Taking A Break vs. Deleting Social Media: Which One Is Best?

Many benefits come with using social media like wanting to establish relationships with people from all walks of life, wanting to share your life experiences, increasing your visibility, wishing to educate yourself more, and looking forward to connecting with others. There’s also the aspect of remaining informed about what’s going on around the world or what’s happening with hobby interests like the Kentucky Derby 2022 event. 

But with so much to take from it, there’s equally just as much negativity to associate with the use of social media, especially from a psychological and mental point of view. With so little guidance and regulation in place to protect parties and help users exercise healthy ways to maintain a healthy relationship with social media, a lot tends to go wrong. Many people are likely to suffer from issues like being unable to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t, developing a fear of missing out, and gradually becoming more dependent on social media as a coping mechanism to reality. 

So, with so much going on together with the social pressures that many are finding from using social media, it’s no surprise to find people feeling the need to take a break from social media now and then. But in some extreme cases, deleting social media as a whole sometimes doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. So which is best? 

In this article, we will be providing you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision on whether you should take a break from your social media platforms or delete the platforms as a whole. If you’re keen on wanting to know more, stay glued to your screen. 

When A Break Is Suitable

Deleting your social media account can seem rather extreme, so you can opt to take a break while you make up your mind on what exactly you would like to do. As much as social media can have a love-hate relationship with the user, time away from the platform can help you develop healthier ways to use your social media account when you realize what triggers you. For instance, perhaps you can consider unfollowing organizations, brands, influencers, and peers that you feel trigger you or have you generate any negative and unhealthy emotions. 

But if you happen to be experiencing the following instances as well, you can start by distancing yourself from the platforms for a while before deciding to delete the account. These include:

  • Realizing that you spend a lot of time feeling the urge to be on social media
  • Becoming irritable and aggressive when someone seemingly interrupts your time on social media
  • Allowing social media to get in between your social, professional, and romantic relationships 
  • Knowing you’re supposed to be busy with something more important but choosing to be on social media instead
  • Being too confident that you have your social media usage under control
  • Feeling like you find joy and fulfillment only when you’re on social media

When To Delete Your Social Media

Sometimes, certain instances can call for you to feel the need to delete your social media. If you happen to be experiencing one of the following, then perhaps deleting the account is the best step. This includes:

  • Wanting to start a new social media account for a fresh start
  • Noticing that social media is starting to negatively influence how you see yourself in terms of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem
  • Feeling the need to constantly compare yourself with others
  • Feeling as though social media is distancing you from those close to you in a negative and excessive way
  • Developing unrealistic habits that make you live a life that’s different to what your reality looks like

The Steps To Take

Most virtual and interactive platforms will allow you the option to take a break from your social accounts or delete them permanently. There’s usually enough information to enlighten you on the terms and conditions that apply to either decision. However, you will receive all the support you need in whichever decision you choose to go by. Customer support channels and help centers are usually of great help in instances like this.

8 Ways That Will Help You Have A Healthy And Happy Heart

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Your heart is a crucial organ in your body. It pumps blood to all other areas of your body and keeps you alive and healthy. Sadly, it’s one of the most abused parts of anyone’s body because many people tend not to make their health a priority.

Busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules are just some of the reasons why many people’s health can suffer – and sadly have a negative impact on their hearts.

How Is Your Heart?

You’re probably reading this today because you worry that your heart isn’t in perfect health as it should be. One of the great things about the human body is that it usually gives you warning signs when things are wrong, especially with your heart’s health.

For example, regular chest pains can be a sign that something isn’t right, such as pericarditis (an inflamed pericardium – a fluid-filled sac that protects the heart). In such cases, seeing a pericarditis doctor can help you confirm such a diagnosis and get treatment for the condition.

If you feel that something isn’t quite right with your heart, it’s worth seeing your doctor urgently.

8 Ways To Improve Your Heart’s Health

Having taken on board the above information, what steps can you take to ensure that your heart is as healthy as possible? Here are 10 examples to inspire you:

1. Improve Your Diet

The first thing you need to do is look at the types of food you consume each day and determine whether they are good for you or not. The chances are high that you consume food that might be high in calories, cholestoral, and fat.

You might think that you have to give up all the things that are bad for you. However, you could instead enjoy the delicious dishes you regularly eat – but just opt for low-calorie or “lighter” alternatives to specific ingredients.

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2. Exercise Regularly

Once you’ve sorted out a healthy eating plan, you should pay some attention to your exercise regime. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or you don’t exercise as much as you should, look at ways of keeping active that you’re happy to follow each day.

