Total Fitness DVDs- Review and Contest

OK, so it’s January. How is that New Years Resolution going? Have you found a fitness product or workout routine that you love? Variety, I believe, really is the spice of life. I like have different things to do on a regular basis, and that includes my exercise routine. If you are bored with yours, want to add in a little something for variety, or just want to try something new (or maybe get going on that resolution!) – do I know where you should look!
Total Fitness DVDs has a little bit of everything- which translates into something for everyone! (Yes, even you) There are so many fitness options, it’s nuts! Trying to narrow down what to try is both fun and a bit mind-boggling, LOL. (And they have a good promotional even going on right now, too!)

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But I did find a fun one! Anyone who wants to try a fun workout, that is interesting, different, and something you will look forward to doing- this is one for you! I love Pure Barre Pershing Square 2 DVD, by Carrie Rezabek. Total Fitness DVDs has some really fun and interesting workout options- I have never heard of this one!- and when I got the chance to do a review of Pure Barre, I was super excited! I am not graceful, I am not (and never have been!) a dancer or enrolled in a dance or gymnastics class.
And, let me state this- IT IS REALLY HARD! Not because you need fantastic dance moves, or hard in the way that you will not want to do it, but it will definitely make you work. Like- the next day? I was sore in places I didn’t remember that I had, and I found myself muttering unkind things at the instructor under my breath as I went through the routine (hehehe). I also must confess- I didn’t make it all the way through the first time. But you know, I kept at it- and I did get though it after the third try. I am not going to hurt myself or kill myself over losing weight or getting “fit”- you can’t get fit if you can’t move, LOL!
I’m not in the best shape (I used to be a competitive athlete, and I was a paid model at one point long ago and far away!) but I know I can get there. Pure Barre definitely made me work- but isn’t that it’s “job”?
I do really like it. I posted a few times on Facebook and Twitter about how it is going- and if you are followers there, you know that I’m loving it! It’s hard, but so far it has been one of my favorites. I also Bookmarked “Total Fitness DVDs” for future use- they have such a great selection, and I know I am going to want to shop there the next time that I am on the lookout for a new “something” to get me moving!

Instructor’s name: Carrie Rezabek Type of Workout: Toning
Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Equipment Needed: Small Rubber Ball
Total Running Time: 45 Minutes
Release Date: 2009

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Shmirshky, a review

New Book! This one is a little bit out of my “normal” reads, LOL, but informative nonetheless. It’s about women who are going through menopause, and pre-menopause. I’m a bit young for this now, but it is good to know what’s to come! It’s not like people discuss this stuff on the regular- though maybe they should. If all women go through some kind of menopausal issues- why not at least understand what’s going on?

It’s a but much at times- the author is trying really hard to be funny and witty, and sometimes it’s just like GROAN, ok, yep. Got it. And the words Shmirshky and Erlick are used every other second. But it is not a dry read, it’s not boring, and that is saying something when the topic is as “touchy” as this one. If you are going to read a book on the subject- and we all should- give this one a try. It’s a quick read, and like I said- you won’t be bored. It also has some good suggestions for going to the doctor and things to watch out for. Kind of like a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting….the Menopause Years” (LOL)

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Info for Vidazorb

Just because Cassie asked, and I got 2 emails- I figured I would post for all of you who may be interested in Vidazorb!
Here are links to a few of my posts-

I have other ones, but they are the most comprehensive. I can’t tell you how great this stuff is, the “belly boost” for kids.
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Yum Yum Dishes

Yum Yum dishes- created to help you manage your snack portions. So many of us don’t realize how much we are eating! I myself know I can be a mindless eater, just kind of “popping” stuff into my mouth without paying any attention to the quantity that I am consuming. Yep, a regular vacuum!
Enter, Yum Yum Dishes. Here is how the inventor came up with the idea.

After my second child was born I realized I was snacking too much. I’d drag a bag of chips off the shelf and head for the couch. Before I knew it, half the bag was gone.

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Gaiam- it’s yoga-riffic!

Ah, we all know I love yoga. There is nothing that compares! I love to do yoga right before bedtime, so I am relaxed and to get all my tension out. I love my weekly yoga class, because I know I won’t be interrupted!
My very first mat was from Gaiam. You can say it hold a special place in my heart, LOL. Kind of like a first love. I definitely think of Gaiam when I think of yoga.
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