Immortalize the Experience: How to Create a Spectacular Travel Collage


Around 93% of travelers feel compelled to take travel photos while on vacation. And why shouldn’t you take as many photos on your trip?

Photos and souvenirs are the only things that can ease the post-travel blues when you get back home. And creating a travel collage with your vacation snaps is a much more creative option than posting them on social media.

But you likely have hundreds of vacation photos, and there are so many ways to arrange them. It’s going to be difficult to choose between them.

Don’t worry! This step-by-step guide will show you how to make an amazing collage from your travel experiences.

Step 1: Choose a Medium

Creating a travel photo wall collage might seem like the obvious way to display your collage. But you should consider these options too:

  • Scrapbook
  • Pinned on a corkboard
  • Pinned on a map
  • Photobook
  • Memento display case

Think about size and portability when picking a medium. If you don’t want something that takes up much space, a digital collage or slideshow might be better for you.

Step 2: Choose Your Photos

This is the most fun yet most difficult part of creating a collage! You can’t include all your photos in your travel collage, but it should still encapsulate your whole trip.

So, make a list of the following:

  • Every place you visited
  • People you traveled with
  • Favorite people you met
  • Five favorite activities

Make sure you pick one photo for every item on your list, so you include all the most important memories. Then, choose pictures that are the most colorful and beautiful to fill out your collage.

Step 3: Edit Your Photos

You can improve even your most beautiful travel photos with photo editing. Use a free or professional tool like Adobe Lightroom to lighten and enhance the colors of your photos. You can also use a background remover to get rid of people, trash, or anything else from your best photos.

Step 4: Add Textures and Tidbits

At this point, you’ve either got your vacation photos in your hands or a folder on your computer. Now you need to arrange them and finish the job! 

If you are creating a wall display or scrapbook, arrange your photos before sticking them down. You could put them in chronological order or mix them up in a way that looks good to the eye. Use craft materials and other souvenirs like tickets to add more texture to your display.

But if you are creating a digital travel collage, write a short note with each photo. It could be a funny caption or a relevant story from your trip.

That’s How To Create a Travel Collage in Four Simple Steps

Travel collages are a fun way to relive the amazing experiences you had on vacation. And now you know how to make the best collage for you; it will become as treasured as your memories of the trip itself.

But creating a travel collage is only one way to remember your travels. Collecting travel souvenirs and other travel memorabilia is fun too! Check out our website for more awesome travel shopping tips.



This Wed., March 25th at 4 p.m., log onto Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Facebook page @Jerseysaurus for a free online lesson on how to draw The T-Rex with Paleoartist Chris DiPiazza.  Parents can supplement their children’s science and art assignments live or anytime later in March to supplement their children’s science and art assignments.

All children in the NYC-metro area who participate in the live or replay lesson can post a drawing in the comments of the video to be entered in a drawing for a family four pack of tickets valid on July 11th where you can meet the artist in person at the Field Station: Dinosaurs outdoor science expedition.  All children in the Derby, KS area will be entered to win a family four-pack of one-day passes to the Derby, KS location.


Chris DiPiazza, Paleoartist, Science Teacher, ZooKeeper, and creator of Prehistoric Beast of the Week will be hosting a live art class on how to draw The Mighty T-Rex.

All children who take the class can upload their T-Rex artwork into the video comments for a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to Field Station: Dinosaurs in Leonia for July 11th.

For those who enter the contest who live in Kansas, you can win a family four-pack of one-day pass admission to the Derby, KS location.

Deadline to enter is Sun. March 29, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Sign up for the free class on Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Facebook page at:


Chris DiPiazza’s virtual art class will begin at 4 p.m. on Wed., March 25th.

WHAT ELSE:           

Chris DiPiazza will be kicking off Field Station: Dinosaurs’ Super Stars of Science series at the park in Leonia, NJ on Sun. July 11th.  He was recently chosen by the Academy of Natural Sciences to produce a life-sized reconstruction of the Hadrosaurus foulkii, the New Jersey state dinosaur, to accompany their mounted skeleton.