The last thing you want to do is organize a daily exercise plan and then fail to stick with it. Do exercises that fit in well with your lifestyle and daily routines.

3. Get Regular Health Checkups

It makes sense to have regular health checkups, such as bi-annually or annually, with your doctor for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an excellent way to learn about any potential health problems that you’re at risk of developing.

Secondly, it’s the perfect way to monitor things like your vitamin and nutrient levels, and it allows you to act on any deficiencies. Lastly, regular checkups give you an opportunity to discuss any health concerns you may have.

4. Give Up Smoking

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual smoker or something that smokes 30+ cigarettes a day. Smoking is bad for your health in numerous ways and your habit can even impact those closest to you, such as your immediate family members.

Smoking significantly increases your risk of developing heart other and circulatory diseases, so it makes sense to quit the habit in a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Not only will your heart feel healthier once you quit smoking, but so too will your other vital organs, such as your lungs.

5. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Did you know that regular alcohol consumption can also be detrimental to your heart’s health? There’s lots of conflicting advice about whether alcohol can be good or bad for your heart, but the reality is that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to heart failure.

There is one form of heart failure directly attributed to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol: alcoholic cardiomyopathy (ACM). It affects people who drink several cans of beer or glasses of wine or other spirits each day without fail.

6. Reduce Your Stress

Stress is something that everyone experiences in their lives, and often each day. As you probably know, stress can cause all kinds of health problems in people that experience significant amounts of it.

If you’re always anxious about things and get stressed out about lots of stuff every day, it can increase inflammation in your body and impact your heart’s health.

Look at ways of reducing stress in your life, such as meditating or practicing yoga, changing your career, or even moving out of a busy city and into a quieter, rural location.

7. Increase Your Sleep

Sleep is something that everyone needs each day, but the sad truth is that many people aren’t getting enough of it. You might think that sleep deprivation (insomnia) will only make you feel tired and probably grumpy when you wake, but the effects are far-reaching.

For example, having less than seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night will mean your body can’t lower your heart rate and blood pressure, ultimately leading to developing cardiovascular diseases.

8. Find Ways To Be Happy In Life

It should come as no surprise that being happy means you are leading a healthy and positive life. When you’re happy, your body will release dopamine and serotonin, two types of brain neurotransmitters.

Moreover, being happy also means your metabolism stabilizes and results in the efficient operation of organs like your heart.

Something else that happens when you’re happy is that your stress and anxiety levels drop, reducing the risk of eventually developing heart-related diseases.


There’s no denying that your heart is undeniably one of the most essential organs in your body. It does a lot of work, and when it’s in peak physical condition, it will operate efficiently and without fail.

Sadly, people often abuse their bodies through eating the wrong things, consuming too much alcohol, or leading a sedentary lifestyle, and those things will negatively impact the heart. By following the tips on this blog post, you will have a healthier, happier heart.

Getting through Difficult Times: A Guide to Survival

Life is full of ups and downs. No one knows this better than those who have gone through difficult times. Difficult times can be incredibly challenging and sometimes seem impossible to get through, but you can survive anything life throws your way with the right attitude and approach! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for getting through difficult times in your life. We hope that you will feel inspired to keep going no matter what challenges come your way by reading this post.

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Focus On The Things Your Can Control:

When you’re going through tough times, it’s easy to feel like everything is out of your control. You may feel like you’re a victim of circumstance and that there’s nothing you can do to change your situation. However, it’s important to remember that you control how you react to your circumstances. While you may not be able to control what happens to you, you can control how you deal with it.

One of the best ways to get through tough times is to focus on the things you can control. For example, if you’re going through a difficult break-up, you may not be able to control the fact that your relationship ended, but you can control how you deal with the situation. You can choose to focus on the positive aspects of your life, such as your friends and family, or you can choose to dwell on the negative and allow yourself to be consumed by sadness and anger.

What Is In The Past, Is In The Past:

Another essential tip for getting through tough times is remembering that what is in the past is in the past. It’s easy to dwell on the bad things that have happened to us, but it’s important to let go of the hurt and pain from our past to move on with our lives. Holding onto negative emotions will only make it harder for you to get through tough times. Instead, try to focus on the present and the future.

Take Things One Day At A Time:

When you’re going through a tough time, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never make it through. The situation may seem impossible and insurmountable. However, it’s important to remember that you can only take things one day at a time. You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you focus on getting through today, eventually, you will make it to the other side.

