Hello, bloggy buddies!  I recently heard of a fun site called Fotobounce. What may you ask is Fotobounce?  Fotobounce is a freeware program to help organize photos based on various criteria, or tags.  These tags include people via facial recognition, geotagging, date, event, really anything you would want to organize photos by.  First of all the facial recognition is very neat, works quite well and is actually creepy good at its job.  It picked out Little Man, Kamikaze and myself after selecting who was who in the pictures.  Tagging the pictures in every way was really easy.  Fotobounce links up to facebook and twitter too.  The most difficult part of setting up Fotobounce was… well.. nothing… I guess if i had to pick one thing it would be the download, it was very strenuous.  I had to build tug the bytes the the internet byte at a time using my web browser, phew hard work lol.

Another cool feature is sharing, which can be done with any photo set created, or the set as a whole.  Then you can share it with other Fotobounce users or invite via Facebook and Twitter, super easy.

The software itself runs quickly and easily and is compatible with mac, pc and with the new remote viewer is available on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux systems.  You are able to view your pictures with pretty much anything made in the last 5 years that has and internet connection.

Disclosure- this is a sponsored post- all opinions are my own, yours may differ.  


EA SPORTS Active 2- Good Idea for Dad!

 Hey there and welcome to Daddy’s Corner!  For any of you new readers, that means that this post is by daddy- me!  But Mom says to mention that this is a GREAT idea for Father’s Day- and I concur! 
EA is one of the biggest most well known video game publishers out right now.  They make some great titles, including: Mass Effect, John Madden Football, and SSX ( I personally can’t wait for the newest installment of SSX, I love this game, go Kaori!!)  One of their newest franchise is EA Active.  Active is EA’s jump into the exercise/ self help genre.  It acts as both and exercise program as well as a life-style tool.  The exercises are varied and go from simple warm ups and stretches to running/biking/squats.  Also the graphics are very good, you can very clearly see exactly what should be done next, and your personal trainer (I picked Devon, seems like a cool cat) is quite good at showing you how to do each workout properly.  The backgrounds are also varied and gorgeous, from sprawling deserts to flowing waterfalls.  What I enjoyed about the workouts is they are varied.  Warm ups are just that, to stretch you out before burning those calories.  They also vary in intensity and length, from a quick 10 minutes cardio burn to longer 45 minute sessions.  You can pick a mountain to conquer on bike, pumping your feet and doing squats to do jumps and tricks or maybe off road skateboarding, with balancing and speed controlled by how deeply you squat and jump.
A great tool included in Active 2 is the calender, not only does this game help you workout but also helps you figure out when you should be working out and helps you fit exercise in your schedule.   
There are also tips on eating and life style changes.  An exercise routine isn’t the only portion of a healthy life as you all know.  Burgers for three meals a day and EA Active will still lead to problems down the line.  As you work out and progress through your routine, number one you feel better, and number two it actually rewards you with medals and trophies, Even PlayStation trophies so all your on-line buddies can see how well you are doing. 
There are lots of features included in Active 2.  One of the most prominent ones is the new body tracking feature and heart monitor.  (Both of which are included.)  These looks like arm bands with small mp3 player on them.  Very easy to put on and hardly noticeable once in place.  The sensors are very responsive and pick up your motion easily.  Even in the most cardio intensive workouts, where you are running in place, pumping your arms and hoping up and down doing squats. 
I know this is a minor feature but still one I really like, custom playlists.  You can rip your mp3s off your cd’s or copy them off your mp3 player, you can import a playlist into the game.  Don’t like the hip hop or electronic music included?  Change it up.  Get pumped with some classic Queen, or maybe some rocking Live, according to the wife.  The choice is yours.  I found myself building my next playslist as a cool down after my workout more often then not.   🙂
We have the PlayStation 3 version of EA Active 2 and I can definitely see myself using it regularly.  It looks like it could be a nice change of pace from blowing up alien space ships and saving the world.  Saving myself from an early demise sounds like a good idea as well.
Until next time- Daddy

I have a new website domain- please read!

Hey bloggy buddies!
As you may see, I moved to the .com now, so if you linked to me, or have my button- can you maybe change it?  I updated the button, of course  🙂 
The old ones won’t work anymore after 2 more days.

ALSO- I lost a few things in the transfer- like my blogroll, LOL.  So, if you were on there before, or want to be on there now and will put mine up on yours- Please let me know!

Buttons too!  If we had previously swapped buttons- please let me know and we can re-swap!  🙂 
Have a great day, bloggy buddies!



Enter Your Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free or Kosher Recipe For A Chance To Win A Trip to San Francisco or New York City!
DEADLINE:August 31, 2011
KENSINGTON, MD (May 2011) —  My Grocery Master, the application has been helping people find specialty food products on their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads wants to know what YOU create with the products you find from the application.  Whether you look to the My Grocery Master to assist you in following a gluten-free, lactose-free of kosher diet, we want you to tell us your favorite recipe.
The application, My Grocery Master, allows users to browse and search a database of over 100,000 specialty food products, 360 name brands and over 100 supermarkets. “We’re delighted to save people time and energy looking for the products they need by making them available at the convenient touch of a button,” says Steven Friedman, President of Nosh Maven LLC. “We are thrilled to invite our users to engage in this first-ever “My Grocery Master Recipe Challenge”.
From April through July 31, 2011, people across the United States are invited to share their best recipes; gluten-free, lactose-free or kosher, for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco or New York City!  Nine finalists, three from each category will receive a $100.00.  Three first place winners, one from each category will receive $250.00. One overall grand prize winner will win an all expenses paid weekend getaway for two in San Francisco or New York City.  Judging will be based on taste, creativity, ease of preparation and adherence to theme.So whether you have the best gluten-free appetizer, best kosher entrée or lactose free dessert we want to hear from you!

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Guest Post- Educational App

Here is an interesting new service that could be a lifesaver for parents looking for an educational way to entertain their kids!
Science Days Out is a new iPhone app which promises to share the best science centers and other educational experiences in the US. It includes opening hours, websites, maps, pictures and , making it really easy to pick a place at the last minute, put the kids in the car and just go!
You can also see which attractions are closest to you and read reviews, as well as submitting your own.
All of the most famous kids’ favorites – the awesome USS Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York (did you know they put Concorde on the deck? – it’s amazing) and the Franklin Institute in PA, for example – are in there, although there are also plenty of smaller science centres in virtually every state.
It’s priced at $0.99, and there is an Android version is coming soon too if you don’t have a SmartPhone –but  if you do, why not give it a go and let fellow Moms know what you think? Just visit the site below or search for “science days out” in the app store on your iPhone/iPod/iPad!
(Submitted by Nick) 

Pocoyo on your iPad!

The second Pocoyo application, “Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends,” is now available! You can view the app at:
The new “Coloring with Pocoyo and Friends” app can be downloaded globally, exclusively from the iTunes/App Store to the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for US $1.99, for an initial 60-day period from December 21, 2010. The application will provide children, parents and caregivers the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they paint Pocoyo and his friends’ coloring pages, experimenting with creativity and color as they let their inner artists out. New sets of coloring pages will be available on demand via the app. This latest app is a natural extension of the Pocoyo brand which has consistently garnered strong interaction with fans of all ages across the globe.

Downloading the application provides seven days premium access to the Premium Club at, Pocoyo’s virtual world online destination.

The first “Pocoyize” app was initially released for Christmas 2009 for the web with 10 million users to date. In June 2010, the Company unveiled the “Pocoyize” [Read more…]