A Visit to Cooperstown NY

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and MuseumNatural Beauty and our National Pastime!

Baseball fans you have heard the name because Cooperstown NY is home to the The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, but there is so much more to this area for visitors to enjoy. Museums, breweries, farmers markets, and historical locations are all attractions just a few hours drive from NYC. These fun destinations are surrounded by nature that will inspire you to get out and get moving!

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Learn more about the game, the history, and the players all in one place with exciting exhibits, and displays that will capture baseball fans and newbies alike. Then let the action really come to life with the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum. Stand next you favorite players and see what they look like outside of their baseball cards. Maybe even take in a game at the birthplace of America’s pastime, Abner Doubleday Field.

The Fenimore Art Museum & The Farmers’ Museum

Fenimore Art Museum Court yard

If you are looking for more museum options Cooperstown is loaded with interesting stops to keep your visit filled with learning and culture. The Fenimore Art Museum is a collection of American fine and folk art, Native American art, and photography as well as visiting exhibitions. Considered one of the nation’s premier art institutions this is a must see for everyone from the views on the walls to the lovely grounds of the museum.

The Farmers' Museum

The Farmers’ Museum, New York State circa 1845. What does that look like for families in their day to day life? You can find out and even try your hand at some of these activities while visiting this living history museum. See demonstrations, learn about trade, enjoy the farmstead, the historic village, and the carousel!

Cooperstown Beverage Trail

Brewery Ommegang

Beer enthusiasts, wine sippers, and cider lovers will not want to miss these stops on your trip. Cooperstown Beverage Trail is New York State’s first official cuisine trail made up of eight stops, Bear Pond Winery, Cooperstown Brewing Company, Brewery Ommegang, the Fly Creek Cider Mill, Butternuts Beer & Ale, Rustic Ridge Winery, Cooperstown Distillery and Pail Shop Vineyards. Take tours, enjoy tastings, and take some goodies home from their shops. You can find out all the details and a map of locations here to get going on your tour.

Get Out in Nature!

Otsego Lake and Cooperstown NY

Hike, bike, or get out on the lake! There is camping, fishing, winter recreation, and so much more to show off the gorgeous countryside. Enjoy the delicious food that grows locally by visiting the farmer’s market or visiting the wide variety of eateries in Cooperstown.

For the indoor or outdoor portion of your vacation planning, Cooperstown has everything to appeal to all interests. Be sure to visit their website to get tips for your time in the area. See more on social media and get inspiration for a trip to Cooperstown. FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Summer Kid’s Program #ArtSplash @philamuseum


My son loves art, it is one of his favorite things.  The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of his favorites, and they always have great kids and family friendly programming going on, which we both appreciate.  He loves the new program, art splash, and how he gets to get his hands on art, create, and learn about new ways to paint and use colors.  There is also an amazing new app that gives a kid’s eye view of the museum and the work hanging on the walls- you can borrow a tablet there, just leave a form of ID and pick it back up when you are done with it.


Drawing with colored pencils


Art Splash 2015, an innovative ten-week summer adventure in creative play at the Museum—with a dedicated art exhibition especially for families, a huge Splash studio for hands-on activities, reading nook with colored lamps and age-appropriate seating, new mobile app, and a series of family festivals and performances upcoming, is perfect for your kids.

Using pastels, watercolors, salt, and wax crayons.

Using pastels, watercolors, salt, and wax crayons.

Families can enjoy the Museum A to Z when they dive into Art Splash.

Explore the lively exhibition, a mix of masterpieces and hands-on activities—with images of animals from around the world and scenes of rivers cutting across landscapes. See the Splash Studio–almost as big as a tennis court–filled with kid-friendly furniture and ready for activities.

His favorite room- the armor!