Find A Support System:

One of the best ways to get through tough times is to find a support system. When you’re going through a difficult situation, it’s essential to have people you can rely on for support. Whether it’s your friends, family, or a professional counsellor, having someone to talk to can make all the difference. Having a support system will help you feel less alone and more capable of dealing with your situation. Embrace Grace is an example of a group supporting young women and men in unplanned pregnancies.

Final Thoughts:

Getting through tough times in your life can be incredibly challenging, but it is possible. Remember to focus on the things you can control, take things one day at a time, and find a support system. You will make it through anything life throws your way with the right attitude and approach.

How To Improve Your Sleep Quality With Bedroom Lighting


The main goal of sleep is to wake up feeling refreshed and energized to keep up with the demands of daily life. But that is not always the case? A study has shown that a good night’s sleep is vital for mental and physical health by improving memory, judgment, mood, and learning abilities. Several factors influence your sleep, lighting being one of them. Poor lighting can disrupt sleep and affect how your body and mind function. Therefore, it makes sense to find ways to improve the illumination in that room, and here are some ideas. 

  • Natural light 

You might have heard of the biological clock and the circadian rhythm, which influences aspects of behavior, including sleep. This clock is influenced by light and darkness, where light signals the body to be awake, and darkness triggers rest mode. Allowing natural light into the room during the day keeps your circadian rhythm healthy by improving your daytime energy. Studies have shown that exposure to daylight reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, especially for people with insomnia. In this regard, the type of covers you use for your windows count. For example, blinds and shutters are excellent for adjusting the amount of natural light entering your bedroom. Additionally, thick fabrics for your bedroom drapery are also good choices. Darker colors can keep out as much light and allow you to sleep easier. You will need durable curtain rod hardware to add style and functionality to your bedroom windows. 

  • Pick the right luminaries

Artificial lights are useful for getting around, and you will have to assess the type of fixture you use for the bedroom. The color and intensity of the light bulb can affect your sleep quality. Choosing too bright light can keep the brain working at a higher pace and disrupt sleep. Although experts recommend bedroom lumens between 2,200 and 3,000, you can adjust it depending on the mood you want to create. The color usually comes down to personal preference, and the most calming light color isn’t the same for everyone. 

  • Go completely dark 

Although controlling the amount of natural light entering your space is key for improving your sleep quality, consider going completely dark. This means avoiding screen time at least an hour before sleep by turning off your TV, computers, and tablets and putting away your phone. The light wavelength from the devices is detrimental to sleep quality. Everyone has their in-built biological clock, but it is mostly advised to turn off all the lights when you feel sleepy. This can signal your body that it is time to catch some sleep. 

  • Consider dimming options 

Even after deciding your bulbs’ maximum lumen output, it can be useful to consider dimming options. Turning down the lights is great for every space and not just the bedroom, and having that option gives you control over your bedroom’s brightness and atmosphere. If you enjoy reading before bedtime, you can dim the lights to allow your mind to relax properly before sleep time. 

Many factors, including your bedtime reading habits, can interrupt your sleep. However, bedroom lighting plays a crucial role in sleep, and the tips mentioned here can help you get started.

The Best Gifts To Give Children and Grandchildren

There’s nothing better than seeing our kids (or grandchildren) fully happy and living their best lives. And, of course, as parents, we have a big say in making that happen. Sometimes, we help our children just by being there for them. At others, we help them by giving them a little advantage that’ll help them to become the best versions of themselves. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the best gifts that you can give your next of kin, all of which will benefit their lives in one way or another.

plane flying in sky

A Savings Account

Money opens up so many doors for people. Indeed, it’s a lack of money that is making it difficult for many young people to get started in life. It’s hard to move to a new city, buy a house, take an internship, and so forth if you don’t have money in the bank. You can help your child by setting up a savings account for them at an early age. By the time they are adults, you’ll have a lump sum of money that you can give them, at which point they will be able to make their dreams come true. You don’t even need to put much money in the savings account. Even a little bit of money each month will go a long way when it’s multiplied by many years!

Investment Pieces

If the idea of just giving them some cash seems a bit cold, then you can look at getting them something that is valuable yet also beautiful and functional. For this, it’s hard to look past a watch. This is something that they’ll be able to wear each day, but which will also be something of an investment. If nothing else, you’ll know that they’ll have it for many decades to come. If you’re looking to get them the best of the best, then take a look at a preowned FP Journe watch. They’ll love wearing it!

A New Car

You can get around town in a beaten up, second- or third hand car, sure, but it’s not as fun (or safe) as driving a new vehicle. If your child is graduating soon and you know that they could really do with a reliable car, then consider making the investment. Plus, if you do this, then you can be sure that you’ll be able to get a free ride whenever you feel like it!


