when you need to just throw your hair in a ponytail.



If you are interested in purchasing these adorable headbands, head on over to the Logo Loops Website and find something perfect for the girl in your life.

Armitron Watches- Be on Time for All Your Holiday Happenings

With everyone carrying cell phones now, not everyone wears watches the way they used to.  When you ask what time it is, people grab for their pockets instead of looking at their wrists. Not only are watches functional and useful, they are a fashion statement as well.  Nice to look at, classic and classy- and ready to make a comeback.


Armitron Watches are a great gift ‘for him’ or ‘for her’, the Armitron watches are polished, practical and functional timepieces. Made with genuine diamonds, different styles and colors, options of bands, materials, and more- there is an Armitron Watch for everyone.  There are so many selections to chose from, your biggest problem will be narrowing it down.


These are really beautiful.  Some of them look more like bracelets then like watches- which, for me, is very neat.  They look very sleek, sophisticated- accessories that would really compliment an outfit.


If you are looking for the perfect gift this year, something special, you will want to check out the Armitron site and see what they have. You can also use the coupon code HolidayTime to get %25 off any watch on the site.


More About Armitron

For nearly sixty years, Armitron has embodied and nurtured the spirit of individuality.  Since pioneering many of the first affordable digital wrist watches, it has been Armitron’s mission to make stylish, functional timepieces accessible to every person.

Today, Armitron looks to advance this mission by sharing the stories of real people.  We want to celebrate the broad, hard-working, diverse group of individuals that are our brand.  Each of them with their own style, thoughts, and ambitions.  That is why we showcase real people in our imagery, not professional models.  These are the people who truly represent our brand, which is what you want in reputable watch brands.

Visit them at