Holiday Outfits Made Easy with Kohl’s

I have very little in the way of fashion sense.  For this reason,  I try to keep it simple, all the time.  This time of year, I take more photos then usual, which is quite a lot.  I like to do our holiday cards with less posed, cornball “look what a perfect and happy family we are” photos and more real ones (because we are far from perfect- and I readily admit to that!)  I also like to take one nice family photo every year, where we are all looking at the camera at the same time, hopefully with our eyes open.  For this photo, I like us to look decent- and we loved our new shirts ordered just for the occasion from Kohl’s Holiday Collection.

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This year, it was easy to look decent in our photos.  I shopped at Kohl’s, where the prices are affordable and the clothing will last as well- even on my husband.  My son wanted us all to wear blue for the photo (which worked out- I loved this Apt 9 crepe shirt), and he wanted us to all sit with Santa.  Why not, right?  We dressed in our new holiday clothes and headed over to Macy’s on Herald Square to check out the holiday window displays and visit Santa Claus.

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Turns out, it would be a little harder then you would think to take photos with Santa.  He took the day off, which was sort of uncool since the employee we spoke to gave us his hours for the day, LOL.  But, we had a great time looking at the windows, visiting Santaland, and then took a walk over to FAO Schwarz as well.  Why not?  It’s Christmas time in the city, after all  🙂
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Looking for a cute Christmas movie for your kids?  Check out the new Scholastic movie, featuring Splat the Cat.


Ready for this season’s holiday family viewing, Merry Christmas, Splat… and More Winter Stories arrives from the nationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning SCHOLASTIC STORYBOOK TREASURES™ series, which brings best-selling children’s storybooks to life and promotes a love of literature. With faithful adaptations and celebrity narrations, this critically acclaimed DVD series has won hundreds of awards and sold more than 2.5 million videos.  You can see a short Splat video here-


The DVD is packed with endearing, colorfully animated and expertly narrated tales:

  • Merry Christmas, Splat (written and illustrated by Rob Scotton, narrated by John Keating): Splat is trying hard to be good before Santa’s arrival so he can get all the presents he’s dreamed of on Christmas Day!
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How to Make the Perfect Holiday Newsletter

It’s that time of year again: the assembling of the annual family newsletter.   It’s a tradition that everybody loves and, if we’re being honest, loathes. We love seeing what our friends and relatives are up to. At the same time, trying to figure out a fun and creative way to talk about the year our own families have had is stressful.

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You want to be cute but not cutesy.

You want to be funny but not hokey or crass.

You want to create something that feels more like a gift than a form letter.

It’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your annual greeting. Still, there are ways to accomplish all of these goals. Here are some tips that should help you out:

1. Start with the Card

The card itself says a lot about you, your family and the sentiment you want to express. There are lots of places online that allow you to print custom cards. This is a great option, especially for busy people who might not have time to stand in a store considering the dozens of different options that are available. Printing your own photos and sayings on the card itself makes your card unique (and more likely that it will be kept). If you choose to print your family’s photo on the card, this also saves paper, which will make the environmentalists in your family happy.
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