Of course, buying an apartment or a house for your child is beyond the means of most people. But this is a list of the best gifts that you can give to your children, so it has to make it. There’s no avoiding the fact that it’s more difficult than ever for young people to get on the property ladder. If you’ve got a windfall of cash in your bank account, then why not consider investing in property in your child’s name? It’s still in the family, of course, so you’ll be able to reap the benefits too. 

Your Connections

Life is some of what you know and some of who you know. If you’ve got friends in lucrative places, then why not gift your child access to them? In many cases, this can be the difference between a successful career and having difficulty making it in the professional world. You can’t expect your friends to just give them a job or anything, but if you know that your child is talented and hardworking, then it could be something that they can really make the most of. 


There’s oh so much value in traveling the world. It’s one of those things that changes you as a person. It can be very humbling and inspiring to learn about other cultures and to realize that we’re all part of the same human family. You can always tell when someone has seen the world; they just seem to have a bigger mindset than those that haven’t. Your child might go and see the world on their own some day, but you can help them along the way by going on adventures whenever possible. You don’t necessarily need to go far — any adventure can be fun and valuable! But you’ll get more bang for your buck if you head overseas. 

Strong Values 

Finally, perhaps the best gift that you can give to people that look up to you is strong values. That’ll be the springboard that allows them to go very far in life and ensure that the next generation is just as good as this one. 

How to Make Your Bedroom Extra Comfortable

clean bedroom

Your home is a place where you should feel at your most comfortable. Treating your home as your sanctuary away from the rest of the world is essential to help you unwind and feel relaxed. One room where it is vital to feel calm and relaxed is your bedroom. Creating a bedroom where you can drift off to sleep with ease and relax in total comfort is crucial and is especially important if you often find it difficult to fall asleep and get a full night’s rest. If you are hoping to improve your bedroom to transform it into a more relaxing space, you should find these tips help you create the bedroom of your dreams.


Change Your Lighting


As your bedroom should be a relaxing space, it is essential to choose the right lighting to create the perfect ambiance. Harsh lighting can make it harder for you to relax and fall asleep, so opting for a more gentle light will make the transition from daylight to darkness less abrupt. Adding lamps to your room rather than relying on a bright ceiling light will help you create a better sleep environment and is the ideal choice for reading before bed.


Improve Your Bed


An uncomfortable bed can make it almost impossible to get a good night’s rest. So, ensuring your bed is as comfortable as possible is essential to sleep peacefully. Many people assume they need to buy a new mattress or even a new bed to get a better night’s rest, but the good news is this is not necessary. Simply adding a mattress topper to your bed can make a vast difference and really improve your sleep quality. But, finding the right mattress topper is vital if you want to gain the maximum benefits. Reading reviews of mattress toppers such as this one https://mattresstopperjudge.com/puffy-mattress-topper-review/ is a great way to find the perfect option to suit your needs and get a better night’s rest.


Choose the Perfect Bedding


Choosing the perfect sheets and pillows for your bedroom is a guaranteed way to feel more comfortable and enjoy a great night’s sleep. The right bedding can help you stay at a comfortable temperature during the night and ensure you do not become too hot or too cold. Being at the right temperature during the night is essential when trying to get a full night’s sleep. When your room is at the optimal temperature, it becomes easier to enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest, and choosing the right bedding plays a crucial role in this. So, switching your bedding according to the seasons is a great way to get better quality sleep and avoid constant waking. Choosing lighter bedding in a more breathable fabric is an excellent choice during the warmer summer months, and opting for something cozier will ensure you don’t sleep cold during the fall and winter. Switching your bedding may seem like a minor change, but it can significantly affect your comfort levels in the bedroom.

Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Regardless of how organized you think you are, it is normal to accumulate a large quantity of stuff over time. In some cases, you may not even realize just how much stuff you have. Decluttering does not have to be complicated or done all in one go, it is simply the process of removing unwanted, or unnecessary items from your home. It is usually prompted by a space getting too overcrowded with items, or when a person is looking to travel or move house. 

You don’t have to throw everything away. Some items you may want to keep, but just don’t need to be in your home, and can be stored in cheap storage units until you need them again.

Even if you don’t have a significant reason to declutter your home, it can still benefit you in a variety of ways, from reducing stress to boosting your productivity. 

Here are some of the top benefits of decluttering your home that will encourage you to get started today. 


#1 Reduce stress and anxiety 

A cluttered home that is filled with items all over the place and mess, can be overwhelming and frustrating. This can have a knock-on effect on your mental health, as your stress levels increase, irritability increases and a sense of shame starts to creep in. A cluttered home will always equate to a cluttered mind, which is why it can be an effective method of promoting positive mental health. It can make you feel more in control, and much happier and calmer. 