His favorite room- the armor!

Experience the Museum’s first in-house mobile app. Themed to the popular A is for Art Museum children’s book, the new app guides families on a discovery trek through the Museum.

Admission to the Museum is always free for children twelve and under, and admission is Pay What You Wish on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 until 8:45 p.m. and on the first Sunday of every month.

Family Festivals will take place on Sunday, July 5 and Sunday, August 2, with movie screenings of the Academy Award-nominated animated movie, Song of the Sea, and musical performances by Grammy Award and three-time Parents’ Choice Award–winning Okee Dokee Brothers.

Head to and plan your trip now .

WIN! Back To School With Alex Toys and Crafts

With back to school upon us, we want our kids to be as ready as they can be.  We also want them to have as much fun as they can both in and out of school.  Learning can be fun, and is easily incorporated into play.  Having mom and dad around to share learning time and help and encourage children grow will let your children thrive and feel confidant as they had back to school this year.

ALEX toys, favorites of ours, make going back to school fun and easy.  Check out some of the awesome items they have for your little ones!


ALEX TOYS Ready, Set, Write by ALEX BRANDS

We love this!  We took it with us on a recent road trip to Maine and Canada, and my son used it in the car and in restaurants.  “Learn to write A,B,C’s and numbers with ease! This spiral-bound pad contains 19 pages of numbers and letters that wipe away for lots of practicing.”  It is perfect for practicing your letters and getting to know them, or for older children like my son, getting better with handwriting (which, like his mother, is usually a mess).

Ready, Set, Write costs $13.95 on the ALEX site, and is well worth it.  It can be used over and over again, as well as passed on to younger siblings. It is aimed at kids aged 3 and up, but can be used by younger if they can grip the pen.  The one thing I would watch for is that the pen does stain both hands and clothing if you are not careful.


ALEX TOYS Ready, Set, Tell Time by ALEX BRANDS

My son is not the best at telling time on any sort of clock or watch- it is a skill we are working on.  This kit is aimed at children 4 and up, but again can be used with younger children as well as older. I would have for sure used it for circle time when I was teaching Pre-K, and my son is getting use out of it as well.  It sells for $18.95 on the ALEX website, and comes with more then just a clock face.
[Read more…]

Carmel, California – Food, Wine, Art, and Culture

carmel CACarmel, CA is a great spot to get away from it all- the perfect place for weddings, proposals, romantic hideaways, or girlfriend getaways. A small but active and artistic area, you will find plenty of shopping, museums, theater, good wine and good food, as well as the beautiful coastline.

CA food and wine tourCarmel-by-the-Sea is a small town with a rich artistic history on the Monterey Peninsula. In the early 1900s, 60 percent of Carmel’s houses were built by those who were “devoting their lives to work connected to the aesthetic arts.” As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 4,081.

Close by are the scenic 17-Miles Drive, Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, world renowned golf courses, Point Lobos Reserve, and the Big Sur coast. This area is very pet friendly, and one will see dogs everywhere they go- on sidewalks, stores, in restaurants, and even art galleries.

CA foodThere are some fine dining options, as well as others with a more funky flair in the area. Mundaka, a Spanish style tapas restaurant in downtown Carmel, is the result of a love of food, wine, music, and Spain and its culture. The food is ordered by the small plate and meant to be shared with the whole table. The dishes and drinks are organic and locally grown- don’t expect to order a cola in this establishment. The atmosphere is funky and artistic, and has both vegetarian and non-vegetation options as well as live music many nights. Grasing’s offers fine dining that features fresh ingredients from California’s Carmel Coast and Central Valley. They have a varied wine list, and the desserts are interesting, delicate, and delectable. You will want to make sure to save room, and indulge yourself.

CA food toursTaking a quick trip, but want to really experience the food and wine? Take the Carmel Food Tour. While walking through the picturesque city of Carmel, you will be able to enjoy [Read more…]