New Skylanders SWAP Force

We are now on the third Skylanders game and with each new game it seems they get better and better.  The most recent addition is SWAP Force, which not only let you swap out figures but also characteristics of each figure, or in easier terms the tops and bottoms.

3 21 14 058Each Swap Force figure has the ability to trade its top or bottom with other Swap Force figures.  This makes for some very interesting combinations of figures upon game release.  But as the line expands, as it recently has, things get even more interesting and more possibilities arise.  Very recently Skylanders has dropped some new figures on the general public.  These figures include Freeze Blade, Fryno, Scratch, and Trap Shadow.  Freeze Blade and Trap Shadow are Swapable while Fryno and Scratch are regular Skylanders figures, who ONLY bring their digital counterparts to life when put on the portal while the game is on.  Of these new figures I like Trap Shadow best.  Something about Traps and Shadows just sends shivers down my spine.  Little Man loves Fire Bone Hot Dog.  Its a dog and it has a bone?  Instant classic.
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Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Video Game

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adv time

Adventure Time is the hit animated show about Finn the boy and Jake the dog who live in a land of Ooo which is full of adventure and oddities.  The game based on the animated show is zany, fun and a great co-op game for the whole family.  The story goes you have to explore the Secret Royal Dungeon for Princess Bubblegum and save the Candy Kingdom.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON’T KNOW! is a role playing hack and slash game where players pick a character from a group of favorites including Finn, Jake, Marceline, Cinnamon Bun and more.  After picking your character, its time to explore.  There are 100 floors of dungeon to explore each full of enemies from the show.  Each character is able to level up and get stronger as they progress through the floors.
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Skylanders Swap Force


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skylanders swappables

The Skylanders are invading, for a third time.  This time they are coming in pieces.  Skylanders Swap Force is the newest Skylanders game and revolves around the mechanics of swapping the top and bottom powers to make new combinations of characters.  For example if one character can move quickly with a tire and has an arm cannon, but you would rather have tentacle feet and an arm cannon, the cannon top can be attached to the tentacle feet for the best of both worlds.  The way the Swap Force figures stick together are by two small magnets.  These hold the figures together while playing, but are easy to pull apart when you would like to.  By combining characteristics from both top and bottom players are able to reach new areas in the game as well.

skylanders swappables

New Skylanders Game

The story itself takes place on Cloudbreak Island, where you have to with the help of some new and old friends take on Kaos once again in order to save all of Skyland.  This time around characters can now fly, climb, dig, bounce, or teleport their way through their adventures.
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Rayman Legends Video Game

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Rayman is back in all his legendary glory in the game, Rayman Legends.  This newest entry in the Rayman series follows in the footsteps of Rayman Origins.

kids video game

This time Rayman is out to jump, punch, bounce and float his way through 120 levels of 2.5 dimensions of platforming fun.  2.5 dimensions means for the most part, it is a 2D game but throughout the levels, characters hop from from to back or creatures will slink from area to area, making for some very interesting game play.  Legends is blast to play and is one of those games that are easy to play yet hard to master in that oh so rewarding jump and bounce way.  When running from dragons or just trying to hop off a cliff before it crumbles away, the most rewarding moments in Rayman are when a level is finished and you get that wonderful end level Rayman dance.

Kids Video Game

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Double Dragon Neon for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Review by Ian.

Are you ready for some 80’s nostalgia? Bring yourself back to the days of dropping quarter after quarter into the arcades. Now kids arcades were dark rooms where people would go to play video games together in a public setting on arcade machines. These places were full of loud music and electronic sounds, flashing lights, and kids running around. For a kid with a pocket full of quarters, there was no better place to spend an afternoon.

In order to truly appreciate Double Dragon Neon, one needs to understand Double Dragon.
The first Double Dragon was released in 1987 and was a great side scrolling beat’em up game. You played the part of Billy or Jimmy Lee on their quest to save Marian, their common love interest. The music memorable and the game play now classic.

Neon takes the underlying concepts of the arcade Double Dragon and undated them with new graphics and soundtracks, while keeping the same feel of the original. The game play is the same, punch, kick, throw repeat. But now there are more special moves which make things a bit more interesting.

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