#2 Boost productivity 

When you have a clearer mind, you are instantly going to feel more motivated, creative and productive with the tasks that you need to complete. It can be frustrating, and distracting, when you are surrounded by lots of mess, or trying to navigate around a disorganized home, or desk. The tasks you are trying to complete will impact your focus and compete for your attention. A home and desk space that is clean and organized, will stop you from hunting for the items that you need and promote attention and focus. 

#3 Make your home cleaner

It can be difficult to clean around your home properly when you have a large number of items taking up space. This often means that lots of places are not cleaned regularly, or at all. This can gather lots of dust and allergens, which is not very good for your health and wellbeing. Even if you have cluttered rooms that you don’t use often, like your attic, the allergens can still make their way around your home through the airflow. This can be particularly dangerous for anyone in your home that suffers from hayfever, allergies, eczema and hay fever. A home that is free from clutter will be much easier to clean and take a lot less time to do so.

Decluttering your home can benefit your entire life, from stress and anxiety to the cleanliness of your home. There’s no better time to start than now.

How To Truly Upgrade Your Standard Of Living

At times when the rising cost of living is causing many people to budget a little more, it can sometimes seem tasteless to discuss how to raise your standard of living. But there are many reasons as to why someone might justify doing so. It might be that your children have flown the nest now, becoming financially independent, meaning you have more disposable income to spend on yourself.

woman at laptop with coffee

Perhaps you’ve moved in with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are pooling your incomes together from two full-time jobs, allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life a little more frequently. Or, perhaps you’ve sold off old assets, have gained promotion, or have come into an inheritance. Regardless, there’s no issue or justification in spending a little more to live more comfortably.

What matters is doing so in a tasteful manner, and practicing good financial judgment. So – what are the best ways to upgrade your standard of living in real, noticeable ways, rather than in simply buying a more expensive everything? Let’s consider that, below:

Upgrading Your Real Estate

Upgrading your living situation can redefine everything in your life. Living in a safer area, for instance, can help you feel more secure and will raise the value of your property value over time. It can also open you up to certain amenities you may have only dreamed of, such as living in luxury with access to the water. Of all the living standards you could invest in, making sure you live in a lovely home fit for your needs are what most will be happier paying a little more money for.

After all, our homes serve as the anchor points for our lives. Even something as simple as a friendlier commute, or more peaceful surroundings, can make a big difference in terms of how we approach each day and how confident we are in our future. Furthermore, once we own such an asset, it can serve as one of the most worthwhile financial backbones we have to offer.

A Better, More Durable Car

There’s an old sentiment that suggests it’s better to purchase more expensive boots because you have to replace them less, and repairs will last longer over time. The same could be said for vehicles. Of course, it’s still an unwise investment to purchase a vehicle brand new off the lot simply in valuation terms, but purchasing a more reliable, updated model can truly help you in the long run.

Not only will this reduce the chance of failing vehicle inspections or needing constant, routine repairs, but you may find that over time, your fuel economy is more cost-effective – especially if you invest in a relatively newer model such as an electric hybrid or even fully electric vehicle. 

Lifestyle Tech That Works

It can be nice to integrate useful tech into your life, not to define or dictate your daily choices or how you organize your week, but in order to make the process easier to deal with and harder to forget. For instance, smart appliances such as smart fridges allow you to keep a running tally of your groceries, which can be very useful to keep in mind when ordering them next time.

Furthermore, integrating security devices such as doorbell cameras and security systems can ensure you feel safer at home no matter where you live. While you’d be right to feel hesitant to add a tech device to every single element of your living situation, tech appliances of worth are raising the standard of living of people all around the world, and there’s no shame in opting for a better unit with more relevant and useful services.

Invest In Long-Term Growth

You are the most important asset you will ever have, and while you have inner worth regardless of where you are in life, it’s amazing  to see how direct investments in our own wellbeing and futures can help us appreciate in said value.

For instance, investing in your own education can enhance your standard of living by giving you access to networking contacts, more qualifications, and ultimately more opportunities as a result of that. It can feel odd to think of ourselves as related to our standard of living, as if we were an external amenity, but of course, you are absolutely the root of how you live and interact with each day. There’s no shame in trying something new from a business perspective or going back to college in order to thrive. An investment in yourself is never wasted.

With this advice, we hope you can upgrade your standard of living at home in the best possible sense. Of course, couple that with as many vacations as you can afford, and you’ll enjoy a life well lived.